The Boozehound

[ Sunday, September 29, 2002 ]

Ah we went to the pub last night.
Fish ordered every combination of drinks under the sun. Hehe on one of them the barman just looked at him, when he reeled of the bizarrie order, and said:

"Before I do this for you, you do know where the toilets in here are, dont you?"

It was hilarious.
Then I just ordered a pint of lager. He told me I was sensible man.
We then drank a barrel load of vodka and Jason trapped himself in a phone box which was hilarious.
Rihan couldent find her keys and freaked out, but she had left them in her room door.
Joesph drank too much and was zombified all night.

Im going to go wash some clothes.
Blaggard [12:56 PM]

[ Saturday, September 28, 2002 ]

Ladies and Gentlemen go to Univeristy.

Its one of the few places in the world where you will get this experience that Im living right now. Yes come to University and sit around peoples kitchens drinking vodka by the bottle, go to pubs where everything is a pound and get hidesouly drunk. Then collapse on your house landing clutching a bottle of Jack Danials. Go to a goth night and mosh like crazy, while drunk of course. Then collect a few beer trophies on the way home much to the amazment of your already freaked out housemates.

Im getting a bit of reputation as a drunken degenerate in this house. Not many of them drink much here so my outlandish behaviour is two fold for them. Infact one of them asked me if I was "a free spirited pot smoker" I thought that was pretty funny. Thankfully the Big Spit has not occured for me yet. I managed to set the fire alarm of on the second day of being here, waking the guy downstairs up. Thankfully he saw the funny side to it and didnt particulary care much. Last night I came back home and sat around in the kitchen with Rhian, the lass next door, and made her drinks. Ive been up to a lot since Ive been here, last Saturday seems months ago although it has only been one week.

There are quite a few homesick people around. I can not bring myself to understand why they feel that way. This is a fantastic oppurtunity to get out, meet new people and do load of crazy stuff. I suppose I shall do the expected thing for you all and do a run down of the people in my house:

Rhian - The girl next door. She is Welsh and a very nice person. On the day we got here she spent all afternoon sitting in my room talking about music and the like. She joined the heavy metal society along with me. After attending the first "thing" on Thursday night she was freaked out by all the moshing and heavy goths so she isnt going to go again I dont think.

Caroline - Accross the way. She is also a nice person, we hadent really spoke until the last few days. She is from Worstershire. I get the feeling she is a bit homesick and she misses her boyfreind quite a bit I think.

Kang - He is Veitnamese I beileve. Cooks some excellent food, he seems like a nice enough guy although he hasnt been out with us yet. He doesnt drink at all which makes it difficult I suppose. He is from Birmingham as well.

James - I probably get on with him best in the house. He seems to very tolerant of my deviances and finds them funny. He thought the time I came in dragging a massive peice of cardboard behind me was hilarious. From North Wales.

Joesph - He is from Belfast and has traveled a hell of a long way to get here. He has been out with us a few times and pounds through the drinks like machine. Managed to sink 15 bottles in the session the other night, thats before we got back and started on the Whiskey.

So thats everyone in the house.

Fish is living up the way, things in his house arent quite as well balenced and relaxed as they are here. They are having trouble with a guy named Jason. He is werid even by my standards he comes out with such random jabberings, its hilarious. But they have it constantly now for a week. One girl there, Gemma, is getting really worked up. She spent the whole night screaming at him on Wednesday, then got very drunk on Vodka and screamed at him some more. Then she threw up and passed out. While at the sametime another of their housemates, Mig, was throwing up in the other toilet. I bet that was an interesting night for them. Gemma wants out of that house there is no doubt about it, she said she wanted to move in with me because im "so chilled out and relaxed". I suppose I am really, most of the time anyway.

Anyway its oddly quiet round here this morning. Ive yet to hear any movement and noise travels fast around here. Infact Ive yet to see anyone walking down the street.

Ah ha, I just heard some doors bang. At least one person must be up. Maybe Ill go and see how everyone is. I dont even think James came home last night, lucky dog.

