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[ Thursday, July 31, 2003 ]

I get linked!

My comments about the death of Dr Kelly get me linked. Far as I know this a first.
Blaggard [3:07 PM]

Friday was a cracking night. Went up to Broad Street, starting at 5pm in the Harvester and then working our way down to Spoons, where we met up with Patterson, Sam and MJ. Drank a few, got on the bus and went up to Broad Street. We all went to the Sports Cafe, got cheap drinks and a pile of VIP tickets which get me free entry and free drinks in the future. That is always good.
We spent ages in here. I started making faces and this girl who looked in a foul mood, it pissed her off no end.

I was downstairs coming out the toilet and this girl stopped me. "Hey its my birthday would you like to give me an orgasm?" so I replied "Sure why not" Then pressed the badge on her top which made the sound of a female climaxing. Hilarious. Things got confused, I thought everyone had moved onto to Risa, but they hadent. I ended up outside by myself for ages. Starting to some old guy. He was telling to me to as many women as I could. I liked his style, he was a decent guy. Old I got the feeling, only in the phsyical sense.
I manged to find some people and headed off to Risa. I was screwed when we walked through the door of this place. Danced with Sams friend. Drank vodka. Alot of vodka. Felt a bit sick and almost hurled in the toilets. Helen and Laura were there, bought them drinks. Laughed at everything insight. Jumped around laughing like a madman.
Everyone left early. Just ended as me, Snead and Ref. Snead starting going with Helen. I decided to head off about 1:30. Started ambling down Broad Street, I was in no hurry. Talked to this homeless guy for a good 15 minutes, gave him a few quid and wished him my best. Decided to grab a burger. Bumped into the bouncer from Spoons, we both said "What the fuck are doing here?"


Got a big ole burger and went to get on the bus. Ref, Snead, Helen and Laura were all there. Got back to Halesowen. I had to hide from a copper at somepoint before I got home. But theres no need to go into my public nudity here.

Yes it was a good night.

Tuesday I met up with Clare for a bit in the afternoon. Ive missed her. I bought her a meal and the like on Broad Street. It was really good to see her again. She went to the Gay Pride thing last weekend and vomited on some guys head, literally. Hehe. Played football with the Venture lot last night, was good. We cooked up a BBQ.

Tommorrow Reesy goes on the road. To Nottingham to be precise. Stay at Sneads house. Nowt but Cigarettes and Alcohol as far as the eye can see, till Sunday.

Word to the Wiseguy.
Blaggard [2:38 PM]

[ Saturday, July 26, 2003 ]

The boy that you love in the man that you fear.

I think Ive started to get what this song is on about. Ive been listening to the album for a good week or so. Its pretty good. Im having a simaler experience that I had with the masterwork of grunge Soundgarden - Superunknown. Taken me a while to get it.

Blaggard [11:04 PM]

[ Thursday, July 24, 2003 ]

I won the EBay bid and have already shot the cheque off in the mail. I will soon be the proud owner of a Silent Hill 3 promotion poster. w00t.
Blaggard [6:56 PM]

[ Wednesday, July 23, 2003 ]

This evening I caught a picture show at a local(well a good 20minute drive through the countryside to some uppercrust business park in Rubery) cinematorium. We decided to watch Charlies Angels: Full Throttle........

Its not going to win any oscars.

But its hard to get too hard on the film, which I guess was meant to be stupid and full of odd innuendos, when there was a good deal of good ass in it. Yeah ok I doubt Id ever watch it again but it wasnt the worst film Ive ever seen. That delightful title goes to the one and only Pearl Harbour. Now thats some shite.

So for the rest of the week nothing much is planned. For the last two days solid all Ive done is sit at this desk and program. My keys have been clacking away like crazy, learning new tricks, absorbing vast amounts of knowledge from textbooks and websites. Figured out a load of stuff that was bugging about GUI's during semester 2. Quite pleased with myself actually, been firing on alll six with this stuff.
Tomorrow I gotta go get and post a birthday card for Gemma P, should get there by Saturday if I post it off tomorrow. Then I will tensely await the conclusion of my EBay bid. Im trying to get one of the promotional Silent Hill 3 posters, it will go well with the gothic sorta theme I got planned for my room next year. Also gotta book 3 tickets to see [Spunge] at the cafe next Wednesday. Be interested to see how the RockCafe takes ticket bookings but their website said they can handle them.
Friday. Now Friday should be something interesting. Clowes friends are coming down from uni so we are going to Broad Street, Im becoming quite the regular around that part of Brum. Shame I never seem to get much further into it. They are getting here in the afternoon. I asked what time we were meeting.

