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[ Thursday, January 31, 2002 ]

Je suis la cunt. Which I beileve translates as: I am a cunt.

Well finally my CPU is kicking it with upmost power. It turns out the companies website listed the wrong jumper settings for my CPU which caused its fuckedness. But now everything is good.
I have learnt a few good things from this whole business which has dragged on for a few days now:

1. Dont trust company websites.
2. They only way theyll help you is if you get fucking nasty with them.
3. Do not try and run two hard drives stacked on each other, causes them to short out.
4. The hard drive with windows on must be on IDE channel 1. I spent a good 10 minutes wondering why the fuck the drive letters had switched round.

Well the majority of my week after exams was taken up with that business. HoweverI did manage to slip down a local drinking establishment late last night for a quick beer. Nice and relaxing. Then got drenched coming home as it decided to rain like fucking crazy.
Blaggard [8:05 PM]

[ Wednesday, January 30, 2002 ]

It is surprising how many people actaully go to the boozer at 11:15 on a Monday morning, considering it only opens at 11. Me and Fish after sitting an appalingly difficult Physics exam decide the only thing to do was hit the pub. I was expecting just a few wizened old boozefeinds just lying around with about 15 pint glasses next to them. There were a few like that in there. The majority were old people though. Havin a quick half a machasin before lunch. The sort of person who wouldent venture into there at night. A few kids came in there who were 16 at most. But they manage to convince the bar staff that they were actaully 18 years of age. I lost too much money in the gambling machine. It was a good afternoon.

Unitl I decided it was about time I did this upgrade Id been meaning to do. Got all the parts, no problem. Plugged everything in right. Turned it on.
Nothing happened. Not enough juice. Went back today and got a new power supply and case. Plugged it all in. Turned it on. Not much happened. Whir, click. Then nothing.


I poked, I twisted. Im not sure what has happened but my guess is the CPU is fried :(
I dont have the money for a new one, so Im still on the old one. Expect my new case wont take both of hard drives. It has been a bad day. Actaully no it has been a very bad day. I was forgetting the ridiculousness that was my exam this morning. The exam board forgot to include some information sheet making it impossible to actaully do the fucking test.

I was gunning for blood earlier. Some poor animal was going to get the chop. But I calmed down and mixed up a Screwdriver.

Remeber kids, hatred is the path to the dark side. Control the anger.
Blaggard [12:12 AM]

[ Sunday, January 27, 2002 ]

Ah yes there is nothing like extremly cheap beer, unless of course it is free beer. Last night was pretty good.

I was expecting the place to be ram packed but it wasnt. Infact it was busier on the previous night. Not that it really mattered. That guy from the chinese was in here. I saw him right at the start of the night chatting some woman up. I thought about saying hello, but I didnt wanna blow his chances. Just imagine what she would of thought if I went up and said:

Hey your the guy who had scabies, arent u?

Drink got flowing fast. There was some trampy guy going round asking everyone for some cash. I gave him a quid at first. Later I discovered he was a bit of a con-artist. The evening was pretty low key really. It just consisted of me getting more and more drunk. Fish won loads of cash on the gambling machines while I lost a load. Someone stuck a flower in my pint.
There wasnt any real madness. Madness, now there is something I like to see when Im out on the drink. Ah the real good ole' time madness hasnt really happened since we stopped visting a pit they call the Rockcafe The only place you get that sort of madness round here is Porters ale house. But the levels of violence get to high, to fast. Mwhaha. Not that it matters it is all part of the fun.

I stopped by the chinese again on the way home to get some King Prawns. The owner walked out of the kitchen and recognized me:

Him: You know that guy who you were talking to the other night?
Me: Nah, never seen him before in my life.
Him: *Laughs*

At which point he returned to the kitchen. Looks like that chap is going to be haunting me for a while now.

Tomorrow is examination day. Physics 2. It is a contemptable swine of a physics module.
Blaggard [9:42 PM]

[ Saturday, January 26, 2002 ]

Red Bull. I find there is nothing quite like it to get me going in the morning after a hard night. Last night was pretty heavy.
I got pretty twisted on a brew that they call Exmoor Gold. Is a bizarrie ale which tastes like lager, expect not carbonated. But anyway. The second pub we went into was Porters. Anyone who follows recent events would know how much the DJ ridicules me. Infact I think he lives to ridicule me. Well now, thanks to Clowe he has even more fuel for his fire. There was some woman going round selling flowers, so he bought one and gave it to the DJ. Then told the DJ it was off me. At which point he said something ridiculing me over the microphone which I could quite hear. He had already abused us for the fact we had no women with us. It was a pretty grim time in there. In the end I hid in the corner away from the taunts.
Ah the madness. Although even I have to admit it was pretty funny.

Yes Porters ale house. The only place in town were the majority of people can be described by the word "skinhead". Infact watching a 6ft skinhead dancing to some shitty pop record is actaully quite odd. Needless to say, I think Ill be avoiding that place tonight. There is an interesting offer on in the local J.D Wetherspoons. 99p a pint, all day. So after a few hours of revision I think I might mosey on down and set up camp for the night.