Blaggard [11:34 AM]

[ Wednesday, September 25, 2002 ]

Alive and well. More when the network connection in my room is finally sorted.
Blaggard [6:39 PM]

[ Friday, September 20, 2002 ]

So right now Im sitting here with all my shit in boxes. Well pretty much. I feel like shit still so getting anything done is difficult, I really have got to stop mixing them damned alcopops with the beer. Makes me feel fucked for ages. Infact yes that is something Ill start Uni off with, no fucking alcopops.

But yes its almost time to blow this joint away and fuck off for three months. I wont have a net connection for 2 weeks at the very most so no posts for a while. Hopefully though I will be able to access the ole interslice before lectures start on Thursday.

I still need to pack my pipe.
Blaggard [5:02 PM]

1000lb bomb discovered at Portsmouth

Crazy. If things had turned out differently I might be living there right now.

I threw up this morning. I need to throw up again. Alcohol rules.
Blaggard [9:14 AM]

[ Thursday, September 19, 2002 ]

So here it is then. Its time to get my ass in gear and start packing. After Ive finished this post that is what Im going to start doing. Im planning on having a big clear out of all my stuff and throwing away some of the junk Ive collected since I set up camp in this room. Which has been a very long time now. Infact the thing Ill probably miss most is this room, it has been my haven from the world for a long time now. Its seen many a funny and even the odd sexual incident. It has also to my shame been covered in a great deal of vomit and, oddly, BBQ sauce.

It occured to me this morning that even when Im back here at Xmas it isnt going to be the same again. This chapter of my life was been ridiculous, bizarrie and for the last year or so very very crazy. Shit when I think about all the things that have happened to me in the last 12 months alone it is scary. Ive been to Tenerife twice, drank a hideous amount of booze, passed my A levels with flying colours. Met some fantastic people. Had my first date and got stood up. Had my second date with someone else and it being a great night. Learned that I like to dance. Hell I may be shit a dancer but I love to do it. Mwhahaha.

A toast to the last two years of my life and their brutal yet hilarious memories.

Im going to the Picturehouse again tonight. I said last Friday was going to be the last big night. Im such a liar. But hell, due to financial constraints this really is the last night tomorrow night I will also have to be doing frantic packing.

Everyone is coming down for my birthday in November. I cant wait till University. I bought a big fuckoff blade to fend of the Welsh.
Blaggard [2:09 PM]

[ Wednesday, September 18, 2002 ]

Right now Im actually starting to prepare for my departure on Saturday. Im updating my laptop to Windows ME from 98, only so swtiching between the two interfaces doesent get on my nerves as Im likely to be using both this work station and the laptop heavily while Im there. Even if the laptop is only used for war walking its going to be useful. So while the ancient beast is chugging away struggling to install ME I thought Id do a bit of an indepth analysis into good ole Iraq, well at least a better jabbering than calling Bush names.

A couple of days ago Saddam pretty much gave up and said the UN could return with the inspectors. It was good to hear this news and I thought that maybe Bush would reconsider his planned war. However this now doesent seem likely as I read on another website Bush will now keep raising the bar of what is required of Iraq. This it appears is what he is doing. Allowing the inspectors back in is a big step and the oppurtunuty should be seized to search for weaponary. Does this not seem like a reasonable and relatively peaceful solution to the problem?
Yet Bush does not seem interested in this at all. So you have to come to the conclusion that Bush and his buddies want a war, no matter what. Saddam disband all his military forces and disarm the entire country tomorrow and still Bush would say it is not enough. I know its an old argument but I am in the line of thinking that what Bush really wants is to get Iraqi oil under US influence. The propaganda machine has been running for ages on this one so whatever you read in the press can not be trusted, not in the slightest.
There will be a war, Id stake a great wedge of money on the fact. The war its self will be like a big kid picking on the little scrawny kid. Saddam has no chance, his defence systems are older than I am. The U.S knows this so they are not overly phased by an attack.
My only worry is if they do insist on pounding the country to oblivion then Saddam is more likely to use any crazy weapons he has. If he knows hes going down he will try and take as many of us with him as he can.

I havent even got onto mentioning the horrific loss of civillian life in Iraq if war breaks out. Hell, I dont even want to think about that.

So there we go I hope that was a bit better analysis than what I usually give on this blog.

