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[ Monday, June 30, 2003 ]

The Crone is trying to set me up with one of her friends goth daughter. Hey well who am I to argue.
Blaggard [12:47 PM]

[ Sunday, June 29, 2003 ]

Friday night. Ah what a night it was. Drink, loud music and plenty of fine women. Went to Spoons around 7:30, Rob was already there with Jenna and a pile of pint glasses around him. Fuckup had also just arrived. We tore into the booze fast and heavy. Melanie Hicks turned up, there was a face I hadent seen since high school. Not that it overly bothered me, we never got on that well then and well now, from what I saw on Friday night, she has become a lady of easy virtue.
We waited in Spoons till almost 11, for Clowe to get there from work. All the people Jones has been pissing off recently were there and were baying for blood. For once he actually managed to calm them down, but that was mainly due to Rob been present. None of them had the strength to take him on. It turns out I vaguely know the agressors on Jones, some people slightly younger than us.
We took the bus up to Brum and went to bar Risa. It was rammed. I was pretty drunk by the time we got in there. We hit the dance floor. I danced like a crazy, for the first time in a long time. I went and met up with Helen and Laura. Helen was leading me around by the hand. Fuckup thought something was going on so I played up to this to wind him up. He bit.
Went back and joined the others. Went to the bar, chatted to some girl, bought her a drink. We kissed a little. Went back and tried to dance with some middle aged woman. Left in a drunken stupor when the club shut. Me and Clowe ended up getting seperated from the others and somewhere in Centinary Sqaure. Got the last bus out of Birmingham. I staggered in at around 4am, the sun was up. I collapsed.

Saturday night was less eventful. I went for a balti with Snead, Bill(who returned friday) and Ears. We went to the Vakas, its literally been well over a year since I went there for a balti. Still after all this time they do the best Chicken Tikka Masala in the area. If I have a balti of late it has always ended up in the Ammena, as its the only place really worth considering when eating an Indian meal in Halesowen. That and they dont care if your shit faced.
Today I sat back, listened to music, played vice city and read my book. Ive finished Dracula now, an excellent read to say the least, truely a work that deserved to stand the test of time. Started on another Kathrine Kerr book now, The Fire Dragon. I intend to finish off the series after Ive stuck with it for so many years, I have 8 books of hers now. Tomorrow I am going to do some work on java data structures. Its something I cant afford to forget or fuckup. So at least an hour or so of tomorrow will be dedicated to such studies.
On the night something is happening, Im not sure what however. It could be one of three things.

1. Spoons, back in the Monday night tradition of last summer, cheap beers.....
2. Go out for half of one of Clowes work mates birthday. Involves starting at the Harvester then going to Stourbridge to a few bars.
3. Go out for all of Clowes work mates birthday, as 2 but with another blast of Broad Street and at an 80's bar at that.

I think I would prefer to do no 1. Mainly because I hear Sarah Brent is going. Now there is a name I cant remember if Ive thrown around here before. Id just like to avoid seeing her, forever if possible. We used to be good friends but there was some........unpleasentness. Best leave it at that. Well Ill see what happens tomorrow. It is after all a fresh day!
Now I think I may start on those data structures now. Im in the mood for work.

Blaggard [1:23 PM]

[ Friday, June 27, 2003 ]

The best thing about being in this house and beileve me there isnt many good things about being here. Is the ability to be able to eat food whenever Im hungry instead of when its available. I never releasied before uni what it is to feel truely hungry and I dont mean to miss a meal Im talking going a day or so without anyfood.
Blaggard [4:41 PM]

This is probably going to end up as one of those half werid posts that go nowhere and dont really say much.

