The Boozehound

[ Saturday, May 31, 2003 ]

Ah sweet relief from the heat. Its a lot less hot today and very cloudly. People will moan. But its glorious. More people have left. I still have a week left on this ticket and dont intend to fuck it up. Im sorting out details to get my ass transported to Sheffield to see Mo. Im going to lay this idea Ive had of Prague on him when I get there. See what he thinks, see if he wants to get on the Road.
Blaggard [11:48 AM]

Once again it was another killer night out on the town. I swear Im riding the peak of some incredable wave at the moment. We hit Rummers for about 9:15. Tore into the beer, whiskey and tequila. We sat by the river and talked and laughed. Charlie started on the white wine. There was a live band playing. White wine hits her like a sledgehammer. We were all getting drunk. She collapsed on her ass as we were leaving much to her embaressment. Some of us carried her half way down the road. We lurched onward to The Pier. Got in and sat in the corner with a few bottles of beer. Talked and laughed. Cal and her two friends Amy and Jen showed up. I talked to them. I drank more and laughed. Sheryl the barmaid from PJM was there, she gabbed me and hugged me. It was all good. Spencer was shit faced. I was pretty drunk. We were chilled. Fish got worked up that Rhi was going to leave him, she thought the opposite. It wasnt the case. At least not this time. I do get the feeling they will fall apart. She is too explosive for him, they are product of circumstance.
Nothing is static, remember that.
I gabbed a kebab on the way back. Everyone came back here and we made the pancakes again. I drank water and apparently talked about the possible consequences of eating liquid detergant tabs. I was in a good mood. Everything was right and true. The entire night I had a massive grin on my face.
Today it was been hideously hot. Silly hot. I got hardly anything done. Early evening I went for a stroll, a cool breeze had kicked up. I watched everyone around the village as I went, everyone seemed happy. Someone was playing Guns and Roses. I grabbed a can of Dr Pepper from the vending machine and slowly walked back smoking a cigarette. Rhi stormed off past me. I was too chilled to even care why at the time. The air was good tonight.
In the end I decided to wash all my clothes as I was at a loose end. Dragged Fish over to the bar to kill time while I waited for my clothes. I was the only guy in there. Everyone was out partying, or watching Big Brother.
Tomorrow is Clares birthday. Its gonna be good. I am shattered. But its too hot to sleep tonight. I gotta try though, need to do aload of work tomorrow.
Blaggard [1:09 AM]

[ Thursday, May 29, 2003 ]

Ah last night was good despite a few hic-ups along The Road. Palin, Jason, Gemma, Charlie and me went to Rosser bar and drank a few ales. We talked and jabbered about the year, it was good. Relaxed, we sat outside on a bench and chilled out. Rach and Helen joined us later. We talked we laughed. Staggered over to the union. They had two for one on Sourz. We are young. I rolled around and watched girls dance on stage. I was breathing life. Some assclown set the fire alarm off. Some guy kept asking me about Slayer. Just before they let us in after the fire alarm that fucking assclown Aidan showed up. Gemma started laying into him. He sweet talked her with his shit. We all started cursing him. Got back inside and we watched them. I stared at him. He stared back. I smiled stuck two fingers up at the fucker, turned and left. Mig said it was about time someone did it. For once in my life I felt like I could fight. There were no doubts, no uncertainties. I wanted to cave his face in for everything he has done to her. He used and abused.
On the way back I had a sudden urge for pancakes. So I asked everyone if they fancided pancakes. We all ended up here cooking pancakes at 2am. It was nice. We talked and talked till the early hours. Jason exploded an egg all over me. It was hilarious. I crashed out at about 4:30. Even so I was happy. I told Gemma that Aidan was a fuckwit and to let him go. She said she knew. But she wont. Aye, love be a harsh mistress. Im going to The Pier 2nite.