Fuck, the laptop just crashed.
Blaggard [2:51 PM]

[ Tuesday, September 17, 2002 ]

Take a read


Come kids lets get with the party line. Its time to go murder some innocents so we can drive cars. George Bush he certainly likes to kill people doesnt he. I knew he wouldent change his mind even if they allowed weapons inspecters in. Saddams crazy but Bush is just as crazy.

The fucking power crazy coke snorting liar.
Blaggard [2:23 PM]

Interesting night last night. Most of the talk was, to my shame, about my cowardly running from the fight on Friday. I feel bad about it if I was sober I probably would have stayed and took a good stomping. Its over with and done I dont care about it anymore.

I spent a lot of time talking to Payne about uni. He was talking about the intelligence course thing he is taking.

"They told me sometimes people just disapear from the course"
"What, they just vanish?"
"Yes. The lecturer told me they probably have been recruited"
"By who?"

Thats pretty crazy. Im going to be hanging round a uni full of a load of goverment spooks recruiting intelligence geeks for their devilish causes. Shit would you even be able to turn down the offer? Or would it be one of those take the job or your going to have an accident situations. Probably best not to think about it. Theyd never even try to recruit me what would be the point.

He was also telling me that Aber is apparently the University Scag Capital. The "place to be" if your a heroin junkie apparently. Thatll be fun. Scagfeinds are the most boring people in the world, they just sit there scratching themselves lost in some cocoon. Why cant it be the Coke capital? Cokeheads are crazy to be around, all violent and agressive. Its funny to watch them.

Someguy whipped two cigarettes of me last night then felt bad about it so went and bought me a drink which I thought was pretty nice of him. He was twice as drunk as anyone else in the pub, but it was a nice way to spend what may be my last night in spoons. Fuckup wants to go the Picturehouse on Thursday, possibility I suppose. Financial constraints are worrying me a bit however. No matter that the drinks are cheap on Freshers week Im going to tear through a fantastic amount of cash my current balence of cash I have is about £235. This does sound a lot but bear in my mind Im going to be partying everynight from saturday till the following saturday. Living expenses have to come out of that also my loan cheque isnt going to clear till after. Things will get much cheaper after the first week as Im not going to be spending hideous amounts of cash on booze....maybe.

Im worrying to much. I should let this finance thing slide and just fucking well get on with the living. Fuck debt, Ill worry about that when Im a grand in the hole.

Blaggard [10:43 AM]

[ Sunday, September 15, 2002 ]

So the first of us have finally headed off out of this stenchburg of a town. Snead bombed North to Nottingham someday today, I imagine he is sitting in his pad right now sipping some potent booze and laughing the time away with some new people. Ah only 6 days including today left myself Ill be speeding off west to Wales. Ive been thinking that maybe it isnt a moment too soon our nights out have been getting more savage. The wrong sort of people might start remembering my face it could get nasty, yes, I think its a good thing that Im tearing on out of here on Saturday. Let the town forget who I am.

Im looking forward to it to be honest. They sent through a load of stuff for the Freshers Week entertainment. Thankfully there are a few events for fans alternate music which is quite nice. I thought I might be submitted to the dredergy and creative bankrupcy of pop music. Lets hope Im not stuck in a house full of Britney fans, people might get shot. Ive been wondering what sort of people Im going to be living with as it happens. Whether Im going to mortally hate all of them, theyd never drive me out the house if it got serious. Even if they tried to drag me out Id fight to the last. You see I imagine Im quite a difficult person to live with, I openly admit that Im a bit of a degenerate downshifter. Living in my own filth is something Im not exactly unacustomed to. Im very messy and unorganised. Yet it seems to be the way I work best, order is usually dragged from the chaos in the end. I do have some odd habits as well. Walking round barefoot is one them, shoes annoy me. Lets just hope they stick me in a house full of wolly headed liberals then Im sure we will get on fine. If not...well...Im sure Ill just have to learn to live with them. As long as there are no hard right facist/racists in the house itll be ok.

At least our rooms have locks on them. Ive been toying with the idea of taking my pistol. It is only one of those air ones but It would probably cause more problems than I intend it to solve. Yes I can see it now. Id get devilishly drunk one night and start waving it in everyones faces while raving about the inpending invasion of the Irish. Theyd castrate me in a place like Aber. Besides the university its a quiet seaside town. No one would probably even care If I did something like that round here.