I just have an urge to write things. Ive been going through my two short stories that have been little projects of mine for the past two years. After much deliberation Ive decided they are truely crap. More like journal entries than anything resembling a good story. Although such an approach worked for Dracula its definatly not what I want for this thing. I suppose in a way Im trying to emulate the style of my hero Hunter S Thompson. But fromt the 40 odd pages I have of these notes there is definatly something to start out with. Some guidelines for start points, some good plot points/events that actually did happen to my debuached self. I fully intend to come up with a some other fictional elements of other mad stuff that Ive been toying around with as well.
On top of that Ive also been throwing around an idea for another writing project. A more philosophical and indeed horrific novel which wouldent be based around any particular events that have occured to me but more my own thoughts about things. If there is one thing that has made alot of books Ive read fantastic is when I learn something important from them.
A good story is always an excellent way to convey an idea.

In other more boring news Ive been looking into what I need to know in programming to ever even get a shot at the games industry. Data structures has come up alot so Ive dug out the text books and looking into assimilating lots of things about data structures. I need to look into work placement things for next year. Im having real difficultly finding any work in this town at the moment, the one time I actually really want to earn some of the Queens currancy all the forces seem to be against me. Loads of places want part time workers, but no part time workers who can only work for the summer. They all ethier ignore my applications or tell me to piss off, in the nicest way possible of course. Ah but I do understand where they are coming from, they would just have to train some other clown early September time. Would only be about two months of me working for them. Which in the grand scheme of things, really isnt that long. Maybe this summer isnt going to be the endless thing I imagined it would be. If I didnt get part time work I will definatly carry on with my projects. Ive already been delving into the wonderful world of Java, been writing an mp3 player. Without having any advisors around it is alot more difficult to get things done. The GUI was easy. But I have the design skills of a rabbit so it isnt exactly a looker. Ah well that isnt whats important. The functionality of the beast is what matters. Thats another good thing they look for, extensive past works. A good portfolio if you will.

Damn. Another thing that has been playing on my mind. That fucking assclown Aidian. I keep thinking about beating into the floor. This best all be out of my system by September or Im going to do something crazy. As my friend Kingdingaling keeps saying: "Increase da peace"

Goodnight one and all.
Blaggard [1:10 AM]

[ Thursday, June 26, 2003 ]

Thank fuck for that, it was in Banners car.

Tuesday was an oddly sureal night. Started off good with Mudie and Snead in the Hogshead. We had a couple of beers and moved onto the Toad. Which was going cheap. Then over to the Tablot Hotel, where they asked for idea. Strangely Jess, the old RockCafe barmaid, was in there so we didnt even have to produce ID in the end. Then we moved on over to The Bell. It seemed that Mitre has closed down again, it only reopened at Xmas time. We did Aftershocks in The Bell, I thought Mudie was gonna puke all over the place when he did it.
Finally about 10:30 we went over to The Meeting Place. I was shocked by who was working behind the bar. At Uni there was this guy who was the spitting image of Mr T, and there he was pulling pints in some grebo hole in Stourbridge. I even asked him if he was the sameguy and he laughed was amazed that someone recognised him. Matt J was also in there, hadent seen him in ages. A year at least. He filled me in on the all things happening with those guys. Ian has become a coke head. This doesnt surprise me that much. Matt is still the same as ever, he had a girlfreind for a while, Laura Smith who went to our high school. Almost got home when Richard Banner drives past and asks me If I want to go for a ride. Why not? I thought . So he goes tearing off all around the countryside. He tells me about all that he has been up 2, going to New Zealand and all that. Then he suddenly has an urge to gamble. So he gets on the motorway and shoots down to Frankly Services. I won £6.
Blaggard [11:38 AM]

[ Wednesday, June 25, 2003 ]

How could I lose my fucking zippo. Of all the things in this world that zippo was fucking important to me because of who bought it. For fucks sake, how could I be so stupid?