I have a sudden odd desire to swim in the sea. Instead I think Ill go and have a cold shower to invigorate me, its been such a hot day. I need to move, Im looking forward to seeing Mo again in the summer.
Blaggard [6:33 PM]

[ Wednesday, May 28, 2003 ]

Ah excellent, we got a 1st on our Java group project. I think we make a cracking team.
Blaggard [11:54 AM]

Well CS10210 is now out of the way. I think it went ok, well ok enough to have passed the damned thing. Went into town after that and got some photos developed, sat in spoons for a bit while I waited on them getting developed. Posted the cheque of the legendary Sun Run, I do enjoy that weekend. Although after all the wild and crazy things Ive done since I went there first in that foul year of our lord, 2000, its kinda tame in the wild partying respects. Apparently some girl who was there last year has been asking about me, a load of guys alot older than her were making neck loads of shots when she was already half in a coma. I went crazy at them and got mad. She has passed several messages of thanks to me already in the past year.
Itll be a good weekend. Jason and Gem finish their exams today so we are going out to get fucked up 2nite....and then tomorrow night as well. Its been a while since Ive done a two night run. Saturday is Clares birthday. Im going to make sure she has a good night if it bankrupts me, I owe her alot. She is one of the few people have been extremly pateint with me over the year and helped me.
She had a small BBQ last night and invited me over. One of her friends who was an exchange student last year, Tenla(sp?) from L.A is in town for this week. Then she is going to Spain. Shes a really fun person actaully. One of the things I love about Americans is they are always really outgoing people, she even hates Bush as well. How we got talking about it I dont know, if only there were more people like her in the states.
Went to the bar a whiled the evening away. We talked about V fest in the summer.Sleeping arangements. Sleep? sleep is for the weak. Ill hopefully be too pilled up to sleep.
Being young and stupid is fantastic.
Blaggard [11:53 AM]

[ Monday, May 26, 2003 ]

Well its been a good old weekend. Friday night I did nothing. Everyone went round Charlies to watch Big Brother. Im not watching that crap for another year, how much time of my life I wasted watching that crap last year is unbeilevable. I stayed in and watched Face Off and drank a few cans of lager. Went to the bar briefly with Mig also, he really didnt want to watch it. We were sitting there shooting the breeze when some assclown put it on the bar tele. We decided not to stay for another pint.
Face Off == crap.

Saturday. Now here was a premium night out. It was John's birthday, although I dont know him that well he invited us all down for a birthday meal in Spoons. The plan also was to split up into lads and girls, meeting up in Yoko at whatever time we got there. Spoons was good even though it took us ages to get a table. Went with the traditional lamb burger. The place was absolutly rammed, infact the whole town was. I only managed to get one drink in there. We moved onto Bar E around 9ish were I started tearing through pints at a fantastic speed. Jason had 3 double G&T's and a nice shot of Sambucca. We moved onto the Acadamy where I started getting into the Red Aftershocks. Mark Lally and those lot were in there but we didnt stay long. As we went past Yoko a queue had already started forming. We went into Yoko. Got into the beer sat down and fizzeled into the ambiance. You see Yoko has to be my favourite club in town now. Yea it is kinda upper market and expensive. But it has my kind of atmosphere, its dark and dank and some of the architecture in there wouldent be out of place in a goth club. I talked to people. Talked to Gem gem who I havent spoken to in absolutly ages. Talked to Rach. Talked to spencer. Talked to Mig, till his girlfriend showed up. Jason left early in a drunken haze. Im told he threw up quite violently when he got home. I staggered round the club. Jessica got me up on the dance floor, although this time I just stood there in a drunken stupor. At that point I was just before the point of being drunk enough to dance. The night seemed to go really quickly. As we were leaving, just before two, crazy gem walked past and said hello. So I replied: "Heya Gem, had a good night?" She said no and ran off. I followed to see if she was ok, one of her other friends grabbed me and pushed me back. I was too drunk to be bothered by that point. I muttered something like "Fuck you bitch" at whoever that girl was and walked off. Just I was halfway out the door gem grabbed me and apologized. She then pulled and spent the night with whoever it was.
We hit the streets. I wasnt hungry and niethier were Jess and Rach, so I got a taxi back with them. I didnt want to go home when I got back here. That much I remember. At some point I have vague memories of being in the laundry room. Then I phoned Sam up till about 4am. Then nothing till 8:30am where I came round fully clothed half on the floor. Decided to go to bed and get some proper sleep.
Last night I went round Clares and watched some odd lesbian comedy. Went to the bar first. It was worth watching just for the softcore lesbian action. Having friends who are lesbian/bi is great fun. She and Payne split up.
I gotta do 102 revision all day today, exam tomorrow. Nothing for a week. So I will get cunted. Vivez sans temp mort.
Blaggard [12:32 PM]

[ Friday, May 23, 2003 ]