"Might as well start as soon as they get here, aint got nothing better to do" Should be fun. Bill said he aint done any afternoon drinking in too long. Clowe was on about a BBQ for a while as well. Weather is shite though.
Blaggard [11:47 PM]

[ Monday, July 21, 2003 ]

Ive been meaning to update this thing properly all weekend but Ive been on a heavy programming binge yesterday and didnt even notice the day fly by. I been learning a few new techniques that will come in handy.

Anyways, Friday night up town was pretty good. We met in Spoons pretty early, bumped into Sam and two of her friends so I sat with them. Ref was already there. We drank a bit. Sam after her terrible encounter with Celluitus while in magaluf was pumped up to the eye balls with various anti-biotics. She had a few glasses of cocktail which sent her a little woozy. As far as I know no one else noticed, I only gathered how drunk she was when she kissed me on the cheek. She never does that when she is sober.
I discovered Wild Turkey. This stuff is the best. 50%, tasted like fucking fire even with coke in it, only just started selling it in this country. Used to only be able to get the stuff in the USA. Wokka, Ryan and Katy turned up. Wokka and Ryan got themselves drunk quickly. We ended up heading out at about 10 and got to Broad Street and were in Risa by about 11. Some guy was handing out half price entry leaflets. Which was pretty good, I was as usual ID'd at the door. They only bothered doing me, typical. Went straight upstairs and into the main dance room. I spent most of the night sitting at a table in the back, chatting to some girl who was out on someones 21st birthday. Robatease turned up about midnight and showed me some stuff he had learnt in the marines. I was lying unable to move against the table.
A pretty rampant bar brawl kicked of just after 1. Two guys really going at each other and making alot of mess. The place was pretty empty however for a Friday night I had to say. Never had to wait at the bar for more than a few seconds. I watched the bouncer throw someguy who was in a comatose state out. We left at 2 when the club shut. Went and got a burger then went home.

Did nothing on the weekend.

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. We went to a swanky local pub. A meal for the 3 of us cost £61. My dad got drunk. When we got home he started hammering at the wall.
Last night we went up Stourbridge for a bit of a mini crawl. Half of the bars were shut for some reason. Started in the Hogshead. I was the first one there and listened to two guys jabbering on about sexual conquests. It bored the shit out of me. One was boasting how he had slept with someguys wife the week before. It bored me. Ess and Ref turned up then Fuckup and Bill. We laughed, played pool. Fish turned up and talked about how some guy was slagging Rhi off on the bus. Fish tried to pick a fight. Fish would of been smacked down. All he did was talk about Rhi or start texting her. It bores me. Went to the Toad, then to Bell. Talbot and the Mitre were both shut. Then we decided to back a beeline for the Hawne Tavern so we could stay out till later. It was a good move.

We went down to the bus stop, there was an old guy freaking out.

This guy was werid but interesting. He was chatting away to everyone at a mile a minute. He started talking to me about the lottery. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a massive wedge of cash.
"Is this money" then he laughed and said "its just paper".
He pointed to his watch "gold" then to his ring "thats a diamond".

He went off into a philosophical babble about money and happiness. About the fake friends money brings. I get the impression he was eithier pretty damn minted himself or had been at some point. He kept walking through a big pool of vomit. Someguys there were taking the piss out of him.
We got into the Hawne Tavern with about 5 minutes to spare, Clowe came in not long after. We stayed there till about 1ish again I think. I wasnt really keeping track of the time. For some reason Fuckup was demanding to punched in the stomach. So Clowe did. It floor him and he was writing around in agony. We left not long after that.

Blaggard [12:15 PM]

[ Sunday, July 20, 2003 ]

Why I never want to get married.

