The Boozehound

[ Sunday, August 31, 2003 ]

Last night I got drunk. Surprise.

But I got stupid drunk. Another Saturday night when I decided not to eat anything before I went out, causing a case of the monster munchies and the inevitable "Oh fuck its 9pm and shit faced" line passing through my mind. Oh yes. It all ended badly. 2am Im sprawled out in the toilet cursing my stupidity and vomiting like crazy. But there is more to it than that.

7:30 after numeraous errands to cash machines, peoples houses and picking up a few goons along the way me, bill and clowe arrive in at the Corn Exchange. It has been a long time since I went there. Probably sometime during xmas off the top of my head, I was there with Ears, it was near closing time. There had been some changes to say the least. I didnt like it anymore. Not that I was overly excited by it to begin with. It was and still is townie territory. Mini-buses full of hoop ear-ringed young wenches with more make-up than a whore. The tradiational guys with their tracksuits on. I quaffed two pints and a vodka in the short time we were in that place. Snead turned up. To my surprise so did Mudie and Helen. Snead and Helen seem to be getting pretty serious these days.
We moved onto my favourite place on the Delph. Cottage Springs. Robatease and Jenna came and met us there. He is back in the military now, shot off there today.
Moved onto the werid pub which like a house with a bar. I drank Murpheys. Then we went to the Dock and Iron. Wokka turned up. Clowe spilled beer all over the place and then. Tried to get into the tenth lock but it was way to rammed. Moved onto the next pub. I was beligerantly drunk. Finding it difficult to stand. Wokka drove us back to Halesowen, me and Clowe went and got pizza.

So it ended up with me carrying a family sized pizza screaming at the top of my lungs "Clowe eat some motherfucking pizza" while staggering down the street. Ah booze culture at its finest.

Woke at 7am threw up. I didnt even intend to drink much last night. Ah well, these things happen.

Castle rock concert

If I had been in Aber at the moment you could of been certain I would have been at the castle with a 12 pack O Carlin ready to rock with the best of em. Now there is a big fan of the music, 16 years old and organising rock concerts.

Castle History

I live in a such a cultured place.
Something Bill said to me and Snead during the trip to Nottingham came back to me yesterday.

"We have to big it up while we still can"

Amen comrade.
Blaggard [1:59 PM]

[ Friday, August 29, 2003 ]


Im sorry. Despite my bizarrie esoteric views on love and relationships there is something oddly nice about this.
Blaggard [10:35 AM]

[ Thursday, August 28, 2003 ]

Yea yesterday I went to Aber. I forgot how much I love that place. It was ruined by The Crone going off on one all day long, I almost lost it and had a shouting match with her in the street. Im starting to really get sick of her again. You sometimes I think she not that bad a person, just a bit of a obsessive fuckwit. Then other times I think she is the most evil person Ive ever come accross.

Got down there for about 11:30. Went to the estate agents to pick up the key, the woman was confused. She thought I already had the key. Then she told me the landlords parents were there making a few alterations. I could still however move in and could of done ages ago, because I am paying for it. This I knew anyways. Went over to the house and were greeted by them. Quickly threw all myself I had with me in my room and got out of thier way. No sense hanging around there as I wasnt moving in. We spoke briefly to the mother. It turns out my actual landlord is a 3rd year Maths students. Ive met him before, he is a dopefiend. The place looked alot different from the last time Id seen it, alot cleaner. Apparently my next door neighbour is a 70 year old woman and a bit of goer. She loves the students. Even has one living with her. I was told her name but Ive forgotten it all already.
Anyway my main reason for going there was too buy some furniture for my room. Fish told me I had no desk or nothing. Guess what was in my room when I got there. Desk, office chair and a nice reclining sofa type seat. Im going to give that boy a good slap round the head, he has been pissing me off since I got back from V. Amazing considering I havent actually seen him since we got back from V.
Popped over Lord Beechings and a had gammon steak. Went to the coffee shop and bought 250g of Boston Roast, the strongest one they had in stock. Had a walk down to the beach. Which is were tensions really got high between me and The Crone. She sat down, I stood a good distance away and waited. Then I had to go to far and say: "I wish I was moving into the house now" Which upset her. But its the truth. I cant wait to be shot of her again, her mollycodling and her obsessiveness. Her fucking paranoia and nuerotic disorders.