Last night was pretty good fun. For some reason everyone had started drinking about 6pm. Everyone turned up here half cut, it was a little werid. Me and Fish got tired of waiting for everyone so we ran into the PJM bar and necked a shot of whiskey and then ran back and joined them. We went to the Cambrain where Rhi's old history teacher was. Then to the Acadamy. Where we played another rousing game of I have never. It ended up as a repeat of the same questions that have all come out before. It was still good fun. Went to the Pier. I was blind shit faced by that point. Sat around Spencer got hammered. Jason got depressed. I got drunker. I even thought about chatting up the girl next to me. But just as I was going over to her she left. Got a kebab and came back. Went round to see Clare till 4:30 in the morning. She was having trouble sleeping and I didnt feel like going to sleep.
Done a whole load of not much today.

Blaggard [6:41 PM]

[ Wednesday, May 21, 2003 ]

The exam went ok I think. Fish found it really difficult, but then he never did any work for it as usual. The computers we were taking the tests on kept playing up inbetween questions which was greatly annoying. The Stonkin server kept crashing Im told causing a great deal of difficulty for many people. After the exam I went over the union and got a sandwich. Bumped into Charlie on the way. Had a brief chat then came back here, which is where Ive sat ever since. I watched the new Matrix film....yea lets not ask how or why I have it. It was a pretty good film, despite the abysmal quality of the copy I have. Worth, I think, going to see it when it is finaly released here in Aberystwyth.
Beileve it or not Ive started looking at plans for the summer. As much as I dont want to think about it the Summer will come upon me wether I like it or not and that means back to that vile shit pit that is Birmingham. There is only one thing I hate more in this world than Birmingham. I wanna go to Amsterdam sometime soon. See who I can muster for the trip. Itll be an expensive weekend. Ill easily tear through a few hundred on beer, weed and hookers. Well why lie? Its not like Id go there to admire the architecture or go to the Van Gogh museum. Hell no. Vile debauchery all the way.
Right as I havent done a scrap of work since yesterday, besdies the exam of course, I think Ill start work on the next one. Which commences next Tuesday morning. This one will be the hardest as it is a written paper. Gonna chill in the bar 2nite with a few tall glasses of cold lager. Well hopefully cold.

Blaggard [4:50 PM]

It had to be last night didnt it. Usually I dont really give a crap about people making noise all night. But the one time I actually have to be up early for an exam everyone in the house seems to find it nessacery to bring back all their drunk friends and play films loud till 3am. Gah. Im just tired and grouchy. Need stimulants. Mmmmm stimulants.

Blaggard [7:43 AM]

In an odd twist of things Im actually in a pretty good mood this late at night. Usually by midnight I get down and kinda bored. Just microwaved a Spring Roll. Trying to build my weight up a bit, even Im starting to worry about how thin Im getting.
Done a shite load of work and went over the bar for a bit. Going to Pier on Thursday and Yoko on Saturday. Tomorrow night Im going to kick back and relax with a few beers. Infact Ill probably do very little in the way of work tomorrow. Nothing till Tuesday. I fancy going to the Ship and Castle sometime soon as well. Might try and drag people there. I know not many can suffer it. Crazy Gemma likes it. Which Im surprised about. It has that atmosphere I like in a bar. Im going to be living right next to it next year as well. Sweet. Tuesday nights I can already see. A few in the Ship and Castle before going over to The Angel for RocSoc.
Speaking of next year I need to fill in a standing order form to take my rent payments. Gah. My ass is too sober lately. As bad as it sounds its almost been a week since Ive got drunk. Feel like Im back in college! Hehe.

Blaggard [12:07 AM]

[ Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ]

Aint it a bitch. Or at least I whine like one. Im bored and lonely. I make friends, they get girlfriends/boyfreinds I lose friends. I suppose its near the end of term now though so when I get back after the summer I can make a bunch of new ones. Not like Ill be pressed by these guys, at least not the way things are now. Out of the original group 4 are lost. Mig has got some girl in the pipeline. As much as the idea werids me out I think Gemma and Spencer will get togeather. So whats left? Me, Jason and Joesph. Joesph has made a load of new pals as never around anyway at the moment. So just me and Jason left.
I have to get to the first RocSoc meeting next term. Get to know people. Get involved in kicking CompSoc off. But not ditch Jason eithier. Ill probably have to do this again when I go into the final year. The cycle seems like a repetative one.
Fuck I need to revise and possible beat the crap of something. Anything. Gah.
Blaggard [10:41 AM]

