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[ Wednesday, October 30, 2002 ]

I like to think of myself as a very tolerant person in most respects. Hardly anything ever gets to me it takes alot, well usually anything that ass goblin Bush says. But besides that. But it occured to me just as I was sitting here listening to music.

1. Shit its 10:20 and I havent even opened a text book yet.
2. There are some people that really wind me up and I find it hard to be tolerant of them.

Right then. People who find the things in life like sex and language offensive. I was thinking of a load of people who really got angry about a pole dancing thing in the union a couple of weeks ago. She said it was disgusting. Disgusting? Its all just natural, its what we are. Dare I even hint that person simply has some insecurites about themself. Maybe. Then again I do like to go to strip clubs as anyone who saw me in Playa Das Americas this summer would testify to.
Then yes we have the use of language thing. I find it really odd that people should find profanity offensive. Are they not just words? The only reason people find them offensive is that it has been bored into their head that they actually mean something tangable, that it matters. People berate me for shouting cunts round here. Besides the fact they have no right to tell me what I can say or not say, I just dont understand how people can get so worked. It makes me laugh sometimes so I stream out as many expletives as possible just to see such people squirm. I recommend it to everyone to try at least once. Gatecrash a meeting of compelte Right Wing Daily Mailers and say Big Fucking Cunts until they have you removed. You will not regret it.

I have definatly been feeling very reflective today. I dont know why. Ah well, its probably not going to happen again for a while so itll be back to the usual drunken ramblings. Its halloween tomorrow. Nothing like a festival of Paganism. There is an anti-war rally going on in town tomorrow. Im very tempted to fuck lectures off and head down there, get in the thick of it. Ive already lodged my protest with the guys here, my name and address is currently winging its way to Tony Blair. Something else to add to me MI5 file of subversive activities.
We carved a pumpkin out this afternoon. Ive never actually done that before. It was kinda nice actually sitting there with half the house in the kitchen disecting the beast. Yea, it was fun.
There is some serious boozing going on tomorrow night. I shall definatly be in attendance due to my weekend being shot to peices by Aberdyfi.
Blaggard [10:28 PM]

Music just doesnt have any bollocks anymore. What the fuck has happened to it these past few years.

Look at that shit that gets churned out now. What was cutting edge in 94, giants like Soundgarden. Now look at what is "cutting edge" and "out there". No good beatniks like The Strokes. Hell some people even consider that canadian muppet Avril radical. Look at the UK music right now, dominated by hideous greed monsters like Will Young and that vonny cunt Gareth Gates. People who get the money of the backs of others, ass raping The Doors work for starters. A generation is going to grow up thinking Light my Fire was written by that contemptable fuckwit. It shocks me how the public laps these Popstars and Fame acadmay things up. Crave them like a scagfeind in need of his next fix. I have seen people get to the point of near violence in boozeries when people talk when they stick such shows.
We have lost something we really have. There is nothing creative out there, at least not much that gets anywhere. Instead we are saturated by this repulsive corperate shit. In a way the decline of the music business in this way can be identified with the general way our species is heading. Music has just become another object in Consumer Culture. Overheads have to be kept low man, generate as much profit as possible from the one thing, move on. Its what sells quick and generates profit fast. But what can be done, there is a demand for it. In this Economics driven society where the £ truely is the only God anyone gives a real shit about Demand is always filled.
It sickens me to be part of such a species that buys into this crap.

What has happened to the psyche of our species to accept this stuff without so much as a whimper.
Blaggard [1:40 PM]

[ Tuesday, October 29, 2002 ]

I literally just stared at a pumpkin for 60 minutes. All the while Fish was down the pub drinkin booze. He sent me a message but due to my shitty signal I only just got the message, about 60mins after last orders. UK drinking laws suck the big one.

Jason, the average monstrosity, bought Racheal some flowers to say sorry today. Well isnt that nice of him.
Spencer shouted: "Bring out the slags!" from his window at me earlier.

Blaggard [11:42 PM]

Last night was as I expected a crazy wild and altogeather excellent night. Met some new people.
Jason got hideously drunk as per usual and started screaming at people. Then got in his car and try to mow everyone down, needless to say we freaked. Racheal stole his keys and then he stormed after her shouting:

"You fucking cunt. You cant take my fucking keys, its my car"

Racheal was very upset afterall she was only trying to help out. He then got wine and poured it on his car and started kicking shit into it. We were playing some kind of drinking game in the road. As it was Vicky's birthday she has a tee shirt with the numbers one to ten on the back. She had to go with 10 people and then they had to sign the shirt. There was some girl on girl action. I was impressed. One of those girls, the one Palin fucked the weekend, really got into it and kept going with some bi-sexual bird all night after that. I drank beer and called Jason an average monstrosity, he went crazy and I laughed at him.
Gemma kept dragging me around places then invited me back to hers for some vodka at about 1:30. Ben and Spencer came along as well then, they left. I stayed with Gemma a bit and she was stressing heavily over Jason. I left came back here and stayed up till 3am talking to Palin and Joesph about Jasons crazy behaviour. Id admire that feind, he doesent know when to stop. Its excellent.
The 10am lecture went fine and I was surprisingly well this morning. Got a delightful practice test tomorrow.
Aberdyfi on Friday. BFC.
Blaggard [7:47 PM]

[ Monday, October 28, 2002 ]

Danger Danger High Voltage!