Took the car to Kwik Fit, the exhaust was fucked and dragging along the floor. While we were waiting went and had a pint in spoons. I fell asleep on the way back.

Then last night went and played some pool, then popped down The Waterfront for a couple. It was, as it always is in the week, dead.

Monday is Bill's birthday, going to be doing some kind of monster pub crawl. This weekend I think Spoons tomorrow night then the Delph on Saturday. Im such a fucking boozehound.
Blaggard [3:47 PM]

[ Tuesday, August 26, 2003 ]

Am I the only one here who just doesnt get this new rock wave? Who just doesnt understand what the big deal about The White Stripes and The Darkness are. Or understand why the Hives got so popular. The Darkness if anything is just a pretty bad rip of 80's metal. Sure the White Stripes have knocked out a couple of half decent records, but nothing earth shattering. None of these are a generations Reign in Blood album.
Maybe Ill get the big deal one of these days. Until then Ill stick to the musical stylings of Kittie and Marilyn Manson. Admittidly it did take me a while to get what the fuck Manson was playing at with his new album and that was blindingly obvious when I really sat down to think about it.

I should go to bed but Im in the half crazed midsts of programming binge. Ive fucking tore through a fantastic about of code today, almost written this one application in a day. Sure it aint ground breaking stuff but from conception to near completion in a little under 8 hours aint that bad in my books.

Blaggard [11:14 PM]

So Ive been doing pretty much fuck all since Saturday night. Fiddled around with a few bits and bobs in Java, Ive read an absolute ton of articles on Applet security and file permissions. Yet for some reason Im still having the same Access Control Exception thrown at me, I tell you that thing is seriously hampering that particular project of mine. Ive also started a new, much bigger project which is not in applet form. A conversion of my old pen and paper game Zentax. When its done, which aint going to be any time soon, Ill throw all of the source on here for your pleasure.
Besides that Ive been working on a new book, been scribbling the odd bit for it in ages but only now is it really starting to take any kind of shape and form. I thinks this one has quite a few good ideas in it. Who knows maybe this one will succeed and become something worth unleashing into the world. Its pretty dark and grim.

Tomorrow Im going home for the day. Aberystwyth here I come. Take a look at my new digs and if I get a few minutes slip into the Ship and Castle for a swift few beverage.
Blaggard [10:44 AM]

[ Saturday, August 23, 2003 ]

Today I smashed the fucking car wing mirror. Man Im such a clown. Judged a gap between a parked car and the on coming traffic a bit poorly. Crunch. The left hand wing mirror is now mostly on the floor in West Bromwich.

A few weeks ago I got in an argument with a bouncer at Maya. I intended never to go back, infact I got quite venomous about it when anyone suggested it. So last night then I ended up going to Maya. Surprise surprise that cock jockey of bouncer was working. He was a cock jockey. He I.D'd us. Checked the cards several times.

"Well you know lads I should turn you away. It is 21's and over night tonight. But you know what. Im going to do you guys a favour. Yes thats right a favour. Im going to let you go in"

With a big stupid grin on his face. I wanted to belt that twat.

Anyways before that we went down Spoons. It has been ages since Id set foot in that place. Duncan sat with us for a bit. Ah Duncan I miss having a drink with that fella. Never really got to know him till the last two years of high school at that was at Ryan Fowkes wild, and I do mean fucking wild, house parties. The sort of party were people jumping out of upper storey windows on the top of vans was considered tame. He was a good friend, we just drifted apart after high school.
Yes there were a few old faces in there. Jennie Morton. Never thought Id see that face again. I said hello, she said hello. That was the start and end of it. Oh well bucko. Kay was also in there, but by the time I started to talk to her I was half drunk and babbled complete nonsense at her.
Ears turned up and we went over to the Hasbury Inn, then to the Hare and Hounds. Snead was fucked in the Hasbury Inn. Started rambling on about Helen and how much he liked her. The Hare and Hounds was pretty much the same as it was, it has recently been taken over and done up. We got I.D'd by someone younger than us. I felt shamed. So that is where we decided at about 10:30 the best course of action would be the Waterfront.
It was dead. Sat around in Maya. Not much happened. Some girl did pinch my ass which did break the drudgery. Gave some plastic rose to a barmaid. She just looked confused.
Ended up with me and Ears roaming around Briley Hill eating Kebab meat. I was almost sick in an alley. Got a taxi back. He skanked us.