I have spoken to no-one except Ears since Friday. Ill get on the blower tomorrow and call em all up. Get something done tomorrow night. Something quiet as what will almost certainly be the last night we do anything togeather. Friday was the last big night, tomorrow the last quiet one. So be it. I can live with that. Apparently Dave, Clowe, Ref n Fuckup are going to head my way for the weekend in November to celebrate birthdays. Should be a fun weekend. They seem to have the notions they will be staying in my house. No fucking chance. Ive checked my contract and checked it well. You cant have anyone who isnt paying rent staying on the property, which is a cunt. If they find out then they charge me rent for people whove been staying there. Filthy capitalist curs. There is a campsite near the place, they can stay there or go round Fish's house. Let him deal with the landlord.

Well this appears to be turning into a mighty long post.

Im gonna miss a few things about this place. Sitting here hammering away at the keyboard for hours on end and getting nothing done for one. Watching the sun go down from my window. Late night philosophical phone calls. Those extremly hot summer nights in 2000 when I sat up till 2am with the fan on full power listening to music.

Ah after high school things got a lot better for me. That summer of 2000 still stands as probably the best summer Ive had since I was about 7. I churned through so many books that summer. It was when I finally start developing some ideas on the world. Some real tangiable ones. Yes I read some fantastic books that summer that changed my outlook on life and the world.

1984, Brave New World, Island to name a couple. Got into the brilliant horror writing of Lovecraft as well. Yes it was the summer of my youth that one. Nothing to do but idle away the time with friends. A couple of sweet BBQ's round Clowes house.

Fuck. Why did this song have to come on now. November Rain by GNR's. Hehe. Brings me back to when I fell in love with someone. It was a classic unrequieted love story really. Accept late one summer night, 99 I think, we kissed. Ill never forget that moment. It all turned out pretty horrible and bitter in the end, she never wanted anything to do with me in that capacity. I suppose that was the final straw my mind snapped and I went crazy. Hehe, that final year of high school was an almost terminal one for me. I laugh when I look back at how fucked up I was then.

The two years that were college for fantastic though.

Fuck Fuck Fuck. I dont beileve this. Ive just fucked up the end of this cigar. Great.
Blaggard [8:13 PM]

[ Saturday, September 14, 2002 ]

I went out lunchtime with the family to have some food. We went to an upmarket pub on the edge of Walsall. They do an excellent cod n chips, their gammon steak is pretty sweet as well.

Anyways we had just finished eating when some guys walked past. I thought "That fellow looks like a rock star" or something as equally stupid. My Dad then informed me it was none other than Roy Wood himself. I recognised him then. Yes, Roy Wood was the saving grace of what would have otherwise been a complete disaster of night in Centenary Square on the millenium eve.

He was drinking beer with his friend so I decided not to be a big geek and say hello.

Roy Wood is cool.
Blaggard [10:16 PM]

When the tough get going...I run and hide like a little girl.

I learnt a great deal about myself last night. That I dont have a fighting bone in me. I stood by and let my comrades get beaten to a bloody pulp by a seven or so 25-30 year olds. Well not really stand by more like running of with Ears and hiding behind a post box. They smashed daves new glasses.

It ruined what otherwise would have been a fantastic night, because up until they grim point at about 3:30am it was a really great night. It was funny in the nightclub some big chap kept picking me up and moving me around to clear space for himself. Then his short friend kept hugging everyone I think. It was all hilarious. Jess, the ole RockCafe barmaid, was there as well. I gave her two drinks. Both of them Clowes. Hehe. Ill pay him back on Monday.

We were talking about the New War TM in the taxi on the way back. The taxi driver, I think he said he came from the middle east, had some interesting views on it. I liked the fellow, his views were pretty reasonable. Although not in line with my cowardly peace loving ones at least he was not a war crazy.

I picked up a bin and starting banging it off the floor and screaming loudly. It seemed like the least destructive way to take out anger. I was talking to myself all the way home and occasionaly laughing manically and kicking lamposts. It was the Gothic ale mixed with the violence it made me extra crazy. Hehe after that fight I was gunning for blood. It took me by surprise I tried to organize afterwards to hunt em down. If we had got a thought behind it we probably could of killed at least one of them. All this big talk of murder though is to far in the afterness to make a difference. Oddly enough I dreamt I caught one of the bastards when I was asleep, I tore him limb from limb.