Ive been listening to that electric six songs for absoultly ages. At first I thought it was absolutly ridiculous but it has grown on me quite a lot infact Ive even started to like it.
The exam is over and done with now, the results have also been recieived. Ah I really cant help but admire the efficient data processing of this place. I passed. I passed really well, 84.2%. My jaw hit the floor when I saw that. I didnt think I had failed as such, but I also didnt think I would have done that well. This far into A level I was a fucking U student. Life is pretty sweet. Gotta do some preliminary work for the CS152 practical now and then its a house party at the House of Madness. Im in a very good mood, which probably means:

Drink consumption = 10 pints.

I saw Mark, the guy who invited me, earlier. He said he had some "road games" planned. Then he quickly added that he would "take full responsibility". Im very intrigued as to see what will happen.

10am lecture tomorrow. Grim. But fuck it I want to celebrate.

Didnt do anything yesterday. The internet connection was down due to the bad weather, didnt even go to the PJM bar. Sat around and talked to Rihan about controversial theatre. She even started talking down the lines of my radical left thinking. I was surprised to hear her come out with the same ideas on things that I have. Nice to have someone around on my poltical side at least. Of course much of the day was spent revising.
The bastards are coming at me for the rent soon, we also have another damned house inspection on the 11th. Also heard from Mo today. A cat ate his defrosting meat, he was pissed off, had to chase that pesky feline out of the house.
Blaggard [7:22 PM]

[ Saturday, October 26, 2002 ]

Fish it would appear has shamed himself. He came round here this morning heavily regreting his decision to engage himself with Lisa. As I expected him to.
Its just a good job he didnt fuck the poor lass. That would be crushing for her. He said he is going over there to break it all apart let her down fast and heavy. A bit harsh I think. She is a nice girl as well.
Looks like a quiet night is in order. Sit in the PJM and blast some bourbons. I went and got a crap load of ice from the Co-op, for the whiskey you understand.
Pink Floyd are an excellent.
Blaggard [5:39 PM]

Last night was crazy and fantastic. I stayed half sober and was nowhere near as twisted as half the people there.

It all began around 6pm when me, Fish and Ben went to the PJM for a beer, straight from the lecture room of course. We drank and played pool. Mark and James from another house were there and we chatted to them for a bit.

Came back here, cooked waffles and beans and played Worms with Khang n Fish.

For the evening we decided to go down into the town. Varsity and then The Glen. Jason was of course pissed when I turned up at Fish's house. He had downed a third of vodka and two alcopops. I quaffed a lager. Went down to the Varisty. Jason and Palin started doing shots of raw sambucca. Palin was igniting the beasts. Went to The Glen were everyone from Party Insanity last Thursday was there. Talked to them. Mig turned up with his girlfriend who is down here for the week. Lucy her name was, seemed nice enough.

Drank a shag load. Everyone was buying me drinks. I think I covered most accept Mig. Everyone decided to go to Peir Pressure. I went along, paid a hideous £4 to get in the door, but then drinks were only a £1 a pint for the Carlsberg. Jason was became comatose. Lisa said something to me so I just echoed the last thing she said to me:

"Who the fuck are you?" and pointed at her. She laughed and Fish went with her. Palin scored. Got a kebab. Came back here and stayed up till 4:30am talkin with Rihan in the kitchen. It was one of those really get to know someone talks. Hehe, she sang to me. It was beautiful. It would appear Im going to see Timmy Mallet tonight. Rihan invited me along.

Not so much booze though. Big night on Monday. There is another party at The House of Decadence.
Spencer assures me he will be there to : "Bring out the Slags"

Fish went round there last night to fuck Lisa. He has to go back Monday, she had friends sleeping on the floor.
I need to score some Mescal. I met a guy who I think could Sort Out The Arangements.

Anyway, work now play later.

Blaggard [1:55 PM]

[ Friday, October 25, 2002 ]

Judges back "anti-terror" law

May god have mercy on all of us. We are slipping down the slope I think we all know where the slope leads.
Blaggard [12:06 PM]

The internet has been down for ages and finally came back on a while ago. Thus Ive had no contact with the outside world in a long time. It appears that caught that gunman and there is a big ole hostage situation. The world is a fun place.