Marriage kills the fire.
Blaggard [10:45 AM]

[ Friday, July 18, 2003 ]

What did I tell you?
Blaggard [4:09 PM]

Blaggard [9:47 AM]

[ Thursday, July 17, 2003 ]

Today Ive spent the majority of time listening to my new album, Mansons - Antichrist Superstar. From what Ive gathered from it so far is it is a great deal different to Shadow of the Valley of Death. My current opinion is this is its more like the first attempt at that album. Not to say I dont think its any good, I like the majority of the tracks on here. Some interesting effects and lyrics are thrown out on here. But it lacks the drive and focus of Shadow.
Current favourites are the title track, track 99 (its freaky), Tourniquet, workboy and man that your fear.

Its definatly one of his better works. In my opinion its just not an equal with Shadow of the Valley. Itll probably be on my play list for a good while yet though.

Blaggard [6:22 PM]

As it turned out I end up running for almost a mile through a thunder storm. It was fantastic, made me feel so alive. Lungs and legs screaming away, rain drenching me. The flash of lightening and the rumble of thunder all around me. I felt like an unstopable monster.
Blaggard [2:02 PM]

[ Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ]

I love the smell on the air after rain. Im going out later to pay Patterson the money I owe him. I hope it is still raining so I can be drenched with it.
Blaggard [7:18 PM]

All Ive thought about for the last day or so is Uni. How badly I want to be there right now instead of here. But then it suddenly dawned on me. Its never gonna be as good again. Year 1 is the best. Its over. Year 2 is actually hard work not so much fucking around.

I hope it doesnt all go sour now. Ears will be living up the first year lifestyle, lucky cunt. Kinda makes me wish Id failed the first year....just so I could do it all over again. The late night drinking sessions, the women, the lets just fucking kill ourselves with cigarettes attitude. I hope I dont go growing up anytime in the next.....well I hope I never grow up.
Next year I think Ive made some friendships difficult for myself by decisions of made. I doubt me Ill talk to Tracy much, I got a bit angry when I found out what she exactly she said to Gemma P. Hopefully me, Benny Boy, Palin, Joesph, Jason, Spencer and Mig will remain thick as theives. I made some good friends there, we all care about each others well being. As much as I thought Jason was some werid fiend last September Ive grown to understand his ecentricties.

Im gonna go down to the house soon. I can get keys now. Ill go down for the day. Get a haircut. Take a walk around. I think Ill stay away from the student village. Probably make me cry or something equally as dumb if I saw my old house.
Blaggard [11:21 AM]

Hell I just cranked out a massive post and we had a power surge. Twice. I cant be fucked to write it all again but the basic jist of it was something I had read over at

Love is lust.

Im gonna and stick my head in the sink, its hot. Goodnight.
Blaggard [1:23 AM]

[ Tuesday, July 15, 2003 ]

Growing up where Ive grown up you bare witness to alot of horrible shit. One such peice of grimness came back to me last night out of the time fog. From last Tuesday in Riza. I witnessed some guy get the complete shit kicked out of him in the toilets, my mind had blocked it out probably due to the booze. But it came back to me last night. They kicked the crap out of him and I just walked past. Truth be told I didnt give a shit. I thought in that he probably had it coming that he deserved a good as whipping. Its sad how this city makes me act and think towards other people. Im a different person in Aber, Ive noticed it. When Im here I dont even like to talk about Aber with other people, it makes me miss the place to much. That guy lay bleeding on the floor, I walked out and ordered a bottle of beer.