Last night we did the Broad Street thing. Now Im skint and can do fuckall. Started in Spoons, Ryan, Wokka and Robatease were there. They didnt come to Broad Street with us though. That was Ref, Estah, Snead, Fuckup and Clowe. I drank too much. We did some pretty crazy bar hopping though which was good. Went to SpringBox first, which was god awful. O'Neils. Irish bar, what more could you want than a nice pint of extra cold Guinness and a couple of ciggies. Moved onto Rocco. Nightclub, was ok. Didnt stay long though. Then went to old faithful, Risa. I tell you. That has to be the best nightclub Ive ever been to. Nice joint. Plenty of choice of rooms for whatever you feel like. We sat in the chill out lounge. I started talking to someguy called Ian, he was 29 and a graduate. We talked about nonsense, just drunk banter. He was a good guy though. Moved into the back room for a bit. Lost Snead and Clowe for ages. I cant remember what I was babbling to Ref and Es about, but it was almost certain to be gibberish. I was in a word, fucked.

We left, must of been about 1:30 ish. Ref, Snead and Es just disapeared. Apparently Fuckup was with me and Clowe but I dont remember it. We went and got a DaddyFucker from the burger bar. Although I didnt really want the thing. Munched away ambling down Broad Street. There is something oddly satisfying about walking down Broad Street after a night on the beer. Disgustingly large burger in one hand. I made Clowe follow me to Centenary Square. We got on the bus. Boom. Sleep. Apparently I whacked my head of the seat infront a few times. Im told Fuckup found some solvents or something on the bus and just loaded all the way home. He had to be in work at 8am. Hope he made it. Clowe was drunk talking about Sarah Brent. Apparently they almost got togeather this year. For a time I resented her, but I was 15 and stupid.
Blaggard [6:07 PM]

[ Wednesday, August 20, 2003 ]

Writing my V2003 report thing has really put me back in the mood for some writing frenzies. Tonight Im eithier going to work on my novel all night, or play Silent Hill 3. See how it goes. Anyways. Last night I went to the Cinematorium with Bill, Clowe, Fuckup and Kelly. Kelly is becoming a regular member of our get togeathers these days, shame she wasnt older or she could come to the pub with us.
Anyway we went to see Freddy vs Jason.

It was funny. I didnt think it would be. From what I remember of the Jason films, which isnt much. They werent funny films. Im never seen any of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. After seeing that however I would like to. It was stupid horror. There was even a charecter that was so obviously based on Jay, from Kevin Smiths film's. The guy did everything accept say "Snoochie Boochies". But it was good, not a think peice, definatly not going to win any oscars. It achieved what it set out to do though Id say, an entertaining way to pass the evening. Had myself a nice bag of sweet popcorn as well. Not had that stuff in ages, its some mighty tasty stuff.
I think we pissed a couple of in the cinema, we sat directly behind them. Within 5 minutes they had moved to another part of the cinema. I said something like:

"Do we smell or something?" Loud enough for them to here. Pissing people off is fun.

Charlie got a message from Jen V. Took them 2.5 hours to get out of the site on Monday morning. That is crazy.

Blaggard [8:38 PM]

I barely know where to begin describing the madness that was V2003. It was fan-fucking-tastic. Where to begin describing what it was like to see The Distillers in the flesh. Being right down the wrong during their set, seeing David Gray and Red Hot Chilli Peppers while loaded up to the eyeballs on these things. It was crazy. So let me try and convey into words this entire, life enhancing experience.


By 7:30 we were on the road and had picked up Rhi and Fish. It was just about 8:30 when we got into Wolverhampton station to pick up Charlie. There were already a lot of people obviously going to the festival there already. I got a cup of black coffee from the café and we waited. Her train was late, it didn’t really matter though. Got back on the road and were on the site by 9:30, everywhere was still closed but it avoided the large amount of traffic that we would have hit if we had gone any later. One of the guys said we would get in quicker if we went round the other side. So after the Crone had let we walked around to take a look.