[ Sunday, May 18, 2003 ]

It has been quite an interesting last few days. Thursday night we decided to go into town. Me, Palin, Charlie, Mig, Jason, Fish, Rhi and ........Jess. Its been ages since Ive been around Jess when Tom isnt there so havent really spoken to her. We went to Cambrian. Crazy Gemma was in there and decided to join up with us for the night. We went to Varisty. I trained shots. Talked to Jess. She asked me what was the matter. She said she knows me better than I think. The thing is there is nothing the matter that I can think of. Im not overly happy, but at the same time Im particulary sad. Palin bought some Woodbine cigarettes. Not a bad smoke in the slightest. Drank more beer. Moved onto the Pier. Drank somemore. Fish came over and asked me what the matter was. I said nothing, which was the truth. The night progessed. I talked to Crazy Gemma. Jess grabbed me and dragged me to the dance floor. I said a few bits to her. It made her smile, she kissed me on the cheek and said thank you. Because as odd as it was it felt like what I said was the right thing, it didnt need any rehearsing, the words just seem to flow out in the correct order.
We left. Just me and Jason were left, everyone else had gone off to well....fuck.
Jason asked, in his infinite drunkeness, if I was back with Jess. My mind cascaded. No I said, she has a boyfriend. Shes in love with him you know, she told me.
But it didnt matter, I was drunk. Extremely drunk. He got a kebab and then we got a taxi home. I came back here and chopped a big chunk out of my desk with a steak knife.

Friday I went to the PJM bar. Ended up sitting with Lally, Tom and James. Spence and Jason were there, later on Gemma and Helen joined us. Gemma has barely said a word to me in an aeon. Lally was pissed and told Helen "If I didnt live with you Id never bother talking to you, so why dont you just fuck off". Apparently she has been laying into him for the past few days. Jason drove to Nosh Da where he bought tons of junk food. Came back here and there were loads of people gathered in the hall way. We talked for hours about jibber jabber.
Yesterday went to Yoko's on the night but didnt drink much. Jason, Mig, Spence came. Jason got shit faced. Mig was a bit angry with Gemma and Tracy for going off at him during the last few days. Yoko was good, relaxing night. I just acted the male bastard and eyed up women all night. Ah well.

CS12420 tomorrow. I hate revision.
Blaggard [9:47 PM]

[ Thursday, May 15, 2003 ]

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day and I still managed to get a load of work done which Im highly surprised about. During the day we went down to sign the contract but phil evans wasnt there so we couldent. A few changes needed to made to it as well which the secratery couldent make with out that chaps permission. We going to go back down today to finish of the precedings. Then we arsed around in town trying to find a phone for Rhi.
Went to Safeway were I bought myself a case of Stella and some ice cream.

Evening came along with the BBQ. It was good I suppose. First few hours were relaxing, lying back on the beach with a beer in my hand staring out into the ocean. Jason got shit faced as per usual. I wasnt really down with the idea, I just wanted to relax. Unfortunatly some of Clares other friends had a bit of a dispute and one ran off crying. She holed her self up in the castle ruins im told. In the end it was Palin and Charlie, Clare and Payne, me and Ben sat there. Even though Ben was there I felt like an extra wheel. So I grabbed Ben and dragged him to the Bay. It was dead. But it didnt matter, at that point it seemed like the right thing to be doing.
Someone recognized me on the way back up the hill. Addressed me as "That really drunk guy from the ball". Ah its nice to have a reputation.
Blaggard [12:11 PM]

[ Wednesday, May 14, 2003 ]

Last night I went to CompSoc. Jason came along. I knew that would interesting. As soon as he started the babbling process I thought:

"Fuck, here it comes"