Last night we did another of what looks like its becoming a weekly crawl. Spoons, Wagon and Horses, King Edward finishing off with the Hawne Tavern. It was a good night by all accounts. Bill, Kingding, Fuckup, Fuckups child, me. Clowe was there for a brief while as well. We bummed around in Spoons for quite a bit and talked a lot of shit at each other. Moved to "the wagon" for the real ales. Had a real nice one called double phoenix. Fuckups girlfriend joined us here. All the tales were true, she looks about 14. Moved to the king ed. Then quickly ran down to the Hawne to make it in time for the lock in. Me and Bill ended up staying there till well past 1am. We chatted to a 23 year old lass called Amy. She was pretty friendly girl, she was trying to convince us to go there more often to try and get a younger crowd in there. Bill said he would. Bill was fucked up.
I woke this morning to my mobile blinking at me "Why does god hate me. I am in so much pain" it was from Bill.
Blaggard [12:14 PM]

[ Monday, July 14, 2003 ]

I get to see The Distillers play in 4 weeks. I am teh excited.
I get to see [spunge] play in two weeks. w00t.
Blaggard [6:00 PM]

There are alot of things which I hate about living in Birmingham. The high amount of gangsters in the town, how every 12 year old I meet seems to wants me to buy them beer, how much it costs for a night out but most of all I hate living with The Crone. I cant stand the woman. This is morning is a good example. Last night I had trouble sleeping, everytime I was on the verge of sleep some damn fool in the street would started hollaring or someone else would have another bout of his night terrors. I finally managed to get to sleep about 3:15ish I think. Only to be grimly awoken by The Crone screaming about a package that had just arrived. It her down for the billing address when it wasnt her card. So we had a massive fucking argument and she has gone off still convinced she is right. Thankfully shes fucked off somewhere now, the same place I need to go to ask about a job. I could of done with a lift but when she goes off on one she becomes an even bigger cunt than usual.
Anyway. Saturday night was a cracker. We went up the Waterfront. Me, Ref and Fish. We ripped the piss blind out of Fish. About how everytime he has come out he has gone home because Rhi phones him. Then as irony would have it he had the gall to criticise Fuckup for meeting up with his girlfriend instead of coming out with us. Although Fish may as well of not been there for most of the night as she was on the phone to her. Fuckup under the thumb? That poor boy Fish has let him self be fucking castrated without knowing it. Anyway we started in Spoons and moved up to the Delph run. Sat in the Cottage Spring and then moved over to the Spoons on the Waterfront to meet up with Ess and her friends. Then we moved to some new club there called Maya. It was shite. The bouncers gave me nothing but grief.

Two girls asked me and Fish if we were gay. I almost cried. I drank a stank load of vodka and laughed at pretty much everything in sight. Yes I was having just being around so many people. Listening to everything everyone telling me. My old MC friend from the RockCafe was there, I chatted with him for a bit. He is still busting his ass to get a record out. I hope he succeeds because is certainly putting the effort into it. I want to get one of writings published. My Dr Sherbet peice is my current chance at the moment. Im trying to tweak it a bit but at the present I appear to have hit a wall with it and it is going nowhere. So Ive started and as yet untitled peice about the interesting triangle that is Aidian, Gemma and me. So far everyones names and details are true to life, but if it ever gets in a state to be released anywhere Ill probably change them. However Im shooting of on an odd tangent.

Shit. Just got off the phone with Makro, appears all thier summer placements were filled last week. If only Id thought of contacting them at the start of the summer.

Yes these fucking bouncers. Everyone was sat outside with thier drink so I went to join them. Bouncer wouldent let me leave. In the end I explained they were all sitting at the table. So I got outside. Went to go back in and she wouldent let me. She even acknowledged that shed let me out but said I needed a stamp to get back in. Why the fuck she didnt tell me about this earlier. She told me to take it up with the doorman, so as the moderatly sober person I was I did. He wasnt having any of it and started to get agressive so I just paid to get in again. Got a drink, went to go back outside. He told me to eithier stay inside or fuck off home. I rolled my eyes at him and just walked off back inside. If it had just been me I would have just left and gone to a different club but that would have fucked things for everyone else so I let it slide. Some of Ess friends, Katy and some other one forced me to dance. It was kinda fun. In the end I jabbered nonsense at some guy at the bar about how good I thought thier vodka and cokes were. They were good quality you know.
Yesterday I did fuck all. Just like Im probably going to do today. Ive started on next years module work as well. The hardware course practicals. If I cant find me a job I may as well try and get something other than a few more dead brain cells out of this summer. Ive already improved my HTML madskillz. My cactus needs watering.
Blaggard [11:23 AM]

[ Friday, July 11, 2003 ]

I spent the majority of this evening to talking to Gemma P. Im glad our friendship is back on track after I fucked it all up ages ago. Weve started to open up to each other again. I think she is going to come down for a weekend and Im going to take her clubbing. Thatd be cool.