I hope its in Banners car. AHHHHHH
Blaggard [11:27 AM]

[ Monday, June 23, 2003 ]

Right then. It has once again been a while since Ive updated. No real reason other than my shear and undiluted laziness. Friday night I went down spoons with Clowe and a got a bit drunk. Robatease and Wokka turned up and we chatted and made plans for this Friday. Rob is finally going off to join the Marines, he is one of eight people who passed the induction course from a class of 56. Friday is thus is leaving bash. One long hard bender up Broad Street, Im getting ready to be prepared for anything on that one I tell you. I threw up twice on the way home. Thats why you should never run half a mile after 7 pints of the ole love lager.
Saturday night I went back down to Spoons to meet up with MJ and Hob. Ended up in Harbourne at the Court Oak. Bought some woman and her friends drinks. The barmaid thought I was a drunken idiot. I didnt argue.
Went to the chinese and back round MJ's. Ended up roaming round the Hagley Road at 1am. It was so quiet it was really spooky. When the bus finally turned up Helen and Laura happened to be on there, which is odd because I thought they were in the Picturehouse. There was some guy on there singing off every filthy drinking song he could remember.
Went down the job centre today and have phoned them up regarding a job in a dry cleaning/photo place. The fella said the application form will arrive on my doorstep tomorrow, the rest then is down to me. Its 16 hours a week, £4.30 pay. Only problem Im going to have is the fact Im away for two weekends, one of which is in two weeks and then one in August. Then the unfortunate nature of my returning to Uni around September 15th. That I think will hamper my chances. But I dont see how hard this job could be really, probably find out thats in the Gate of all places now. Thatd be fucking scary. Anyway Im gonna kick back and spend the rest of my day reading and fuckin about on the ole Playstation.
Blaggard [2:32 PM]

[ Thursday, June 19, 2003 ]

Ive been back in this degenerate filth pit for less than two weeks now and there have already been two heavy beatings. Firstly the guy down the road, LD, got completly beat to shit outside the Crispy Fry chippy one lunchtime. Its beileved to be a case of mistaken identity, LD aint the sort of guy that accumlates enemies. He was in a bad way Im told, I havent seen the wounds yet myself.
The next victim was Fuckup. He has been beaten to a pulp. He phoned me on Sunday night jabbering like crazy, I couldent get much sense out of him. I could tell he gotten himself into trouble with some people in spoons, that much I figured out. Then he descended into some sort of mindless drivel, ranting on about rocks and BBQ skewers of all things. Although he wasnt drunk I didnt really think much of it, cause...well Fuckup aint exactly a normal guy. I was out last night at the hut and Ian had been talking to his dad. Apparently these guys collared him last night and beat him to a pulp. A bloody pulp at that. He had thrown a rock at these guys car, then one of these guys tried to take him. Fuckup could easily savage one or two guys at once. Unfortunatly when the hit came it was five of them.
Ill have to drag him down Spoons or to the Crown and get the full story, all the facts.

I might try and get a few chaps out tonight. Gotta rally a group togeather for Saturday night.
Blaggard [12:30 AM]

I cant help but feel a little old when Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit comes up on VH1.
Blaggard [12:14 AM]

[ Wednesday, June 18, 2003 ]

Hey get this. Ive been offered a job with a high flying building firm, as what I gather the MD's assistant. Talk about starting at the top. Think it will be two days a week that I can choose. So idealy Ill work Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But as long as it is a weekday I can work it. w3rd.
Blaggard [10:00 AM]

[ Tuesday, June 17, 2003 ]

Once again its been a while since Ive updated. Saturday night I arranged to meet Clowe in Spoons, but he went drinking with his dad all day and thus passed out. In the end I went down with Sam and her friends, we played games. I cant remember what it was called but it was a new game that I hadent played before. Been a while since Ive sat in a pub and played card games.
As we were leaving there was a girl in agony in the bus station. Drug related I get the feeling. She refused help and her friend was very against the idea of any help being called.
Sunday I managed to get down the Crown with Clowe on the night, it was relaxing. We just sat there and sank a few beers and talked a load of crap.