They all thought it was werid. Ended up going to Acadamy, Bar E and then the bay for IndieSoc. Burt was drunk. Looks like I will be helping him out at the Freshers fair next year. That could be kinda fun actually organizing booze ups and playing drinking games. Hehe, bunch of fresh meat get them to play I have Never. Hehe, what better way to get to know people. Mark, the guy in the 5th year, is leaving soon and he has asked me to go to his farewell bash. Thats pretty good of him as I dont really know him that well. Ill probably shoot along for a little why just to say goodbye to him. He will be off to Canada to live in September. So not like Ill ever see him again ethier. Shame really as he is a pretty sterling guy. Tonight went and sat in the PJM bar and drank coke. Well, one pint of Guinness and then some coke. Jason wasnt in a happy mood. He hasnt been for a while really. Love fucks us all over.
Im just trying to avoid falling for anyone now. It just causes so much trouble. Its certain that they dont like me. Yet I convince myself otherwise. They get upset and dont talk to me for ages. I get upset for upseting them. Gah. Why fucking bother. Crazy Gemma has only just started to speak to me again. Why do it? I could always counter it with the fact there was Jess. Part of me really wishes I knew what she saw in me as I have no clue. It was odd that someone cared. I just dont want to go around hurting people anymore and them having to deal with me. Its really not fair on them. Now watch me go and fall for someone.

Gah Im such an asshat.
Blaggard [12:23 AM]

[ Monday, May 12, 2003 ]

Saturday was a fantastic day/night/early morning. We went into town at about 1 and went to Lord Beechings. Had one their fantastic gammon steaks. Went over the Acadamy afterwards to get our tickets exchanged into wristbands to save time on the evening. Me and Mig decided to stay for a drink, which turned into two drinks. We talked about things, mainly beer and women. Ended up in Varsity for another drink. Finally got back here about 4ish, I lent him my shirt from the tux I hired as I wasnt going to need it. Painted my nails. That was alot more difficult then I anticipated. Managed to get the stuff all over my hands and desk. Had a shower, got ready. Went over to 123 about 6:30. We all took photos of each other.
Clambered on over to the fair for about 7:15. I went on one ride. One of those one thats a bar with seats on and it spins up and down. Made me feel sick. Smoked a hideous amount of smokes. Went on the dodgems. By about 8, when everyone had nearly been on all the rides we headed up to the union. After the first ride I really didnt feel like another one of the spinning things. Made me feel ill to watch some people on them. Got to the union and grabbed a beer. We sat outside for a bit, but it got too cold so we went into the Arts Centre. Most of the people in there were lining up to get into the Great Hall. We ended up not staying in there for long before we went over and into the union. For a while it was Charlie, Crazy Gem and me sitting in the downstairs bit. I bought a few people drinks. Cal came along. When the others got there we went up stairs into the Joint part of it. I drank like a monstrosity and we all had photos taken of us. Some of which Ive recived already thanks to the wonders of digital camera. There is a good one of me and Ally. First band, Kylee, which unsurprisingly was Kylie Minogue cover was so so. Things progressed. I drank more, ate a hot dog. Talked to Cal for ages.

Then things start to get heavy. The booze started seriously shifting gears on me. So the rest of the information is going to come out as I remember it.

Went downstairs to see a girl who had gone crashing all the way down the stairs and was just sat at the bottom in a state of drunken confusion.
One point I ended up outside with Helen, Rob and Vicky. We went to go on the laser quest thing, but it had gone. Helen collapsed on her ass and I had to help her up. Followed her around a bit, she was hideously shit faced by this point. I was getting there. Bumped into one of the PJM barmaids and said hello. Bought Charlie and drink, she kissed me on the cheek. People were dancing around but Im not really one for dancing anymore. For some reason after I came to Uni I just didnt want to dance anymore. Spoke to guy from my tutorial group, Andy. He introduced me to all his friends and girlfreind. She seemed a little dazed. He was a little drunk.
Crazy Gemma got upset. I tried to comfort her but how good a job I did I dont know. Ended up spending five minutes with her just hugging me.
Charlie ended up going with Palin. Shes liked him for ages. Gem gem went with some guy. I think it was that silly asshat Aidan. Of all the things in this world I regret not doing its sticking a bottle into his face when I had a fucking excellent chance to do it. Ah well. Geuss Ill have to wait till the next chance to do it.
Things progrssed. I ended up in Bar 9 for a bit with Helen. Chilli Pepper coverband was excellent. As was the Blues Brothers one.