Fish passed all his exams. He will rub my face in it. As much as he in my friend I could see a day when I will grow to resent him. I hope that doesnt happen.
Blaggard [11:13 PM]

Well today was results day. Although due to the magic of the Interweb I got them last night. Well I passed, to a reasonable degree as well. Infact the pack I got of them this morning has kind of surprised me. They have recommended that I change to a more difficult course, G600 BEng Software Engineering. I dont know really what to think about this at the moment so Im going to email the person they told me to if I wanted to talk about it. All Ive gathered so far is it makes industrial year compulsary and I have an extra core module in semester 1, one that I had picked to anyway. Core credits are thus 20 higher next year.
I am very tempted by this offer though. Its a better degree Im told they offer this choice to those who they consider MA material. Which kinda surprises me. Guess they really liked my Java work this year.
My CV was absolutly appaling. I got an E for it. So that needs to some good ole fashioned elbow grease work on it over the next week. Ill get in touch with the careers department and plead for their assistance in the matter. There were some stark things missing from it. They even wrote on it that if I had applied to a job using that it would have gone straight to the trash pile. There is time to rectify things.

I still need a job.
Blaggard [11:43 AM]

[ Thursday, July 10, 2003 ]

Well Tuesday turned out to be a very interesting night. After much banter all day by 7pm it was decided that we werent going to Broad Street afterall. I got to Spoons and the plan had managed to change again within 30 minutes. I decided after much abuse form the others I would go up town. We sat and drank. At 8:30 I headed back here and got changed into apropriate club wear. Got back to find Snead had convered himself with beer. We all laughed and called him a tit. Then one of the bar staff splashed him with another pint, we were in sitches.
We left around 10 and got on the bus, some hideously drunk guy got on and babbled mindless crap to himself along the way. We looked on with interest. First stop on Broad Street was Sports Cafe. I drank a load of Ameretto and coke with Snead. I think the barman was David Drew. A guy who was in my Physics class at college. He made no notion that he recognised me so I didnt say anything to him. Then I have changed immensly in the last 12 months. Beyond anythng I ever expected. Anyway. We moved from there to Flares, where the drink was very cheap. £1.50 a pint and the same for Aftershocks. Me and Bill did some. We moved over to Risa, there was trouble on the door when Fuckup didnt have any I.D, he just used Refs driving licence. 2 for 1 offers on in here as well. I indluged. I remember leaving, getting and burger and staggering down the street with Snead propping each other up. Then the next thing I remember was waking up the next morning in my bed. I just thought
"What the fuck?" It has been absolute ages since Ive had such a massive memory hole. I immeadiatly started phoning people to find out what was going on. Bill said I had got a taxi back with them, I remember nothing of it. Then we were walking back up the road and I just vanished. I was back here at 3:30, this I know because I was banging on the door, even though I had my keys. Then Im told I crawled into bed fully clothed. I didnt wake up fully clothed in the morning.
Snead and Ref got a lift home with some guy who was just driving down Broad Street, just gave him some cash to take them home. Probably not that sensible eh?

Im not doing anything now till at least Saturday night. Ref is going to the Waterfront with his girlfriend and her chums. He said he cant be doing with that by himself so he his taking us with him. Sounds good to me as I havent seen that place in ages. Fancy a good ole time in Bar Edge. It was always a banging night in there.

Today I also had one of those moments of clarity when a load of stuff Ive been thinking about suddenly all explained itself to me. Unfortunatly I dont much like the awnser. It is going to cause trouble if I ever decided to impart this knowledge to anyone. I think I may talk to Clare about it when I can. She always seems to know my mind better than I do. Itll probably make me understand it all a bit better.

Anyway. Word to your moms.