At the time I was drunk enough to fight given a second round I dont think I would of run. Yet this is all big man talk and maybe I would have done exactly the same thing all over again. Ears said run, I agreed and we ran like little girls.

Crack cocaine is good for you.
Blaggard [9:55 AM]

[ Friday, September 13, 2002 ]

Well another day has passed of doing nothing. I really dont know where the time goes, I get up about 10 and before I know it its 4:30 in the afternoon and I havent done a thing.
Im gonna miss these lazy summer days when I get to Uni, which is now on the 7 days left countdown.

I trawled through the Halesowen news to see if anything interesting had been happening. It seems even the crooks are as lazy as me lately, there isnt a thing going on in this town.

Tonight Im gonna get really drunk. Ive been reading some stuff by Nietzsche and Bukowski. It has given me a seemingly unquenchble lust for life. So why Im diving into the philosphies of Nietzsche Ill leave you with some words of wisdom:

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Blaggard [4:38 PM]

[ Thursday, September 12, 2002 ]

Last night I went with Bill, Snead and Ears to play some pool at Rileys. My membership had run out so I had to pay to get in.

We played for an hour or so then headed down the waterfront and had a cocktail in Bar Edge. It was odd in Rileys. They had the memorial program on full blast on the projection screen all the staff were gathered round it, except one of them who was manning the bar. To be honest I spent the majority of the time watching it. It was the footage taken by two guys who were doing a film on a firehouse staff. It was werid to see it all again, I hadent seen the footage since last September.

It recorded the footage of the tower collapsing. One of the guys was under it when it happened. For once Ears actually came out with a sensible comment on something. He said he didnt agree with these programs as it just bought back bad memories for those who lost people there. When you think about it I suppose he is right, for once. However I think it is something that should have been done.

Tomorrow night is the "gangs" last big night before we start busseling off in our seperate ways. Snead leaves on Sunday, Dave goes on Tuesday/Wednesday and me, Fish n Payne head off on Saturday. Bill leaves on the 26th. I have no idea when Clowe leaves, probably around the same time. So last night is the final blast as it were, until Xmas. Its been a long haul for us all, but I guess that it is time to move on.

Ill do all the reminising crap later. Lets got with the moment for now.

I think I might have a cigar.
Blaggard [7:13 PM]

[ Wednesday, September 11, 2002 ]

So here we are then one year on. It really doesnt seem like a year since I came in one day after college and sat down at this very desk browsing the ole interslice. The Crone shouted up the stairs that a plane had flown into one of the twin towers.

I cant remember exactly what I thought but at the time I presumed it was one hell of a bad air accident. I tried to call up bbc news but the server was down. So I carried on with what I was doing. Then The Crone called up again and said another one had hit the other tower. At this point I turned on Sky News and sat there for about 6 hours straight watching all the news coming in. I didnt really know what to think seeing all the carnage.

I saw the first footage of the pentagon blowing up.

"Someones head is going to roll for this one" I remember thinking. Indeed many heads rolled but not the one they were after. When the bombing started on Afganistan I was compoundly saddened that now more innocents would die that have nothing to do with this thing.
I read countless eyewitness accounts on here. My friends sister was in New York at the time, I never asked her about it. I dont even know if she saw it happen, it would be one of those things you wouldent like to talk about much.
The next morning at college I went and bought a broadsheet paper which I still have around here somewhere and sat reading it all day. The principal, who for various reasons thought I was a raving loon, collared me and asked me to hand out slips to people to gather for a minutes silence. I remember that silence.

So a year on and people are still asking what made them do it. There are reasons, countless reasons. Ideological, theological and others. But whatever drove them to it thousounds of lives of people who had nothing to do with them were ended. In the name God apparently. If God knew the things that were done in his name he would probably never stop vomiting.

Blaggard [1:28 PM]

[ Tuesday, September 10, 2002 ]

Haha. Last night was funny. We all went to Spoons where Fish filled me in on the complete antics of Fuckup Jones.