I went to the Kerrang tour last night. I was a bit disapointed to be honest. There was a welsh band Elvis playing. They were on stage for all over 20 minutes then fucked off. Skin B never even bothered to turn up.The music was good mind, I was just hoping to see Skin do some DJin. I was in a foul mood last night though and the booze only aggrevated it so I stopped drinking. Everyone left leaving there by myself. Got in and freaked out in my room before collapsing on my bed.

I in a much better mood this morning eithier. Lots of reasons why but I cant be fucked to start jabbering about that bollocks, not now anyway.
Blaggard [10:48 AM]

[ Thursday, October 24, 2002 ]

Fear and Loathing in Aber.

The dreams were as I expected more intense last night. Grim memories of them. Today wasnt much better, up at 7 for a two lecture. Hailed on the way in. Finished an hour early so went to the Union and played pool. It was an open day today so there were a load of college guys and gals around. Went down to the town to meet The Crone. Gave me The Fear no end. After 3 hours Id had enough. Reminded me of why I bombed a good distance away from that wretched filth pit known as Birmingham. Birmingham is the home of the damned and the terminal. Its no wonder I ended up a boozefeind coming from that hole.

Im in anger mode. Have an exam on Monday. Need regulation. Done lots of work. Tomorrow more will follow. Gods Mercy on us all.

Get me a rifle there is something crawling around outside. I saw one of the beasts earlier. Looked like a stray cat. That is what they want you to think. Acursed beasts. Need to get some mustard gas to flush them out of the bushes.

Sleep is needed. The mind is filling with paranoid madness and insanity. Debt collectors are closing in. The last stand must come soon.

Blaggard [12:27 AM]

[ Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ]

Ive been having some werid and fucked up dreams the last couple of days. I have thus being getting very little sleep. They are causing me to wake up two or three times a night. To be honest there freaking me out a little bit. I think some kind of brain killer is in order before sleep, a couple of Reds.

When and got the Java worksheet done today. It was a little more tricky than I had anticipated but all is sorted now. I understand, it all makes sense now.

I havent had a cigarette in two days. What the fuck is going on with my head ?
Blaggard [2:36 PM]

[ Monday, October 21, 2002 ]

Right now Im sitting back in B57 computer science lab feeling very smug with myself after whipping into shape some very difficult code about 2 or so weeks before the deadline for the worksheet. Although it is not yet complete the hard stuff is now done, it is finished. Everything is dealt with. Just have to scribble some pointless and what Im sure will be completly irrelavent Javadoc.
Blaggard [12:00 PM]

[ Sunday, October 20, 2002 ]

Fish barrelled back into town about an hour ago. He went away for the weekend to Aberdyfi, where Ill be going on the first. Its a "bonding" team building sort of weekend for all computer science. It involves a lot of climbing, which seriously puts The Fear on me. I have a terrible fear of heights.

Anyhows they got the lectuerer drunk and started ripping the piss out of him apparently. He drinks in Spoons as well, might have to roll in there drunk one night and discuss the finer points of Java programmig.

Fantastic. Gonna go play pool in the bar. Nicht bier tonight, after last nights hilarious beir kellar event. Going to take a break from the booze until Wednesday when The Crone is coming to town for my sins. Hopefully not for long, just a couple of hours. Im taking them to The Acadamy becasue its expensive and Im not going to be paying. At least they are bringing me some beer. Three cases so Im told, lets hope she doesnt forget the damned jack danials.

This room is a fucking explosion. I dont even like coming in here the smell has got that bad. Maybe I should clean it. Bollocks to it.
Blaggard [7:09 PM]

I have a new respect for Germans after last night. Bier Kellars must be a fantastic place to go for a good hard drink in.

Germany definatly needs to be added to my world tour list. Yes, it seems Right. I can picture it now. Getting drunk as a loon with a bunch of simalary beligerant germans. It sounds good.
It was a good laugh last night I got very drunk and ate some chips with the most ridiculous toppings. Cheese, onions, mustard and four packets of salt. Racheal was really getting into the swing of the things, I suspect she highly sensitive to caffeine as she was jumping around like crazy after two pints of coke. Palin bought a load of his friends from back home with him and they left to go down the pier. I stayed at the "Kellar" with Gemma and Racheal until they kicked us out at about 1am. I was escorted to the door which I thought was quite funny. Im too hungover to key in much info on it. Infact I intended to do a Gonzo style press release about the evening. Nevermind.

Im going to go and hurl bricks at the fucker who let fireworks off under my window last night.
Blaggard [12:11 PM]

[ Saturday, October 19, 2002 ]

It has definatly been a full moon atmosphere round here the last few days. I dont care what anyone says the full moon seems to bring out the crazies.
As I was walking back from the students union at 2:30 yesterday there was a house party already in full swing. People rolling around drunk outside and urinating all over the place. It looked heavy, especially since it was after all only 2:30pm. But who am I to criticize? Its not like Ive never done anything like that myself and it is not like I wouldent do it again given half the chance. But anyway.
Last night was Low Key in every sense of the word. Went to the PJM bar and had a couple of pints and played pool. Came back here and cooked a waffle. The whole Friday night experiance sort of collapsed on itself this week. Lots of people had to be up early and Ive got this German Beer thing tonight. That should ensure some vomit filled madness.
Infact the whole village seemed quiet last night. Maybe everyone was worn out from all the midweek parties.