Blaggard [3:39 PM]

[ Tuesday, July 08, 2003 ]

Last night we went on a mini crawl round Halesowen. Spoons, Wagon and Horses finishing off with the King Edward. A load of guys almost got barred from Spoons for smoking hash in there. These guys then started ripping the piss out of the person who tried to bar them, apparently his choice is occupation is something to laugh at. Hell Id just like a fucking job. I need money. I cant find work. It isnt much fun.
Looks like I might be going up Broad Street 2nite, under protest would you beileve. I dont really wanna go up as Ill end up spending a keg load of money. Money I need to save. I still owe Pratterson £15 from the Sun Run so thats gotta come from somewhere tomorrow. Ah hell.

All I wanna do is rest and go to sleep.

Blaggard [5:43 PM]

[ Sunday, July 06, 2003 ]

Im brusied. Im in pain. Im tired. I had an excellent two days of madness, drinking, women and Land Monsters. All will be explained in due time. Im still riding the high so dont want to come down form it yet. Ill try and ride a pretty full account of the Sun Run 2003.


It tooks me ages to pack what I needed. Not that I had to take much, just shear laziness. I did everything in stages, Id walk past a cupboard just grab a shirt/toothbrush/packet of potent stimulants. Got Laneys by around 6:20 where we waited around till Brettle turned up. He was about 15 minutes late. He had gone to get Sam but ended up knocking on the wrong door for ages and had encounters with old women. We were on the road by 6:50 and in pulling into the SunRun site by 7:30, we made excellent time. Ian Rogers had been there for a good few hours and had set up Sam's small tent. We knocked up our two storm havens. By 8:30 I was kicked back with a can of lager in one hand and a ciggie in the other. I was getting through the lagers at an unusually fast pace even for me. Brettle who hadnt drunk anything in a long while was feeling drunk after a couple of cans of his Heineken. Patterson turned up by around 9pm, he had come straight from Uni. He immeadiatly tore in his can of 9% lager. Sam had bought along a bra and dress for him to wear, which as we all expected he was more than happy to put on. We blasted a few more beers and got some burgers to eat. Went down to the barn and hung around the bar area. We had stuffed a couple of empty cans into Pattersons bra, the security checked them to make sure that they werent full cans. There were some people in interesting costumes, one guy was dressed as superman. This guy I recognised, he had been there everytime I had been to the Sun Run. Also the guy with a coat made from cloth beer mats, he recogonised us as well. We tore into the lagers thick and fast. I didnt really feel that drunk until near the end of the night which was a shame. After a while we went into the main barn area and danced around a bit. I had some flashing thing round my neck which Sam had given me. I ended up giving it to this blonde girl I was talking to. Any chance I may have had with her was blown by Brettle and Clowe. Sam went off with three guys, she told me later that she could of fucked one of them but didnt. Patterson ended up pulling this "manthing". I was talking to him/her/it before Patterson latched onto her. I honestly thought it was a man. There was just me, Brettle, Ian and Clowe left. We ran amok and got more beers when we went back to the tent. Patterson and Sam came back. Brettle and Clowe wrestled. Then Brettle and Patterson had another contest outside the tent.
A warden came over and told us to "take it inside".


I awoke around 5am and went outside and headed over to the toilets, there were still people awake. Some of them were even cooking breakfast. The notion hit my suddenly on the way back. The Big Spit. I knew instantly I was going to throw up. I ran into the wash tent and hurled into one the sinks. Attempts to wash it away only made things worse as the vomit had blocked the drain hole. There was only one thing I could do, walk away like it never happened. That is indeed what I did do. Went back to the tent and slept. Two hours later I woke up and threw up out of the door. I was told the next morning that it woke both Ian and Brettle.
I got up around 9am. I was fucked. I ate two caffine tablets and dropped the remaining two of my herbal E's. Within an hour I was on top of the world. Brettle was pretty screwed and he gobbeled as many pain killers and stimulants as he could. Laney was also a little screwed. Patterson just started drinking Stella. We got the gas burner going and fried up some the greasiest bacon, sausages and eggs I think this world has ever seen. We gooned around for most of the morning doing nothing much other than laughing at Patterson. Around 11:30ish we headed into Cheltenham to get some lunch and have a general walk about. It really is a upper market sort of town. Ended up going into a Weatherspoons. I just started drinking. All the others drank Cordial. We ordered food. On the way back we went into get some Vaseline so Patterson could grease himself up. Laney went to the counter, with his Scottish hat with ginger hair attached to it. "Excuse me love, wheres your vaseline" She did what anyone would of done and laughed. Got the vaseline and went back to the car. We went back up to the site via a shop so I could get some more ciggies. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the entertainments.