Monday I went up to Merry Hill and spent a load of money I probably shouldent have done. I went through my accounts and discovered there was an aditional £65 in there than should of been. Got Silent Hill 3, Gothic 2 and a couple of books. One of which was Dracula, its alot better than what I thought it would have been. Thankfully the heat has finally died down a bit today. Ive had some cold sores come up, I think I must have caught those Jess. Ah well.

Blaggard [9:28 PM]

[ Saturday, June 14, 2003 ]

MJ and Hob are getting married. I feel old.
Blaggard [6:26 PM]

Well Thursday was a pretty good night, slightly eventful. Hey but what did I care Im just trying to get back on the level with this filthy town. I met up with Ref and Fish at 8pm in Spoons, we sat and drank lager and caught up with Ref. He is so bored at the moment it is unbeilevable. He went and blew £2200 on a watch, simply because he had nothing better to do with the cash. Madman. There were still some of the old faces in Spoons. Bearded werideys m8's were in there. Old Abbott no one has seen in a long time, he probably finally got that big win on the horses and moved on. I think he made most of his money of those horses, he was a shrewd mover down at those tracks.
We left and went and got the bus into Stourbridge, as we were running late we went straight to The Swan to meet up with Helen and Laura, they were late. We lent against a wheelie bin out the back and chatted away. Craig, an old guy from high school, recognised me and Ref. He came over with his m8's who were exceedingly shit faced but altogeather Good people. They were friendly guys. Slapped hands with them. Helen and Laura got there, Laura has got really bad hayfever. We caught up. Went over to the Picturehouse just before 11, there was massive queue. We had to wait outside for ages. Finally got in and they did their customery full body search. He tried to take my chain of my wallet but gave up after a minute and told me to behave in the club. He had nothing to fear from me, all I wanted was to go inside, talk to friends and have a belly full of beer.
We went straight upstairs to get discounted beer of Mudie who is now a member of the staff. Regular prices were only £1.50 a pint as it was, student night. I couldent keep a straight face in there all night, we were some of the oldest people in there. It felt like I was back in the RockCafe again I tell you. We moved downstairs into the main arena sometime after 12. Fish fucked off home, Rhi kept txting him. He was getting pissed off so I told him to turn his phone off and say the battery and ran out. Instead he went home early. Talk about pussy whipped. Even Ref, who is known for this kind of thing, thought it was fucking stupid. We laughed. I went on the dance floor but didnt dance. Helen started going with some random guy she found on the dance floor. There was a couple who were virtually fucking on the dance floor, Ref kept telling me to stop watching. I was drunk enough not to care.
We left just before 2 and went to Rominos and then caught a taxi back.
No hangover to speak off.

Last night I went up the Foxhunt with my dad, he was bored and he was buying. He walked out the door to the beer garden and tripped over the step. He felt sutiable idiotic.

Off to Walsall today for free food. I got a hankering for fish or gammon, cant quite decide yet.
Blaggard [10:40 AM]

[ Thursday, June 12, 2003 ]

Well Ive heard nothing back from Multivision, I dont think Ill get the job anyway. It turns out Fish applied for the same job as well, we both had no idea. He hasnt heard anything eithier. I dont know If I will bother applying for anything else.
Maybe look what temping work is available. I know the Crown needs staff, but could I stand to work for the man who has thrown me out of there so many times when I was 17? I dont know, probably, but could he stomach the idea of ever emplying a drunken fool like me?
Tonight is the first night out since Ive got back. 6 days, without a beer or cigarette. I feel alot better for it, I needed that little break. I know the summer is not going to be as intense, not like Uni. For a while Im happy with that. Im enjoying sitting in the conservatory whiling the sunny afternoons away with the cat asleep next to me sipping on a tall class of coke and ice. Its nice and relaxing, at least when The Crone isnt about. Although even I have to admit she has been better since I got back. Not as controlling or interfering. Its going to take a lot more than that for me to forgive her though, a fuck load more than that.
Anyway. Me, Ref, Helen and Lau are going to the Picturehouse. Fuck one of the last times I went there it ended in heavy lashings of violence in the streets. Mudie works there now. Least Ill get served on the quick tip. Ah Ref tells me Fish is coming now. He was skint when I spoke to him!
Ah well. Jen, one of Cals friends who does loads of E and weed, will probably be there as well. Shes blonde and hot. Ah to be young.
Blaggard [3:59 PM]