Anyway, Im going to go throw breeze blocks at small children.
Blaggard [10:35 AM]

[ Friday, October 18, 2002 ]

Apparently that dirty bird Jenny went back round 112 after i had left and continuted going with the chap. Her boyfriend found out.

Live by the sword....
Blaggard [12:14 PM]

Last night was excellent. Very very funny.

It was about 9:30 and I was sitting here going through some notes and my textbook, yes folks actually doing some fucking work for CS152. When suddenly I heard a bellowing upon the staircase, it was Fish and Ben.

"What the hell do you two want?"
Fish: "There is a house party over in 112 we insist you come along"
Me:"Yeah ok"
Fish: "The booze is free"

So I turned up at the door and they let me in, then it was pretty much. Who the fuck are you and why are you here? No one overly cared that I was there once they found out I was friends of the legendary 123 party house. It was a pretty fucking decadent party. It was the birthday of one of the guys called James. They were stuffing as much booze as possible down his throat it was hilarious to watch. I merely drank around 4 or those little stubby beers all night. But damn did things get wild, im expecting evicition requests at any time.

They played twister, if you lost you had to down a snakebite or something else from the mountain of booze. If you won you had to down a larger amount of booze from the mountain. The birthday boy eventually threw up literally coating the bathroom in vomit, it was disgusting. Then we tried to tape into his chair, which we succeeded with. We grabbed some hot girl and taped her to the chair with him. We also started shouting to see some action, so she went with him. Immeadiatly saying that her boyfriend would not be happy. We laughed.

Half the house ran of in search of some dirty bitch to give him a birthday shag. I followed for a bit then got bored and a slight case of the Fear about the amount of noise being made so returned to the house. Fish apparently went with the dirty slut bird. I went back and started to talk to James, he was that drunk though it was hard to get anything out of him. Vicky flashed some guy at his window, he didnt look to happy. At somepoint they cannonballed back into the house laughing and screaming. They grabbed James and slung him in a shopping trolley saying they had found someone. We all followed. We got to the house where two guys said there was a house party. We got to the door, eventually a girl awnsered and went with young James. We stripped him half naked and took him inside. The people werent expecting such a massive swamping.

We then murdered Spencer. One of the guys found a bottle of Vodka in there and tried to tempt people into the six shot challenge. Spencer said he would. He did it twice, straight after each other. He was screaming that it was like water and wanted to do it again. It then later occured to us that the most he has ever drank is four pints in one sitting. We left that house pretty sharpish I dont think they were overly happy about our onsalught.

Went back to 112. The dirty bird, Jenny, went with James nearly the whole time. Who am I to criticise, I just hope I have someone like that around on my birthday at the end of November. Spencer sat there screaming with a bucket on his head. Everyone shouted at Spencer. I just laughed. In the end me and Ben dragged him back to his house with Tom there for backup. Got him into his bed and stuck him into the recovery position. I then left, I am assured however that he vomited heavily filling 1/3 of his bin. That is a lot of sick. The last I saw of him he was screaming "I dont want to die". Lightweight jackass.

I sat in 112 for another 30mins maybe. They started playing some truth game. I was walking out the door when some girl said. "Ive got a good question. Who the fuck is he?" pointing to me obviously.
"Who am I?" I replied. I was about to go into my Dr Gonzo speil when Mark popped up and said he knew me and a few others popped up and said they knew me. However I then left as I was tired.

I final got some sleep last night. There is only one lecture today at 1:10. Things are pretty sweet. Need to get my Beer Festival Ticket as well at somepoint. Shit, might even do some more work.

Blaggard [10:52 AM]

[ Thursday, October 17, 2002 ]

I am going to rename the kitchen to The Kitchen of Shame. Fuck it. Rename the whole house and stick a massive bronze plaque on the door saying

"The House of Decadence"

Things seem to get more wild as the weeks go by. This German Beer thing on Saturday is going to horrific. Lectures today were really really boring. Me and Fish drew barnyard animals to pass the time.

Blaggard [8:30 PM]

Finally a chance to rest and catch my breath. Sort things out and rearange things after the total insanity that was last night.

It all began around 7pm when Cal drove me and Rihan down to Safeway to stock up on booze. I needed money so I went along to find a cash point. Cal and Ri bought a shagload of booze. Our shopping cart was definatly The Trolly of Shame.

We got back after a ridiculous detour when Cal took a wrong turn, we ended up out in the countryside somewhere. I quaffed two cans of lager in my tankard.
Cal and Ri got into the Archers.