This was my 3rd time at the event but this was the first time Id ever sat down and watched the majority of the acts on the main stage. We had arrived half way through the Kareoke session. The majority of them were pretty bad, they couldent sing and I was dubious about some participants blood alcohol level. Halfway through an acrobatic group put on a workshop to teach people how to do back flips. Pratterson, being Pratterson got himself involved immeadiatly but ended up on his ass for alot of it. Which how Patterson tends to end up in alot of things.
They had a two man peice called the Chip Shop Boys up on stage. These pair were worth watching for the comedy value of the banter between songs. I liked these guys, they were funny people and did quite alot of audience participation. Good sports as well. One of them, after goading all the people on the climbing wall next to the stage, agreed to climb it himself when someone threw the challenage at him. The music was all cover material with the odd altered lyric, but they were compotent minstrels.
I saw some girl sitting a few metres away from us, she had scar marks all over her arm. Obviously, well to anyone who has been involved in such a thing, self harm. It was a kind of grim downer. I was riding some amazing emotional high for most of this weekend and the thought that anyone could be feeling anything but happy disturbed me greatly.
After these guys that a juggler on. He did a few interesting tricks, someone tried to get him to juggle his massive 4 litle bottle of beer. It turned out to be much to heavy for him. But he did pull of a few interesting tricks with knives and fire, which is always good. After this act we went back to the tent, we were meant to have pasta but Id forgotten to buy the sauce. Everyone bought burgers but I didnt bother eating. After all had eaten and Patterson, Ian and Sam got ready for the walk we went down to the main stage again to see the legendary Dale. Dale is a fantastic muscian and is well known there for his version of Maclean and Macleans Dolly Partons Tits. It was a good performance. All the runners gathered there before the set off for the run. They put on one final performance for the night which was two Brazilian acrobats. The guy jumped through some rings with knives around attached to them. Lots of things with knives.
Everyone set off on the event. Those of us who remained went back to the tent, kicked backed and started back on the lagers. I think we drank about 5 pints each before we hit the barn, another 4 down there. We met some girl called Fiona from Oxford, but she swore she wasnt posh. We sat in the Cafe for ages and drank a load of tea. We went back to the tent for another lager. It was cold, I was drunk. Fell asleep. Ian had got back, his boots had collapsed.
Sam and Patterson got back much later, they had finished the walk.


Awoke around 9ish again. We got the frying pan going, complete with yesterdays old oil. We were too lazy to do any washing up. Cooked up some more sausages and bacon. Sat around and did nothing. We went down and watched the presentations. It was long winded. After we packed up and left.

So thats pretty much I got up to at the Sun Run, it was a fantastic weekend I had a really good time. I look forward to the event next year, where Im told Dale will be doing at all night session in the Cafe. Im still knackered from it and feel pretty ill for some reason. Went and saw the Hulk last night round Ref's. It was shite.
Blaggard [5:53 PM]

[ Friday, July 04, 2003 ]