We got round to the other side and there were a couple of people waiting to get in. Probably about 15-20 of us. Some were drinking. I wanted to crack into the beers but my hands were full at the time. There was a guy there asking everyone who walked past saying he would buy any spare tickets that were going around. The steward said something to him but he didn’t move anywhere and carried on doing it. None of them really seemed to know what was going on most of the time. They all said they were waiting for word from their boss. Eventually we were let through the gate, where we went straight down the road to be stopped at another gate. We had to hang around here once more, but for not as long. On this gate we were searched.
I had no contraband on me so I wasn’t really bothered. Although, unless you were a grade A clown, it would have been easy to get drugs in there. They only searched your bag. Anyone could hide a weekends worth of gear upon their person. I found out later many people had done. We walked down and tried to get into a campsite, the security guys were being dicks and wouldn’t let anyone in campsites even if they showed their tickets. We had to pile our stuff up outside the entrance to the red campsite. We decided to go for that site as it was closest to the arena, the biggest and thus to our minds the wildest of the campsites.
It didn’t take very long to get our tickets exchanged for wrist bands and we could go into the site. By now it was getting on for 11 and the sun was pretty high up. Pitched our tents close to the toilets, yet not to close. I’m thankful that we did it like this as it didn’t take long for those things to really start stinking the place up.
As soon as the tent was pitched I collapsed on my ass and had a beer. I drank a couple and from where we were we could see the bar had opened. We walked over.
"Beer please"
"That’ll be £3"

Holy fuck. £3? 3 fucking pounds for what amounted to a warm 440ml can of Budweiser. Anyone who went there will please note that the organisers promised regular high street prices before hand? Where the hell do these people live? I was amazed. I found out later however that the ciggies from the vending machines were allot cheaper than what I would pay for them here, which was pretty good. Should have bought them all there instead of getting them beforehand.
We got our Bud's and wondered around for a bit. Went into the main Arena. There were about 10 people in there. The day was however still early. Walked over to a henna tattoo place and looked at the designs. We decided to get one done, but after we had been and found a cash machine. We took a look round the rest of the stalls that were on offer. I bought two packs of herbal stimulants but didn’t eat them at that point. Fish looked at hats to buy. We asked one of the security guards where the nearest cash point was, turned out it was right next to the bar by our campsite. Me and Fish went out there and got some cash, picked up another beer while we were at it as well.
We went back in to find Rhi and Charlie next to the henna place. I got mine done first as I was the only person who had decided what they wanted. Slayer. Emblazoned across my arm.

Here is a photo of it taken with my web cam; I haven’t got my films developed yet where I think there will be a better quality one. I’m pretty pleased with the way it’s turned out, although I don’t think Id have liked it permanently.

We didn’t really do much down in the fair. We walked around, I drank more beer. We went into the fair, I didn’t go on anything though, everything was either that expensive or it made me feel sick just to look at it.
We went back to the tent. Rob and Rhi went to bed. By that I mean Fish followed like a little lap dog. Ah those two make me laugh so much. Stayed up for about another with Charlie, then she went to bed. I went over to some guys asked if I could drink with them, they said yea then just kinda disappeared. Ended up helping some girls set up their tent and running round with a tikki torch. Then I got talking to the people who owned the tikki torch. These were really good friendly people. Steve, his girlfriend Jenny and another Steve. Another Steve and Jenny had both just got their A Level results and were psyched about uni. Jenny was going to Nottingham and Another Steve was going to Manchester. I can’t speak for the nightlife in Manchester but Jenny will have a cracking time in Nottingham it’s a cracking student town, you get the full experience in a place like that. I stayed up for another couple of hours chatting to them. Went to bed, for all of 4 hours.


The campsite was already buzzing when I got up about 8ish, Id been awake for much longer than that. I went to get a drink and the morning paper. Sat around reading it till everyone else got up. No one was hungover, Id been well up for just getting completely fucked the night before but no one else seemed to be. When Fish got up we went and got a cup of Coffee from one of the vendors. Went back to the tent and after a few minutes I started drinking some of the beer. I was tempted to gobble the rest of those Bliss Extra things right there, but didn’t.
We did fuck all that morning. Lay around and talked to the guys from Liverpool.
Went down into the arena and roamed around. Just over 12 we were by the main stage, some guy was playing. We listened to him a bit, it wasn’t bad, but it really wasn’t my kind of thing. Too many classical instruments and less dirty bass and filthy guitar riffs. Ashley Hamilton his name was, about 1000 people out of 60’000 saw him. We went back to the tent to get a few more things, bumping into the friendly Liverpudlians along the way. Then we went back down into the arena for the rest of the day.