We went to the PJM bar, the football was on so they had hideously good offers on beer. I got a pitcher of 4pints for £5 all to myself. Palin and Fish did the same thing. Everyone was plying as much booze as they possible could down Rihans throat. She had something of every. Triple vodkas and coke. Triple vodka, gin and coke. Tia Maria and orange. Five bottles of Archers Aqua. Two Tequilas. One double and I think the other was a triple. Bottle of becks. Hell thats just small sample of the fantastic amount of booze she consumed. She was serious about this birthday celebration, started hugging everyone and infact almost passed out while

I stuck music on the jukebox. She was cunted. As we were leaving she suffered from a bout of The Big Spit. All over the amenity block floor.
Now this is where details are going to get nasty and somewhat repulsive. Those of a high moral stance or of weak temprament might want to stop reading this account.

Here we go. As soon as the vomit hit the floor I grabbed Ri and dragged outside where she then lent over a wall and started being violently sick. I sat on the wall next to her trying to give words of encouragement. But it was hard to be heard over the sound of vomiting and other "bodily noises". The warden came out and asked if she was responsible for the mess. He said there would be a charge. Immeadiatly I switched into my drunken Dr Gonzo mode. I tried to sound official, like I was in control when frankly in control was the last thing I was.

"A charge?" "How much will this be, Ill settle the bill now no need to worry"
"Not that simple, it has to be assesed"

I gave him Ri's details and went back to dragging her up the road with everyone else. I felt like a bit of a Nazi, besides a hideous hangover the following morning she was going to have to deal with that shit because I gave him the correct details. Fuck it.

We all came down to our house and Ri was becoming more drunk and still iller. We got her the mop bucket to use. At one point she dropped the mop bucket spilling a stream of vomit all over the place. She started crying and apoligising to everyone. It wasnt right, there was nothing to apoligise for. After all it was her birthday, Im used to this sort of drunkeness after my Tenerife Experience's.

I started handing lager out like it was going out of style and got my two bottles of whiskey out. Joesph was looking ill. There was no doubt he had consumed a great deal of booze, in a more quiet fashion then Ri though. Like drunken idiots we started talking about the IRA and Ireland.

Ri was very far gone and fell forward of her chair. Me and Cal carried her upstairs, stopping for a voit break along the way. We got her in bed and cal sat with her for a bit. I got more lager from this room and gave Mig a few cans. We got back in the kitchen and Palin had cracked out the vodka.
I suddenly felt very hot and ill, ran into the downstairs bathroom. Where Joesph was vomiting in the sink and began vomiting in the toilet, then the sink when Joesph left. I felt much better and much more sober so started drinking vodka and lemonade. Joesph disapeerared so Palin went to find him. He relayed to me that he found him upstairs lying in the toilet doorway with his face stuck up against the door or some such thing. He then dragged him across the landing to his room where he suddenly decided to vomit again so stormed into the toilet.

Stayed up with Cal and Mig talking politcs, I showed them how to make weapons on mass destruction, diagramaticly of course. In the end I was simply to pissed to deal with anything and crawled up here to my bed.
It was a pretty heavy night, definatly the heaviest since Ive got here. I saw Ri this morning and she looked terrible. Infact she was still been sick periodically. I havent asked her if she remembers anything, I dont want to embaress her. She is to nice a person. I geuss Ive got the same thing set on my birthday.

Tonight I think Ill stay in.
Blaggard [1:06 PM]

[ Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ]

I live in a house full of degenerate slobs. But what right do I have to moan when I help cause the mess as well. The kitchen is a damned bombsite shit all over the table, it is covered in 2 week old newspapers and dirty glasses. There is enough food scraps on the floor to fed a family of 10 for a week. I dont even like going in there without shoes on anymore. My room is getting pretty messy as well, there is some foul odor which is I cant seem to get rid off. For that matter I cant even identify what is causing it.
Yes we are literally living in our own filth.

Last night was an excellent night. I finally dragged my ass down to Rocsoc and took Palin with me. It was excellent, infact it was like the RockCafe only there were no kids, the music was good and the toilets werent full of Scagheads. It had an excellent dankness to the place.
We thought we had the wrong place at first, it looked very "local". Me and Palin were sober when we turned up and didnt particulary want a good kicking. At first reaction was to bolt and hide in Acadamy. Palin suggested the idea of dutch courage. Who am I to argue. After a swift one in there we went into The Angel. It was empty accept for a few people at the back, I went over.

"Is this Rocsoc?"
"Yep it is"

I paid and they unbolted a small door which led into a backroom sort of bar. We got into the beer fast and heavy. Hehe, it was expensive. Palin did the trampy student thing and asked for two pints of the cheapest lager, they were all the same price so we just qauffed the good stuff, Grolsch. There were lots of heavy goths in there, it was nice to be among such people again.
The girl with bright pink hair was there as well. Ah she is beautiful, really beautiful. By the end of the night when I was in incapacitated mode all I did was sit there and watch her mosh. Im a drunken pervert.
Palin was all over the place and couldent sit properly, always swaying from side to side. We went down to Istanbul Kebab were I munched on sausage and chips and Palin had a kebab. We talked drunken crap all the way back and I babbled on about plans for The Great Novel which Ive started getting into writing.