Blaggard [10:48 AM]

[ Thursday, January 24, 2002 ]

( . ) ( . )
) (
( Y )
BEN [11:56 AM]

i whooped u at at pool!

BEN [11:55 AM]

Last night was a bit werid. Me and Ears went to play pool. Coming home half twisted we stopped in a chinese. I had the urge for prawns and for some reason I had quite a large amount of money left so went for the King prawns. I was having images of what this would like passing through my mind. I was hoping to open the box and find one massive prawn the size of my head in there. In the end they werent that big, but they was big motherfuckers. I gave one to my cat, she didnt seem to like it though.

Anyway I meet some drunk guy in there and he was telling me about his night. He had been talking to a guy with scabies on his head. Until then I didnt even think it was possible to get it on the head. So we spent a good long while talking about scabies. Going out can be educational afterall.

Time for a pint.

Blaggard [10:58 AM]

[ Monday, January 21, 2002 ]

New layout.
Blaggard [12:50 AM]

Yep well I got hideously drunk. I really cant be bothered to right some long peice about it though this time. The bar was odd only serving one kind of lager. Choices eh? But then again thats what you get in a place like Netherton. You just get one pump in the pubs with lager written on it.

But the real question remaining from last is just exactly what the fuck I wrote on this peice of paper. I appear to have wrote a list of things I meant to do today. Due to my drunken scrawl I cant understand a word of it. It was probably just crazy drunk talk anyway.

Blaggard [12:46 AM]

[ Saturday, January 19, 2002 ]

The spellings on this thing are terrible, so is the grammer for that matter. But it doesnt matter. You all know what Im getting at. It wouldent be Gonzoesq if I spell checked.
It is almost time to head out onto the streets again and take it all head on. This evening I think is going to pretty crazy. It is one of my comrades 18th birthday and he has hired out a place DJ and all sorts of shit. Yes it is going to be heavy. Less than an hour left now before I get down the pub to chew down on a gammon steak and get into the drink. My stomach has only just straightened itself out after last night. It is all part of the fun afterall.

Now where the fuck is my pipe?
Blaggard [4:54 PM]

My head hurts. There is nothing like a heavy night of drinking and for one of us the expirence was almost terminal.

There is only place to start the drinking at on a Friday night and that is the local weatherspoons. I bumped into Fuckup on the way down there, he was already into the drinking quaffing a can of fosters. Anyway, I went into the off licence to pick up a pack of ciggerettes on the way down. We carried on towards the pub thorugh the towns main bus station. The place was practically deserted which is a very odd thing for a Friday night. It is usually full of 15 year olds begging you to buy them some drink or beating each other up. I had heard rumours of police activities down there earlier, maybe they had cleared them away. Yes the place was a little too quiet.
Into the pub. Most people were already there and gettin into the drink. This place had seen some violence earlier in the week. Some guy got beaten up and mugged in the toilets. Something I would expect to happen in there but shit like this seems to follow us around all the time. Fish was telling me that when they arrived there was some trouble at the bar with I.D. Fish decided to provoke the situation further when he was asked for I.D by saying:

"Are you takin the piss or sommat?"

This got the attention of other bar staff who luckily recognised him so told the barman to leave him alone and that we come here all the time.

We carried on drinking pretty hard and everyone else showed up at different times. Clowe ordered some food. For the rest of the time we were in the place a pretty constant stream of onion rings kept coming to our table. Sometimes two bowls at a time, sometimes just the one. I have no idea who was ordering these things.
But as it happens whenever we go out the sanity does last for long, things have a tendancy to get "messy". By that of course I mean shear lunacy sometimes with violence. But always with heavy lashings of the fear. The first hint of impending madness was when Fuckup started to drink some absinthe. They keep this shit under the counter so most people dont even know they have it. 85% volume of alcohol, wormwood and its green. Drink enough of this stuff and you will start seeing things. Mo almost got a punch as well when he walked into a chap carrying some beers making him spill them.

"If I had a free Id have fuckin clouted him one"

There was a big group of girls two booths down from us getting heavily into Absinthe and coke. They were hideously drunk, it is probably what prompted Fuckup to get into that rotten stuff. One came over and was talking to Ears. Clowe screwed his chances by informing her that he sleeps with his sister. Her reaction was hysterical. Mwhaha. This woman with a head full of absinthe freaking out that this chap might actaully be into incest, she went and told all of her friends. Ah madness.