[ Tuesday, June 10, 2003 ]

Somewhere actually gave me an application form, Multivision computers, Ive been buying shit of them for years. Ill finish filling it in this morning and then take it down this afternoon. Yesterday was the first time Ive been into Halesowen since I got back here, I wish I hadent. It was full of the same crackheads and fuckwits it was full of last year. Different faces but the same kind of person. Still tons of asshats in novas. Ive already slipped back into Birmingham mentality. Fuck everyone cause everyone will try to fuck me over. The thing about this place is it had so many people here but has no soul. Surely one of the circles of hell must be this place.
No one is back yet as far as I know besides Fish. He went to see our house yesterday, the previous occupants had completly trashed it. Philip Evans beileve it or not has done the right thing, he is getting it completly redecorated and giving us a weeks free rent on the property. Thats £55 extra for me. Im pretty dubious as to just how trashed it is but then Id live in any kind of filth, nothing gets to me.
I ordered a nice hub a new processor yesterday. My Linux box is fucked unfortunatly.
Blaggard [10:04 AM]

[ Monday, June 09, 2003 ]

Im actually going to look for a job. Good god man.
Blaggard [10:25 AM]

[ Sunday, June 08, 2003 ]

Its over.

Friday night I was in absolute agony. We got to the bar about 9ish and I tried to drink a beer, it made me feel really really ill. So I tried a vodka and red bull, same effect. Had another bottle of beer, I was dertermined to try for the one last hit. We went over to the union, things were going better and it was working on me much sweeter, it still hurt though. Palin was drunk. Hed gone straight from his exam to the bar and had 7pints. Then we went out drinking. Jason came back for the day and he sat around drinking strong ale and gin all the time he was there. It was actually a really nice last night in the union despite the fact I was sober. Clare came along and I spent alot of the time with her. Im really missing her now. Spencer was on a high and was drinking like a loon, so was Rach. They were like I was on Wednesday. Full of joy that their exams had finished. The atmosphere was good. We all sang our Death Songs. Everyone knew it was the end, but this was the only way to go out. Beer in one hand, ciggie in the other. Even Spencer was smoking away. I laughed and smiled because I was alive. I didnt really drink much, I couldent. But I suppose thats good because I remember the night well. The downstairs toilets were covered in vomit. Two of the sinks were literally over flowing with it. Sheryl, the barmaid in PJM, grabbed me and hugged me. She told me, well commanded me really, to go back and see her next year. I will do I have no doubt.
We left just before 2. Everyone was obliterated. We came back and for some reason ended up in the laundry room. Spencer climbed into a washing machine, just as a warden walked in. He went insane. It took every ounce of strength not to laugh like a wildman. When we got at sound me and Spencer were both laughing like crazy. On the way back Spencer shouted into his house that it was drug raid to scare the shit out of them. He was very convincing. We went to try and get Jason out of bed, he collapsed from too much gin.
Everyone came back to ours. I cooked them all some chips. We talked and talked about everything. There wasnt enough time. We sat in Palins room. 4:30 came. We all hugged. People left. I went upstairs and just lay in bed looking at my room. That room holds so many fantastic memories for me, hell I lost my virginity in that bed. I slept for two hours. In the morning I lazed around the house, Spencers dad came and painted the walls for us where plaster had come off. Palin was the first to go. Then Khang and Joesph headed off. Joesph was on the verge of tears. I sat around with Rhi. I went and sat with Clare for a bit. Charlie said goodbye and hugged me, she told me I could stay with her with a few days in The Crone got too much. I thanked her. Rhi left about 12:30. I took photos of my room and the house. I walked around it and left The Crone waiting in the car. I went and said goodbye to Clare. I bumped into Charlie once more. I got in the car. Sped off. I felt like punching The Crone for daring to be glad about this.
Ive lived with those people and got to know them more than Ive ever known anyone or cared about anyone. All of them are more than friends. They are like family to me. Id throw everything I have away for anyone of them. I drove like a madman round the country lanes. Crone kept telling me to slow down. I just laughed and sped up. This was no time to live safely.
Its all over. It was the best time of my life.
Blaggard [8:47 PM]