Now for the interesting story of my trip home. I left around 3ish. Im told with Joesph and Cal but I could of swore it was Spencer. Then apparently I said I was off to see my freind in Rosser. But ended up wedge between some bins by Cawt Mawr. Then at about 3:30 I remember being at the Co-op, but as to why I really cant remember. Got back here later. I remember Palin and Joesph in the kitchen. Came up here and kicked the shit into my radiator. No real reason, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Went downstairs at least once more. Passed out around 4ish.
Hell let me tell you yesterdays hangover was a complete bitch. I spent alot of the day lying on the kitchen floor rolling around. But still managed to drag myself to the bar at which point everyone called me an idiot for decided to the best course of action was to have two pints of lager and a double JD n coke. But nevermind. It was a relaxing old time in the bar. Im told I was apparently babbling nonsense at the Ball. Altough of course I remember nothing of it. Like the time I was going on about electric snakes or burgers made out of crabs.
Anyway today we will see me doing some fucking work! I havent done anything this whole weekend so Ill need to do something. Going over to the accomadtion office shortly to sort out contracts. Jason is worried and paranoid. Then Ill go into town to take the suit back. Then back here for work work work. CompSoc 2nite. Its actually being organised with some degree of organisation this week.
Peace and love to you all.
Blaggard [9:09 AM]

[ Saturday, May 10, 2003 ]

Ah Saturday has arrived with the traditional morning belt of strong coffee, cigarettes and a few herbal E's. Herbal E's which I know for a fact dont work but hell, Im slowly eating them anyway. I mean you never know, maybe these ones will have some effect.
Yea so now at least Im tweaking on old faithful, too much fucking coffee. Going down town shortly to get into the drink. Mr Moore should be arriving mid afternoon. Ill be around sipping pints of lager and being a general abusive bastard to all people in my way. Its time for a good ole freakout. I just wont be happy unless this day entails heacy lashings of The Fear and at least one grim encounter with the local filth. I need to jump in the shower.

3am licence tonight. The way I see it thats a good 12 hours on the booze. Hell lets fucking go mad. Most of the day I can see is gonna be spent with people getting ready.

A big congratulations to Hunter S Thompson who has recently got married. I only just found out about it.
Blaggard [11:42 AM]

[ Friday, May 09, 2003 ]

Once again slow with the updation.

We have a house. Went and took a look at it on Tuesday, decided that we wanted it and agreeed to take it. There has been nothing but hassle with it since though. Jason started freaking out because he thinks its going to cost us an extra £60 a week in bills. Which is bollocks. He then took the smaller room saying her needs to save money money money. Then his parents, who originally moaned at him spending £55 a week rent then moaned at him for taking the smaller room and refused to sign the guarentee form. Thankfully now they have agreed to do it. So that should get sorted pretty soon I hope. The house its self is pretty nice. Ive got the upstairs front bedroom(double bed). Theres a kitchen and lounge. Garden, shed in the garden. The current people who live there lived in their own filth. Alot like I imagine we will be.
The others had problems with their house with Palins dad refusing to sign the contract. Which from their contract is understandable. Its the worse legal document Ive ever laid my eyes. One article stated "Tennants are not allowed to engage in immoral acts on the premises". Then nowhere defines what an immoral act is. Its fucked up and full of things like that. Its basicly a get out thing so they can throw them out for nothing if they want the property for something else. Least we have a quality contract.
Migs birthday was excellent. Got blind shit faced. Everyone dressed up as cowboys, accept me of course. Went to Cambrian, Varsity and Pier. Jess and Tom came along. I swear that guy hates me. I cant think of what Ive ever done to him, never even said hello to the man. Jess was off with me as well. Havent spoke to her in months so I couldent have done anything. Ah well who gives a fuck now. Ive spent too much time worrying about what people think about it, if shes pissed at me...fine. She can be pissed at me.
Pier was really good. Good vibe in there. Drank some beers. Jason told Rachel he loved her. I drank more beer. Jason went home. Rhi and Fish left early, to fuck I imagine. Mig was blind drunk. Clare and Payne left early. Charlie hugged me. Walked back, drunk. Me and Ally seem to get seperated from the others. We walked back at a slow space and talked about life. Well as much sense as it probably didnt make because we were drunk.
Wednesday mornings exam came with a blinding hangover. Got 61%, out doing all my other test results. Project is now complete. Gotta go register for next years modules now. Then do some washing. Then a pleasent tutorial at 4. Ball tomorrow. Hooray for irresponsible drinking.
Blaggard [12:13 PM]

[ Monday, May 05, 2003 ]

Gah. I just scoffed a whole bag of salsa Kettle Chips.
mmmmm tasty.
Blaggard [11:37 AM]