Gah Ive been an ill boy the last few days. Tuesday morning I woke up with a mild sore throat, I put it down to the hideous amount of ciggies I smoked the night before. But it got worse on Wednesday, I started to get other symptoms as well, blocked nose, stomach pains. Thursday morning was pretty much the peak of this horrible experience. Then I seemed to get alot better in the afternoon, this morning Im firing on all six. Still have a blocked nose, but otherwise I feel fucking tip top. Which is good, tonight we leave for the Sun Run.
Ah I love the Sun Run. Ive mentioned it before that I always see the Sun Run as the gateway to the summer. Its a chilled out weekend, tonight will be a wild no holds bar drinkathon. For me and Clowe tomorrow night will be the same, while the others partake in the main purpose of the event. A 26 or 13 mile walk, depending on your fancy. None of that for me. I go for the party. Yes its going to be a good weekend. Last night I went with Clowe and Sam to pick up all the stuff we needed. We got the food and stocked up on the beers. Me and Clowe both got 12 cans of lager, it was going cheap in the Toll House Stores. 12 cans for £8. When I got back I got into a multiway chat with Sam and Laney. We made the last final arrangements for today. Sam said she hasnt partied properly in ages. I will have to make sure she has a good time, although the lucky girl is off to Magaluf next week. She is gonna get drunk and have sex with strangers.
We will be all gathering at Laneys house at about 6:15, 6:30. I have to go the bank sometime today, apparently those acursed accountants at the uni have finally gave me my money. Its about time, Spencer got £95 out the £100 back. Im thinking Ill get about £80 back. Brettle is driving us up there and Pratterson is going to pick up the kit from Laneys house. We are taking the beers with us. I got a 70cl bottle of Grants as well, probably just for Sam.
Im really looking forward to this thing now. Havent even got around to packing yet so thatll be something to do later.

I stuck some new photos up the other day by the way.
Blaggard [9:59 AM]

[ Thursday, July 03, 2003 ]

Italian calls German MEP a "Nazi Gaurd"

There is only one thing to say to that Italian guy. Your a fucking clown, apologise immeadiatly and maybe you might save your racist ass from further uproar.
Blaggard [1:00 AM]

[ Wednesday, July 02, 2003 ]

That drunken fool Clowe remembers very little about the past evening in the pub. Apparently he was feeling a girls ass who was there, I didnt see him do it. But anyway. He got home and threw up all over the place destroying his mobile phone. Ill probably see him sometime on the morrow, we have to discuss plans for the weekend. Sun Run is almost here, its a yearly tradition that always marks the start of the summer. Well did, Ive been on the summer break for nearly a month now, might go about getting a haircut as well sometimes this week, I like to keep my hair short these days.
Blaggard [12:44 AM]

[ Tuesday, July 01, 2003 ]

Well last night was an interesting one to say the least. After years of being a bitter little fuck over Sarah Brent I sit with her for a few hours in the Hogshead and its like we were best friends. All was forgiven and pushed aside. All that nastyness and indeed alot of resentfullness on my part was pushed aside. That and Clowe got absolutly fucked up beyond all recognition and we had to get the ole man Pete to come down and carry him home.
I got there for about 7, after nearly getting killed on the way into Stourbridge. It is a testament to why I havent got a driving licence yet. No one was there so I sat idlely smoking away. Clowes mates, including the guy whos birthday it was, turned up. As I didnt really know them that well I didnt say anything. Bill and Ref got there about 7:15. Clowe came barreling half drunk with Sarah. She said Id changed alot, shed seen me walking down the road a few days previous when she drove past. She couldent beileve how different I was. We chatted away. I made fun of her after he television appearance with Tony Blair, I told that she was his bitch. Clowe carried on boozing away. He started necking pints like a mad man.
We started talking to all his work mates. Fish turned up and we took the piss. Once again he left early cause Rhi kept txting him. Haha, she is a 100 odd miles away and his still ruling him. I really do find it fucking hilarious. The relationship wont last forever though I dont think, afterall in the end she was the 3rd choice. The other two girls he wanted he couldent have, I think he realised he could go with Rhi so he did. Just cause he could....yet I digress from the main topic of this post.
I started talking to one of the barmaids who had served me loads of times in the Harvester. Rachel her name was, she worse bondage tape round her wrists. Really nice girl who has being living quite the life. Lived in the states for quite a big chunk of it. I gave her a few smokes.
Anyway Clowe got ultra fucked and was slouched in a some kind of booze coma. Mumbling complete shite and drooling all over the place. Ref raided his pockets and called Pete who turned to collect the piss artist. Pete was also drunk. Like farther like son eh? Me and Sarah talked about some stuff when most people had gone. Including sex which is something thats never come up with her before. In the end I left and came back with Rachel. I walked her home, she lives right my Neville. I hope I meet her again sometime in the social setting rather than when she is working. She is a nice lass.
Then I got banned from the uni chat room for telling all the graduates I was a dole scrounger. What fun eh?
Blaggard [3:36 PM]