[ Friday, June 06, 2003 ]

Well once again I was monstrous drunk last night. I felt ill all day and threw up twice in the afternoon. I hit the sauce about 8ish and didnt look back. The day was spent cleaning the house pretty much, I went over the chip shop to eat, ill do the same 2nite probably. I got my glad rags on and went over to 123. Gemma had been drinking vodka heavily since 6pm she was almost on the floor. Ben was feeling grim. I had a can of lager and it perked me right up. We went to Rummers and chilled in the beer garden. Gemma was almost on the floor. For some reason we were talking about gemma is going to have to listen to Bens sexual antics next year. She almost fell out of her chair. Charlie was getting harasment from Tom. She was drunk. Payne turned up literally carrying some girl. The town was crazy. These last few days are the final explosion, the last hit. I had some hideous and twisted grin on my face all night. We went to the Ship and Castle. Gemma in her infinite drunkeness saw a dog on the way and ran of screaming. She said it was chasing her. It was a jack russel, it was walking past.
We got into the ship and castle. I drank some ale. Andy turned up, the first thing he said to me was: "Ive just drunk two and half bottles of wine" I laughed. Tracy was drunk. Two middle aged guys tried to convince me to steal a keg of cider that was sitting on the bar, they said we would all split it outside. I declined their offer.
I chatted to the barmaid, she was hot. We barreled out of there towards the pier. For a while it was just me and Ben in there. I got beers and shots. Downed. Got more. John turned up from somewhere. He was drunk, hed been to a house party. I ended up dancing with Gemma at some point. Vicky Robinson was in there, I talked to her for a bit. She had been throwing up as well.
Once again some guy started chatting me up. Why the fuck cant women come after me instead of drunk gay guys ?
He then moved onto Andy, who was highly drunk and highly confused. I ran amok. Charlie covered my face in chocolate. We left and then my memory is completly fucked. All the way back Im told I was talking about how everyone goes home early to have sex. Charlie has been ripping the piss blind all day. Then when we got back here and I ate toilet paper. I vaguely remember this. The last thing I remember is Palin repeating: "your pissed, your pissed". I woke up fully clothed, at least I managed to get onto my bed this time. We had our inspection, we passed.
The majority of my shit is all boxes now and ready to go. I am really gonna miss 119 Pentre Jane Morgan. I have no regrets Ive lived like a King this year. Ive had it all. The full experience. Tonight is the union. Drink the bar dry. Time for one final hit of the Aber student life for this year. The last burn. I hope it gives me everything its got.
Blaggard [4:40 PM]

[ Thursday, June 05, 2003 ]