Went down the town this morning after lectures finished and got a bottle of schnapps for Rihan. Its her birthday tomorrow but we are going out tonight for it. Went to Spoons for a sandwich and a tall glass of ice cold coke. Then booked an appointment to get my hair chopped tomorrow at noon. Fish got some shoes.

So thats about it. Im going to get into the work in a bit, do a few hours of Java.
Blaggard [1:12 PM]

Me and Palin went on a bit of a bender last night. I have a 9am lecture. Im still half drunk.
Blaggard [7:36 AM]

[ Monday, October 14, 2002 ]

Ive just got back from another thrilling tutorial session. More fun than you would ever beileve, I just sat in the corner and didnt say a word.
We had to design some java class diagrams in pairs, well I admit I did talk to the guy next to me for that one. Ye Gods it was abominal, not like the childish fun of throwing eggs out of windows that we had last week. We actually had to work.

I like my tutorial group though. There are a few interesting charecters in there and if there is something I like in this world it is interesting charecters. Our tutor Fred LaBrosse is actually French which is something different. There are two mature students in there, a beligerant drunk who is about 28 and some guy called Jonny who is about 40. Wictor the guy from Poland is in there, Wictor is a nice guy, shame he is working in that shitty kebab shop. There is also Christos who is from Greece. Then there is the mandatory smattering of geeks and such deviants. All in all its quite an interesing group and I think I got lucky with it.
I have a feeling that this week is going to be very hard on my bank account. Tomorrow night Im finally getting off my ass and going to the Rocsoc meeting down the town. I have a feeling that it will be good, lots of people into my sort of music and plenty of gothy people. Gemma and Tracy from a few houses up said they were going to come with me, they are absolutly going to hate it though. I think even James said he might come along.
Wednesday night we are going out for Rihans birthday to the Peir, an overly priced nightclub run by what can only be an unscrupulous bunch of greedheads, but unfortunatly it happens to be the best club in town. I also have to get her a present as well.
Helens birthday is on Thursday so Ill have to get something and send it along in the post. Then Thursday night there is another band on in Bar 9 which I may or may not attend, it depends. Then its the weekend so the customary Friday night trip to the Glen is probably in order. Saturday is the German Beer festival over in the union. I imagine I will get hidesouly drunk on that night. Im not even going to think about the amount of booze and money Im going to be tearing though in the next 7 days. Its probably best to just try and forget about it until there is nothing else left to do except face my creditors.

God have mercy on my bank balance, it is unlikely that I will.
Blaggard [11:45 AM]

You should see the view out of this room today. Absolutly stunning.

A massive cloud block on one side of the sky and blue on the other, the two phase into each other somewhere just before the middle. The valleys I can see are brimming with an early morning mist.

Ah you have to see it to get it. Its beautiful. Almost makes getting up this early worth it.
Blaggard [8:20 AM]

[ Sunday, October 13, 2002 ]

Last night was a nice quite night.

It started with me and Cal sitting in her room "smoking". We talked about rubbish for ages then went down the PJM bar where I drank a whiskey and stuck Pink Floyd on the jukebox.

Relaxing night.

Have to do some work today :(

Blaggard [10:43 AM]

[ Saturday, October 12, 2002 ]

I got stone drunk and once again ran around on the beach. The waves were bigger this time and it was a lot more fun, people were shouting at me. Ri told me this morning that they were pretty big and she thought I might come a cropper and drown. It did cross my mind to go swimming in the sea, it would have been good fun. Thrashing around drunk and in the rain. Sounds like a good plan for next weekend or maybe even tonight. Excellent.

We went to a new bar last night called Acadamy, it was really nice in there. A converted church and Bud on tap. Me and Fish were definatly in our element in a place like that. Expensive but very nice.
As we came out of there we saw Victor, a guy from Poland, in the kebab shop. He works there it seems. Poor guy. The kebabs there are dire, really dire.

Me and Fish have finally decided on our world tour route. The Route looks pretty much set as the following:

- Delhi
- Kathmandu
- Singapore
- Phnom Penh
- Perth
- Sydney
- Christcurch
- Auckland
- Fiji
- Cook Islands
- French Polynesia
- L.A
- New York

Quite the Route I feel. I may cut Phnom Penh, I havent really given much thought to that place though. We are going to go and see STA Travel sometime in the week to sort out costs before we go any further in this insane planning. Ive been thinking about seeing if some paper or other will pay me a few quid for the odd article from the road. Halesowen News might. It would give them something else besides teacher sex scandals to fill their pages with.