Skin was a good opening to festival. She was going fucking wild.

She has to be the only act I saw engage in any crowd surfing any weekend. Got right down in the front with her fans, really gave it her all. You could tell she was pumping everything she had into that performance trying to get the crowd psyched up and feeling as crazy as she was.

“This song is about fucking someone who you shouldn’t be fucking. I don’t mean your mother or something” Skin said words of that effect during the show, to the point, blunt. Her solo career is going to be the Bomb kiddies if the way she sounds on her album is anything like the way she was singing on stage.

After her show I went over to the bar by the signing tent and got a couple of beers in. As I walked back I took a glance into the signing tent. Through the crowd I could make out the image of Broad Armstrong. I had a case been a hormonal 13 year old and almost dropped my drinks, then for a few minutes I stood there gawking like a slack jawed yokel.
Went back into the crowd and talked about nothing but seeing Brody for a few minutes.

Inspiral Carpets

I had no idea who these guys were. Having a bit of digging it would appear they were big names from the late 80’s early 90’s Madchester scene. These guys were great though a really spot on performance. I’m surprised how much I liked them, with their psychedelic imagery and everything. Cool as fuck.
I really liked these guys it was something a little different. After seeing them live I now intend to buy their album. When I actually have some money that isn’t blown it all on beer and ciggies.


At some point during Morcheeba I ate the other pack of the Bliss Extra, the plan was that would kick in proper during The Distillers.
Morcheeba did their best as well. It was all chilled out stuff, pretty much perfect for that lazy Saturday afternoon in the sun.
Me and Fish headed on over to the NME stage for The Distillers. At the back of the crowd gathering for the show there was a big circle of people gathering. Being the curious souls we are we stopped by and took a look at what was going on. Fighting. A makeshift ring made from beer cups had broken. We had a brief look. I’m told afterwards one of the guys from the Distillers challenged Appleton’s bodyguard to a brawl, don’t know if it ever happened.

The Distillers
This was the highlight for me over the weekend. It was amazing.

Brody Armstrong is the physical incarnation of that hardcore fuck it all Rock spirit. She was high or drunk, managed to pump out a mind blowing performance. The crowd was going absolutely fucking wild. It was great to be so close to the band. The band were tight and together for the whole thing. The

Brody finished the end of the set by virtually humping one of the speakers. Getting a microphone stand and attaching her guitar to it giving off that load screech. Leaving the stage she knocked a load of shit over in her swagger. That was the Rock spirit. The crowd loved it. I loved it. The drummer threw his sticks into the audience as he left, I have no idea who caught them.

It was without a doubt the best and hardest performance I’ve seen all weekend. Hell. It was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

After the show I staggered off in a daze. Babbling about how fantastic seeing the Distillers perform had been. Fish was now feeling a little fucked, you can always tell when he is feeling drunk, not that it’s ever often. We went over and got into the queue for the cash point, it was massive. Halfway through a woman came around the queue on a mechanical horse. She was cracking jokes and entertaining the crowd, pretty adult jokes. She apologised when she saw a woman was there with her kids. It was funny. We grabbed some beers.

Queens of the Stone Age

Me and Fish arrived back into the crowd about one song into their set. We made it through about two songs. I asked Fish if he just fancied going for a beer.

“Yeah these aren’t very good are they?”

We were both just kinda bored. There was no atmosphere in the air. We left, I grabbed a couple of beers and we sat on the grass for a bit and waited for David Grey.