When he got the lawnmower he was running full pelt down the middle of the road grinding it along, there was a big line of traffic behind him. He ran into some chap with then flipped over. Then deciding he no longer liked the lawnmower he swung it around smashing it off walls and cars. Hilarious, in a criminal sort of way.

Anyway Helen got drunk and it took her three attempts to stand up and leave. She phoned me later when I was at home saying she was being sick, was paralysed on the floor and it was all my fault. I threatened to phone her brother to make her move, she was sick again. This was more compoundly funny by the fact that I was sober. Until it sounded like she was seizing up then I freaked out and thought she was going to croak on me.

After that little episode Laura phoned me up and we talked about philosophy and life until 2am.

It was a good day.
Blaggard [7:00 PM]

[ Monday, September 09, 2002 ]

Ive been mulling over everything that has happened to me in the past two years since I left high school. The last two years of life have been a really great time and although this post is not going to be the full disection of my thoughts and feelings about I thought Id take a few minutes a throw down a few goals of things Id like to get done in the next few years and even a few longer term lifetime goals. So here goes.

1. The Daily Mail wirtes a hate speech about me. This has to be one of my true lifelong ambitions, if the Daily Mail hates me I know Im on the right track.

2. Try cocaine, LSD and freebase.
3. See a lot more of the world than I have. Maybe take a trip round Europe and deleve into Africa.
4. Learn to drive. Although with my already terrible learning "moments" it seems unlikely. I kept jumping red lights without even realising it.
5. Never settle down in one place for too long. That would be pointless and boring.
6. Find a nice lass who never wants to settle in one place for too long either.
7. Become a better writer.
8. Spit on the entire Bush family and the Blairs for that matter.
9. Run for election. I could have some real fun doing that, it would be hilarious.

10. Another idea Ive been throwing around for a while is owning a nightclub, but that does sort of clash with the never settling down in one place too long.
11. Go into space.

So there are but a few of the things that I want to get sometime or other. There is not much time left for me in here in the place of my childhood and adolesence, soon Ill be able to get out there and get on with things. I intend to learn things the hardway when Im away on my own. The hardway may be more painful but it will be more memorable, it will be worth more.

Enough drivel Im gonna go and see whats cooking in the kitchen then walk on down to Spoons later this evening.

Its raining heavy here, Autumn is on the way.
Blaggard [4:42 PM]

[ Sunday, September 08, 2002 ]

I had a really werid and fucked up dream last night. Oddly I can remember it in its entirety.

It was located in the street round here that has a small day hospital and sikh temple on it, and a very large office block nearby. Anyway I was walking down the street when a plane flew past very low with the landing gears down getting ready to land. I remember thinking immeaditaly, its never going to make it to birmingham airport. It smashed into the side of daviot house. The plane itself looked werid, with massive windows and I could see the pilot. Then another one hit the block just underneath were the first hit.

This has heavy parallels with the WTC attacks last year. The firefighters were there immeadiatly and I asked them how to help. They said they were going to need a lot of light on the tower so I went into the Sikh temple and asked them to turn on their floodlights. The fire was then put out almost immeadiatly and everyone went home, the block did not collapse. Then the dream took a really bizzaire turn when a charecter from the film The Burbs turned up.

I was heavily freaked out.
Blaggard [11:17 AM]

[ Saturday, September 07, 2002 ]

Up until about two hours ago I felt terrible. The mistake I think was cooking some paprika chicken with chilli earlier. It made me feel extremly sick.

So today Ive kept it pretty low key, havent done anything. Laura and Helen came round for a few hours but it was nothing exciting, just went through all my photos and talked about stuff. Then Helen freaked out when she saw a spider.

On a more hilarious note there are more tales about the fool called Fuckup. After the Rose and Crown last night a couple of em went back to Spoons as they didnt fancy the shiteness that is the Harvester. Probably for the best, I was screaming things at people in german. Anyway Fuckup stole a lawnmower then when he got into Spoons decided the prudent thing to do was to hurl abuse at the manager. Who then refused to serve any more of the drink to Jones, according to Fish he reckons they almost got barred. The last thing we need is to get barred from Spoons, that would be pretty serious. We would have to find somewhere else to drink. When I look back they are pretty leniant on things in Spoons, they have accomadated our more eccentric habits without so much as a word.