It will be an All Summer thing. 3 months I reckons on the road. Fish only wants to do this thing for four weeks. That I feel is pointless. It is going to have to be all or nothing, you cant get to know a place in two or three days. At least a week in each place, even that will probably not be enough. It will have to get the facts sorted out. Start asking newspapers if they are interested, it is worth a shot. Imagine if my rantings actually got into print. This I feel is definatly the Right thing to do.
Blaggard [2:51 PM]

[ Friday, October 11, 2002 ]

I have Shepards Pie. Finally something good to eat. I went 30 hours with only a peach as food. Mainly just to see what would happen if I didnt eat. It was horrible, I felt dizzy, lightheaded and very sleepy. In the end I scoffed a foot long, literally, hot dog from the students union. They do some sweet fucking food, really good. Even make a pizza for you there on the spot if you want one, right in front you.

The band we saw last night were pretty good as well. Kid Gallahad ownd.

Erk! Time to go to lectures.
Blaggard [3:33 PM]

Cal set the kitchen on fire yesterday it was hilarious.

She left the grill on full whack and the grease ignited. Joesph quickly jumped into action and got the CO2 cannon on it. The odd thing is the house was burning down and we were all laughing. The C02 cannon made more of a mess than the fire, we had to scrub everything down again for the house inspection which is sometime today.

Im fucking off down into town to buy some food, im sick of baked potatos. Hell I even made a list of stuff i want to eat next week.

I also stupidly told Rihan Id get her a bottle of Archers for her birthday, then I remembered that it is expensive. Opps. Maybe Liddel sells it. Infact I need to send Helen a present as well, it is her birthday on Thursday.
Having friends is an expensive business, but they are all worth it.
Blaggard [9:34 AM]

[ Tuesday, October 08, 2002 ]

Theres not much new going on round here of late. There is some guy living in the house, Mike I think his name is, he is a big tall bastard. Cal's boyfreind infact. It is our latest housemate after the legendary Tom Moore the weekend. This guy turned up on Sunday night. I walked in the kitchen and he was just standing there. But there are often people I dont know roaming about this house, it doesnt really bother in me in the slightest, my door stays locked when Im not here. I dont even bother asking who these people are anymore just make conversation with them. This guy is staying for at least a week though I think, chances are Cal might drive him home Saturday. As Palin and Ri are going home the weekend there is just going to be me, Khang and Joesph in the house. Infact Jason is going back with Palin and Ben from down the road is going. It takes quite a big chunk out of the party people for the weekend. I suppose this weekend if any is the time to get really fucked up. Less people to have to deal with me when I vomit in the bath and pass out. Hell yes.

One of Palins freinds got evicted from some Uni property in the town today for the most ridiculous thing. Since arriving, now over two weeks ago, he was got very drunk on two occasions. On one occasion he couldet find his room key so slept outside his room door on the floor. He apolgised to everyone in the house immensely for it and they all forgive him. He gets home from lectures yesterday and the warden is waiting saying two formal complaints have been made about you, we are evicting you as of now.

Im glad the people in my house are reasonable about such things. I dont think Khang would cope to well if I came back in one of my drunken rampages. But I doubt he would complain about me, he is a nice guy. Infact Im lucky really because everyone in my house is a nice person. Fish's house has become a bit of an open house, infact Khang practically lives in his house. I went there there earlier today to find Fish but no one else was there. Apparently there are now around 4 or 5 houses who have started to go in there. They were kept awake by Jasons drunken rampage Saturday so now they all presume Fish's house = party house. To a large extent, they are very right. There have been some drunken nights in there already.

Infact Ive got a bit of work to do tonight or I would probably popping over myself.
Blaggard [9:28 PM]

[ Sunday, October 06, 2002 ]

I somehow manage to get myself into the most ridiculous plans and schemes. The other day me and Fish were talking idle crap at each other walking back up from the town when we suddenly had the idea of touring America next summer.

This plan actaully seems to be kicking off. Accept it is turning into a world tour. We are actaully sitting down and talking prices, routes, time scales. This thing might actually go ahead, I might be going around the world. All stemming from when we were bored for a couple of minutes last week. Hell if this crazy and insane plan goes ahead it could be fantastic. Touring the damned world. See Asia and America. It would be amazing. Im giving it some very serious thought.I have a large quanity of money in a savings account somewhere. More than enough to pay for the airfares and train tickets. Then just living money which I can scrape togeather from various backers Im sure. Maybe get some lame ass website to sponser me in exchange for a few articles full of utter jibber jabber.

This thing could be crazy. Fish is definatly up for it also. Ill have to see who else is interested.

We are going into the student travel shop sometime in the week to get some more information. I could get to see Asia.

Iain Duncan Smith is a BFC.
Blaggard [4:15 PM]

Once again last night was another hilarious night in Wales.

Jason drank half a pint of malt vinegar, he said it complemented the vodka well. Then he rolled around on the floor laughing like a manic idiot.
I met a guy who works for the Air Force and is studying intelligence here. He scares me.