We moved on to another dive. Porters. This place has a history of brutal violence and I do mean brutal. Just before Christmas someone got beaten pretty badly to the point where he may never see out of one eye again. The New Year previous also saw someone beaten savagely. That poor fucker got brain damage. Yes it is rough. Infact this was the busiest Id seen it since the last heavy beating. I went there the week after that happened, it was practically empty. It pretty much had been ever since as well.
I got a beer and went over to the DJ. The DJ loves ripping the piss out of me. So I gave him more fuel for this by asking him to play George Formby. Yep, nothing like some kind of techno version of when im cleaning windows. Some drunken yahoo slung an ashtray accross the room almost taking Fuckups head off. I drank Fishs beer, he said it was too warm. We soon spilled onto the streets, Jones was in a pretty deep boozehole at this stage. We went through the town centre. I was halfway up the main drag when I heard a smashing sound behind me. I turned and saw nothing. It was Fuckup though. Him and Bill came round the corner Jones was weilding half a bottle, Bill was trying to calm him down. To no avail.
He ran up the street at full pelt towards Clowe. Instead of glassing him though he smashed what was left off a lampost slicing his hand up. He was too drunk to feel it. I went to take a piss. When I returned Jones was a bit calmer.
It was just me, Fuckup Jones, Bill and Clowe left by now. Into the Chinese take away we went. Prawn rice. Lately Ive had a craving for prawns and also a large craving for mustard. We sat there waiting. Jones slumped on the floor infront of the counter. His hand was wrapped up in tissue now which we got off the staff. He was reading the newspaper. He would actaully get out his laser pen and point it at various things in the newspaper. Then he fell asleep. It was the best thing, he couldent break anything that way. When the food was done we had to get him up. He wasnt keen on leaving. We got outside and he put his food on the floor and ran off. He soon came back though. We headed home. Fuckup went crazy again and chased Clowe up the road throwing chips at him and also at some old guy who just happened to be there at the time. Last I saw of Fuckup that night was him talking to a bunch of 15 year olds. He then followed them.

Eventually I got home and stuck some music on. Falling asleep after covering most of my room in prawns and rice.

Blaggard [9:53 AM]

[ Wednesday, January 16, 2002 ]


146841609(19:04 PM) :
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Not giving these swines a free hit

Its the one EVERYONE'S talking about, you DON'T need any kind of cash cards to access its services. Its simple and discrete. Just don't stay on too long or you'll go blind !

Anyway enjoy you won't be disappointed !

p.s email me tomorrow morning and tell me what you think

I hate these fucking messages. If I wanted porn Id go to a porn site or a strip club. Hmmm.
Well theres my night sorted.
Blaggard [7:03 PM]

[ Monday, January 14, 2002 ]

W0rd up people Mudie is finally posting his thoughts on Sir Reesy's re-vamped web site! He was getting a bit pissed I wasn't spreading my word to you all, and I quote "fool, post something on the site".

The day had arrived yesterday, my 18th birthday. I was blessed with a nice shiny new automobile. The day before was a good night, went to Babooshka @ Code in brum, excellent night but not one for the boozehound.
Physics and stats retakes today. I don't want to talk about it. God dam physics, the only good part is taking the piss out of Shangari (the tutor). I'll whoop out me ikkle camera and take a picture of him tomorrow to post on the site. Then you can all see what a fool he is.
Ahh well 2 modules of computing to revise for tomorrow shouldn't be too hard as I got a B and a C grade in them last year.

Party coming up after the exams, in feb. My 18th actually, bit late but never mind. Should be a good night. Heavy drinking is all that is required. Blaggard will have the all-new boozehound link up and running by then, so he can whack the entry of our ordeals in there.

There we go my first entry. I won't be doing too much writing on this site, as I’m even lazier than Reesy
Nick [10:25 PM]

The first two of those acursed exams are finally done and dealt with. It all went down in a morning and afternoon session.
This time I think I may have gotten on top of the devils. Physics went better than the last time I did it, which was pretty a year ago exactly. I understood what I was doing and for once checked the back page of the paper for a question. That one caught me out and ended up losing quite a few marks becasue of it. That of course is all in the past now. Hopefully this time, it has been corrected.
The second went well as well. I was surprised I understood as much as I did in the pig they call Mechanics 1. All I needed was 16 marks, 16 fucking marks out of a possibly 60. With the other 2 modules Ive done I only needed 16 marks to scrape a pass. I think that has been done nicely.

After the whole ordeal the only thing left to do was hit the pub. Me and Clowe speed of in the Brown Beast to an slimy pit of a pub. Beer and onion rings has a surprising soothing effect on the soul after a frantic day of exams.

The mind is frazzled and I have a damned economics essay to start and finish for the morning. As well as tackling to more exams. Yes its going to be one long hard burn.
But its alright the weekend is only four days away.

Roll on the heavy drinking. Im accepting great things from the coming weekend. Very great things. But that all comes later. Right now its time to crack open the drink and get into this damned essay.
Blaggard [7:57 PM]

[ Sunday, January 13, 2002 ]

So here it is kiddies. The all new website with an all new design which is pretty shoddy. But hell at least it is one I did all by my self.

Well it has been a drink laden few days. Friday night saw a trip down to the local drinking establishment were we smapled the booze in large quantities.
I tell you there is nothing like seeing a skin head dancing to S-Club motherfucking 7. One of the most comical things I have seen in a long time. Hehe, hell yea, the crazy drunk was even dancing on the table. The DJ in they hire into this place on a weekend doesent seem to like me for some reason. A few times when I have been in there he cracks a few insults at me. That cursed swine.

Anyway this is all I can be bothered to write for now. Exams are of major importance. Its going to take some strong whiskey to get through the next few weeks.
Blaggard [9:49 AM]