Woooooo. Exams finished, fuck did I finish in style. The exam its self was a complete bastard but I went down and out in one amazing drunken spectacle that isnt going to be forgotten in a few days. I went into town straight from the exam to sort out all unfinished financial matters etc. I sat on la Scala for a bit and ate a sandwich. I paid off that evil bastard Evans. Shot a cheque off to Ian Rogers for the Sun Run. Booked an apointment with the hair cutting chap and then went back down there at 3 to get it done. Then I met Fish in Scholars. Scholars turned into Varsity, Spoons and then Cawt Mawr bar. Back to here where hit the lagers, we were drunk by this point, Fish was out of his tiny little brain. We met up with everyone in PJM bar. I did neat vodkas with Helen. We ran wild. We got to the union just before 10. It was empty. Me and Palin grabbed a beer and sat down. Everyone filed in. I carried on drinking and chatting. Cal asked me to hold her bag cause I never dance. I pretended to be offened. Clare and John turned up. I told Clare not to chat Crazy Gem up. Bad idea really, its not my place to tell people what to do and I dont really know why I did. It seemed extremly important that she didnt at the time. I ran round like an idiot moving inbetween Bar 9 and the Joint. I vaguely remember bumping into someone I knew in the toilet, slapped hands with them although I got no idea who it was. That little bitch Aidan was there, I blew kisses at him. Just to shine him on a little....Ill get my shot at that assclown. Fish thought I was gonna beat the crap out of him. I wasnt. I was just trying to wind him up.
Sean. A guy who I went to Aberdyfi with turned up. I chatted with him and threw a few smokes his way. I was shit faced. I kept on boozing. Ben turned up with some girl on his arm. He introduced me. Becci. She was a really nice girl, you know how sometimes when meet someone you immeadiatly get a feeling about them. I knew instantly she was a good person. Some guy started chatting to me. Ben told me he knew him and he was actually coming onto me. I found it hilarious. I jumped around and drank a storm. We left, fuck knows what time. On the way back I saw a girl sitting on some steps so I went over and spoke to her. I ended up sitting there for an hour. She was a really nice girl. Her name was Vicky Robinson. Vicky Robinson is graduating this year, she learnt German although she hates it. She lived in Germany, she said it was good fun and glad she did it. Although if given the choice again she wouldent have done. Although she said itll get her a better job. I walked her back. Her ex boyfreind was a bastard to her. I sat in her kitchen and drank tea, I met her housemate, she was called Anna. I talked to Vicky till 4am. I told her I was a goth wannabe. She laughed. I realised what the time was and left. She sent me a text to make sure I got home ok. I sent one back, probably saying something stupid. I spoke to Palin. Then to Clare and John on MSN, no idea what about and Id drather not know, so those chat logs are staying unopened.
Well Im off for a shower and then to pack up my stuff and scrub this house, its filthy and there is an inspection tomorrow.
Vicky Robinson is off to Gran Caneria next week to celebrate graduation. She is going to miss Aberystwyth. I learnt something.
Blaggard [12:43 PM]

[ Monday, June 02, 2003 ]

Saturday night was excellent in all the ways it should of been. I met up with Clare at about 6:45, we were drinking away in the Varsity by 7:15. Payne, Andy and someguy who Clare used to live with last year came along shortly after. Clare trained 5 shots and a few Reefs. We moved onto Harleys, first time Id been in there, wasnt a bad bar even it was a little of the pricy side. All the others all met up with us in there. I drank more. We moved over to Cambrian. I spent most of the time talking to Helen in there. Clare decided she didnt want to go to Yoko anymore so we went over to The Glen. I blasted more drinks. Clare trained more shots. There were 3 fights. For some reason which I cant really remember me and Charlie were goofing around and she threw me off the wall. She collapsed in a heap and left early. In the end nearly everyone left early. I think Clare was kinda disapointed. Fish never even bothered showing up. He said Rhi was ill, which Im dubious about. They just wanted to fuck. Which is fair enough but why make up bullshit?
Those of us who were left ended up back here, clare, me, john and joesph. Then we went down to John's to pick up Clare guitar and then went back to hers. Riggers bbq was going crazily strong, it was about 4am by that point. Me and Joesph left about 4:30, we walked outside and fuck...the sun was coming up. I never expected that, I kinda staggered home and collapsed about 5ish. I was only slightly hungover in the end yesterday.
Went round Clares on the night and watched a film. Ive hurt my right hand as well somehow which is making typing painful.
Hopefully the bar 2nite. Im going crazy with this A.I. I stare at it for hours but do fuck all, Ive come to loath the accursed thing. Well as soon as it is out of the way I can get on with the partying.

Blaggard [5:47 PM]