I lost countless games of pool.
Blaggard [2:26 PM]

[ Saturday, October 05, 2002 ]

As we speak a wine filled Welshman is torpedoing along through the countryside heading back to The bay where he lives.

One of Palins friends came down for the night yesterday and he is a beligerant drunk. As we had a workshop yesterday me and Fish headed straight to the bar at 6pm to do some drinking. When I got back he was in the kitchen. Then we went on a hideous drink binge, that chap can drink like a feind. He went out and bought a shit load of high quality wine and champagne for everyone. Jason was dangerously drunk before we left Fishs house to the town. The varisty was the first port of call, cheap booze. That guy bought a shot of Tequila for everyone.

Went to The Glen were we drank a shit load more. I talked to Tracy half the night and some werid welshman named Malcolm came over and started talking to us. I pulled amusing faces at Tracy. Gemma poked me a lot.

I ran around on the beach drunk watching the waves. Bought a kebab. The Welshman went and got his car and drove us around stonedrunk. He collasped on the kitchen floor and we couldnt move him. Then he judo threw Palin.

We got back and stayed up till 4am doing more booze. I got up at 11:30 to find the Welshman sitting in the kitchen drinking more wine. He went to the really nice tobacconists in town and bought himself a large pipe. It is a far more superior than my Sherlock.

We all cleaned the house today, it was a bit of a bombsite after last nights binge.
Same again tonight I think.

I love Aber and the student life.
Blaggard [4:25 PM]

[ Friday, October 04, 2002 ]

Last night was good and also very odd for me. They had a couple of free bands playing in Bar 9 so me, Fish, Rihan and Caroline went over to see them. I drank cola and orange juice all night, which surprised me quite a lot. Somehow I still spent a load of money plying booze onto Rihan. Cal and Fish left after the first band, they were hardly grade A material. Me and Rihan stayed there until a couple of tracks into the second band, they werent exactly my thing. Good if you like that sort of thing though I guess.

Me and Rihan walked back and witnessed two seperate acts of drunken buffonary. One guy high kicked, causing him to slip backwards flooring himself. As we were walking past the arts centre 4 or so lads ran down an embankment knocking one their mates to the floor then piling on top of the poor swine, crushing him. He seemed indifferent to it.

I have to get moving. No lectures till 1pm but I have got to register with a docter, then maybe get some cheap food from Liddel. Gonna get drunk tonight.
Blaggard [8:44 AM]

[ Thursday, October 03, 2002 ]

Last night was hilarious. Me and Fish decided to go over to the students union for a few swift drinks.

We ordered our pint then got thrown out for not having any tickets. We went down town to the varsity and got soaking wet. There wasnt many around. Decided to go back to the union and pay to get in to Re Load. 70's and 80's dance music. I was decked out in my grebo gear and they still let me in. In the end I ended up getting half drunk and talking to some guy named Alf who is staying in Cawt Marr.

He was hating it as well, he was a bit of a metal freak but just wanted to go out on a bander for the night. Alf was an interesting guy, he told me a story about how he was getting high while getting "very freindly" as he put it, with a young lady. Yes he was funny.

I have four hours sright of lectures starting at two. Curses.

My textbooks are going to cost around £140. That is a swine.

Blaggard [1:25 PM]

[ Wednesday, October 02, 2002 ]

I feel about 500 times better than I did yesterday. Fantastic. Caroline drove me and Rihan down into the town today to do some shopping. Kicked away a few hours in the union with a guy named Ben and Fish. We played some pool again.

Im gonna cook a gammon steak tonight then I think ill be going out somewhere for a drink or nine with Fish monster.

Its raining here. It looks nice.

Blaggard [4:55 PM]

[ Tuesday, October 01, 2002 ]

I appear to be suffering from a case of the dreaded Freshers Flu. It is common at the start of every new year due to the amount of people coming from all over the place spreading each others germs around. Luckily I havent really got it as bad as many of the others around here, infact I seem to be the only one in the house to have come down with it. The worse I think is over I was coughing like crazy a few days ago and hacking up a shit load of phlem. My morning sore throat has also abated was bareable this morning. Which was nice, by the weekend I think it should be nearly gone.

Rocsoc is meeting tonight sometime but I dont think I will be going. I have a 9am start tomorrow and I also have no one to go with. I think it is quite likely that I will go out tomorrow night, with at least Fish as I dont start till 2am. Probably just over the road to the students union. I am yet to sit down in the bar there for a beer. Me and Fish played pool there inbetween lectures today which was nice enough.

I have one remaining lecture today which is at 5:10, that will be "fun" CS122 introduction to programming. We had to write algorithms for todays class.
I managed to complete one of the coursework things yesterday which is always good, Ive got to sort out order some text books.

Due to this terrible cold Ive also stopped smoking to help it along. I need nicotine. And beer.

Right time for a bit of a bash on counterstrike.
Blaggard [1:54 PM]