Clowe apparently hung around the Harvester after me and Dave left then went with the staff for a balti down the ole Ameena. I thought Clowe had left with us.
Yesterday was crazy.
Blaggard [11:00 PM]


What a day yesterday was. As my maths teacher used to say "I feel like several pigs have shat in my head". Ah but as always it was worth it I had a really hilarious day.
We had 15 pubs on the list. A couple were closed and one had closed down so we ended up doing 13 pubs. Usually one pint in each, sometimes two or more.

Then I had a kebab on the way home.

Ah the booze shakes have just kicked in. Excellent. Apparently I asked clowes dad if I could sleep with his wife. He said I couldent....until I pay the morgage.

Morley was sick all over the place in spoons. Thankfully in spoons. I avoided the horror of the Big Spit, thankfully. It was getting close though.

Eurgh. I feel pretty greasy. All I ate yesterday was greasy food. I hate greasy food.
A map was created of the route, I will have to get the thing of Dave. It is covered in a load of drunken scrawl and werid estoteric notes. If I remember someone scribbled "your all fucking drunk cunts" on it. Which made me laugh lots.

I now like the Wagon and Horses ale house. They do a fine brew and the people in there arent all grumpy old bastards with dogs.

Blaggard [9:10 AM]

[ Thursday, September 05, 2002 ]

Ah so it didnt work out with Laura. It a certainity that we will remain friends, as we have been for quite a while anyway.

It is as my old maxim says though: win none, lose all.

Morleys birthday tomorrow. Thats going to be a hideous day of drinking. We are doing are a marathon of boozers. Infact nearly every pub in this wretched town, it does seem a fitting way to say goodbye to this place. This will probably be the last big thing we do before the majority of us fuck off of to Uni. I think morley himself leaves on the 15th. Snead on the 18th. Me, Fish and Payne on the 21st.

I got a letter of the college this morning as it happens. A destination form, just asking us where we will be going and what we will be doing. My key skills results were with it as well, passed all 3 of them at level 3. Not that it matters now, pre exam results In my mind everything was hinged upon what I got in those. In the end though they never mattered.
Ill probably post the form off when Ive had some lunch. Its got the option to sign up to the alumini stuff as well, that Im probably going to do. There is a reunion on December 16th as well, that Im definatly going to. Although I didnt actually get to know many people that well in college there are a few Im gonna miss.

All the guys from physics for one. Alex, Chris, Simon. A couple of the goons from computing. The constant aggrivation Ifran and Ash gave Morag. Ah but Ill go into all these old times crap later on.

Ah I miss college already. Ive spent much of this morning thinking about all the good times I had at college. Infact in the next few days Im going to write down everything Ive learnt in the last two years. I have indeed changed much since I left high school in 2000. Yes, I can safely say Ive gotten more out of college in these last two years than I got out of high school in 5 years. But I will write about that later.

It occured to me last night when I was walking round the streets that there are some things about this place that Im going to miss as well. Stourbridge for one, I like going there on a night for a few beers now and then. Swaggering down to Wetherspoons on a winters night. For some reason I started to think about New Years Eve and how every New Years party Ive ever been to has been a right big cunt of a foul up. Hehe, Ill never forget last years. Stumbling around in thick snow trying to find that accursed place called the Black Horse, then them refusing my driving licence as a form of ID. But despite the way this is going all the memories arent about alcohol related events. Infact some of the best have nothing to do with it.

I need a shower. I smell like a semi-decomposed corpse.
Blaggard [11:27 AM]

[ Wednesday, September 04, 2002 ]

Today was a day that started out good and ended bad.

I want to tear apart something beautiful.
Blaggard [12:16 AM]

[ Monday, September 02, 2002 ]

"Oh people, know that you have commited great sins. If you ask me what proof I have for these words, I say it is because I am the punishment of God. If you had not commited great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you!" - Genghis Khan, Bukhara 1220

Blaggard [2:41 PM]

Ah there are many nice ways to wake up in the morning. Quite a few better ones than what I woke up to this morning, but it will do as a nice way to start the week.

I woke up the morning to see my big fat loan confirmation on my desk. £3905. Unfortunatly over half of that will go on rent and course materials. But the rest is mine to waste as I please.