Well it looks like this whole housing business is sorted. Unforunatly it took me and Gemma getting into a little argument. She came up with a different solution but I was stupid and stubborn. Just said Id go and be done with it. So anyway the new plan is as thus: Gem, Tracy, Rach, Palin, Joesph and Ben take the 6 bedroom house. Me, Fish, Mig and Jason are getting a four bedroom house. Hopefully. A group of three girls are looking at it today as it happens. If they say havent found a fourth person the estate agent said they wouldent let them have it and give us the next chance on it. We will take it. Whatever its like we will take it. As it turns out this very house is next door to Spence. He seems quite excited by the prospect of living next door to us, I think he kinda dreads the next year with Chris and Andy. Chris is crazy. Andy eats ketamin all the time so is always off in the clouds exploring space and time.
Friday night we all sat around in 123's kitchen. Bout 1ish I left and came home. I didnt feel like drinking and Jason had worked himself into one of his drunken rages about the house. Him and Palin ended up in an argument, he smashed his wine glass of the side of the house. Yay. I got this to look forward to next year. Hehe, but I dont really mind it. Its not like Im a perfect example of sanity. I kinda went to town on my arm again this weekend. Its an unfortunate habit Ive developed this last term. Whenever I get overly stressed or worked up, especially over certain people. Its just easier to slice my arm up a little.
Something else occured to me this weekend. I think, after much inner searching, Ive come to the conclusion that I have a DeathWish of sorts. More crazy problems to deal with eh? Me and my DeathWish. Im sure we will get into plenty of wacky adventures.
Saturday night went to that new Yoko place. Classy. The town was rammed beyond normal capacity. Went to Acadamy first. The womens Rugby team was there they got drunk and were dancing on the tables. One fell of sending a glass flying which then went in someones eye. Yoko was tip top though. Really nice place. Carling was cold, tasted good and they kept the glasses in the freezer so they were nice and frosty. Leather couches in there. The toilets had those fellas who wash your hands as well. Very nice guys actually. Near the end of the night I came out of the cubicle with my hand on my stomach. There was no reason for this, it was just there. They thought Id been sick. Wanted to know if I was ok. If they could help. They even offered me a Rennie. I thanked them for their concern but I was really fine. But damn, thats what I call a good service.
Only downside to it was the cloakroom lost my coat and it took them ages to find it.
Had a kebab on the way home.
Last night I sat in PJM bar for a little while.
Migs birthday tomorrow. Exam wednesday morning. Arent I a sensible boy.
Blaggard [10:37 AM]

[ Friday, May 02, 2003 ]

We have found a house. 6 people. 7 of us. Someone has to fuck off. I get the feeling they are going to ask me to go. Jason and Fish are adament against going. Its just me and Mig. I never said anything through the whole meeting. Mig volunteered but he doesnt wanna go ethier. Niethier do I. But one of us has to go.

Ill just wait till they ask me 2 go. Its going to happen.

Nothing is static. Everything is falling apart.

Blaggard [7:56 PM]

[ Thursday, May 01, 2003 ]

Im slow with the postings lately. I know. Ive become lazy, all I seem to do is wake up listen to music and then go to the pub. Which was the same this evening.
Last night however was fantastic. Went to Reload. For a good while I thought it was just gonna be me and Rach going. I managed to convince Ally to come, Gemma and Jason decided to come as theyd finished their projects early. Spent practically the enitre evening talking to Ally. That was a kind of odd one. I dont think we had ever got on so well as we did last night. She told me stuff that you wouldent really tell anyone, I told her the same. Walked her home, she held my arm. Kissed me on the cheek. She is cool.
Hungover like fuck this morning. No sympathy for the devil though. Buy the ticket, take the ride.
They were giving away free Brecon Vodka. Was bloody good stuff I have to say. Never thought a Welsh distiller would be capable of producing such a spirit. Went to the Union and had lunch today. Was just going with Palin but bumped into Gem, Clare and Jason on the way. They came with us. Jason got upset last night. Its only a matter of time now with him until he decides to have fun with the footbridge at 5am. I think out of all of us Im probably the only one that can even begin to grasp the madness flowing through that boy.

Theres something up with Crazy Gemma to. I dont think Ill ever find out, gemgem and rach are looking out for her though. Thatll have to be enough. Things havent been the same since what happened.
Blaggard [11:49 PM]