Quite sensible they have split it down into three payments, one a term. This prevents me from blowing it all in one massive weekend of drink, drugs and strippers.
Anyway, I need to do some financial jiggery pokery now I know exactly what my payments are, work out how much Im gonna have a week to live on. Then try and save some of that for a holiday next summer, unless I take a working holiday.
Blaggard [10:25 AM]

[ Sunday, September 01, 2002 ]

I made a terrible mistake this afternoon. As I was passing through the kitchen I noticed The Crones copy of that hate filled newspaper the Daily Mail lying on the table. As I had nothing better to do I decided to read it. If there is one thing I should of learnt by now it is never to read that accursed publication, it fires up the blood.

So I was reading the daily column by some fellow and it was entitled something like "It is the Liberals who are the real Facists..not me"
I had no choice but to read it then. His opening lines explained how he daily recived letters from people accusing him of being a facist and a Nazi. I immeadiatly thought, well this guy probably is if he works for the Daily Mail.

His entire argument was based upon some bizarrie notion that all left wingers are inherently supporters of Castro or Stalin, and thus we all support dictatorships. Hehe, he seemed to like the Castro one. He said something like "the liberals sweetly dub him Fidel". Ah well you stupid cunt his name is Fidel Castro Im sure some of the more radical right wingers even call him Fidel.

I think that chap was somehow forgetting a couple of fellows in revent history a guy named Adolf and another named Mussolini. I hear they caused a little trouble in Europe. That writer was even more stupid than I am. Trying to lambast his poltical oppenents by saying they all support dictators. Yes, I may be left wing and pretty damned liberal but that doesnt mean I like Castro or think Stalin was great.
Look the thing is when you get to the fringe edge of both sides of politics there is little difference between them, you get some crazy swines who want power power power and use some kind of ideology to justify it. Maybe they dont all start out that way but its often how they end. I dont support Castro or think Stalin was "the man" just as Im sure that bigoted facist Nazi who writes for the Daily Mail didnt think Hitler was a nice guy.
This may not be the best peice of criticism ever written but I find it a bit ridiculous that you try and criticise the left for "all loving dictators" when its quite obvious that is bullshit. Or is young charles kennedy another castro in the making eh ?

But in the end he was just another hate filled tabloid (yes the mail is a tabloid despite what they try and get you to think) hack, but unfortunatly a lot of people will take him seriously.

This badly written politcal stomp was bought to you by the drug rohyphonol.
Blaggard [9:37 PM]

It has been a pretty quiet weekend, besides of course what I think will remain a very memorable Friday night. I havent done anything at all this weekend.

Somehow I seem to spend my days doing nothing, literally. I wake up and before I know it, its 6pm and Im still reading through the morning news or listening to a CD. However I have been doing some writing, not much mind, but some. The more I do the better at it I seem to become. It is quite bizarrie but I feel I can only write about things that Ive done or been involved in. Anything else just comes out as odd drivel. Well they say to be a good writer you must go with what you know.

Im expecting a quiet week. Ill probably stroll on down to Wetherspoons tomorrow, its cheap beer day, and while away the evening in there. After that nothing, well hoprefully nothing heavy, till Friday. Its Daves birthday on Friday he is aiming to do a crawl around 15 pubs, practically all the pubs in this godforsaken town. Except the Black Horse and the Woodman. I got no problem with avoiding the Black Horse, infact I have successfully done so since New Years Eve. They dont like me in there, the feeling is pretty much neutral.

I also found a shot glass which I must have stole from Riza.

Only 20 more days till I leave for Aberystwyth. I suppose I should make the most of these final few days at home, but to be honest I cant wait to be shot of the place. Get my own room which isnt routinely searched by a paranoid neurotic 55 year old woman who has a further array of complex mental issues. Yes, the best thing about leaving home. Dont have to see that cursed woman till at least xmas, maybe longer if things work out good down there.

Id like to get out of the country next summer as well. Go and work somewhere interesting.

I got a load of photos to stick up on here but the place I stick my pictures for some reason wont let me link to anymore pictures from there.

Right I think Ill go get some excercise, phone Laura and somewhere along the line make a sandwich. I got a crazy desire for BBQ sauce.
Blaggard [4:19 PM]