David Grey

David Greys head really does bobble around a lot when he sings. Despite my almost spiritual moment of clarity that occurred to me during this act, which Ill ramble on about at the end, that is the main thing I noticed. That and his drummer is a fucking psychopath.
Yes the drummer needs special mention. He was crazy. A psychotic grin on his face for the whole thing and sometimes it looked like he was sniffing the drums. You could tell by watching him just how much he was getting into the whole performance, he was world class drummer. David Grey was the 2nd biggest surprise for me I think, next to Inspiral Carpets. Normally I hate his music, but for some reason right then it was amazing. Probably because those pills really kicked in during his show, I was grinning idiot, bouncing around. The music seemed to wrap around me and made just being alive some strange and beautiful thing. They made me wanna fuck as well. Whatever they did to me it’s not going to be anything close to what E would be like. Well maybe 1/5 of a pill or something. But anyway, it was still a very strange sensation that I still haven’t overly understood. I think Ill save my pill talk for another article.
Halfway through the show Rhi and Fish left. I didn’t bother to follow them, I was too locked into his performance, and there would have been no point. It would just have been another one of those moments over the weekend where I would have stood there while those two neck each other. A lot of people seemed to get freaked at the idea of being alone among so many people. However not me, it was sort of liberating to be myself, then all that mattered was the music.

As soon as he finished me and Charlie left the crowd to try and find Fish and Rhi. We couldn’t, Charlie needed the toilet so I went off and got a beer. There was a guy just outside of the ticket booth, fly down standing there pissing with some weird drunken look on his face. Admittedly I was feeling a bit drunk by this point. Anyway I bought three pints. Necked one. Me and Charlie forced our way. I would only go so far. Drank my other two pints within 10 minutes.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

There were a load of guys up at the top of the stage in the rigging. I asked the guy next to me if it was the band, I couldn’t really see that well with a tall guy front of me. He thought I was on about the guys on stage, who were just doing a quick sound check.
I was pretty drunk and high during this performance. Id managed to wedge myself not too far from the front.

I ended up with one of the V Angels, she was fucking gorgeous. We talked a bit. She was a nice girl, I was considering being extra nice in the hope of her smuggling me into the staff and VIP area. By the time the show had finished Id lost her though.
They played a few old favourites. Suck my kiss, under the bridge being the ones I remember the most. Everyone was saying how they hoped californication would be played but it never came up. Infact that was the only negative thing I heard about the Chillies performance, they didn’t play that song. My favourite hit churned out was Zepher Song. I thought that was a brilliantly stuck together, on the peak of their game with that one. I remember turning to the VAngel (ok Ill admit I cant remember what her name was) and saying “That was fucking amazing”. She was bouncing around like a monkey on E. She agreed. It was defiantly the 2nd best performance I saw all weekend. Nothing could have topped The Distillers for me; I knew it when I saw them play. Some asshat shot a firework into the crowd.

I walked off over to the NME stage afterwards. Nothing much going on so I called up Charlie and met up with her. We went to some food stalls, she picked up some chips. I was in a fantastic mood and just wanted to get fucked up drunk. Fish called to see where we were. He came into the arena to meet us. He missed most of the Chilli Peppers as Rhi was ill. He told me he had to go to the first aid tent or something. I was more intrigued with the amount of raging fires that had sprung up all over the place.
After a while we headed back to the campsite, I grabbed another beer. Fish went straight to bed just as he did the night before. I knew he would. He had been on all day how he was going to stay up really late to be hardcore, the fact he was saying that was just pretty damned hilarious. Steve, Jen and Steve were still up, so me and Charlie stayed up with them. I liked these guys; they were really laid back good people. We went over to the fair for the last bit of it. They all went on some massive pendulum ride, I was too drunk and knew exactly what would happen if I went on it, vomit mania. Just looking at them on it made me feel sick. Charlie’s hat fell off during the ride. They all went on another ride even more gut wrenching than the last, this one knocked them about a bit. I could tell by looking at them. Afterwards they had to sit down for a good long time. Steve looked like he was going to hurl everywhere. After about 15 minutes we went back to the tent, about 2ish everyone else went to bed.
I just wondered around the campsite in no particular direction, looking for nothing of interest. I went out to by the arena entrance. Hardly anyone around. I said hello to a few coppers who were standing around. I leaned up against an oil drum bin, feeling pretty damn drunk. I lit a cigarette. Two guys came up to me. They hadn’t got any tickets and were looking for a place to crash. They had got in during the day and were pretty pleased. At the time they were smoking weed. A security guard came past, stopped and questioned them, they hightailed it. I was going to try and buy some weed from them otherwise. I hope that got clean away and enjoyed the rest of the festival. These guys were just here to listen to a bit of good music and have a smoke, they weren’t hurting anyone. At that point they just wanted to get their heads down for a few hours. Went to bed about 3am.


I awoke about 7ish with a bit of a thick head.

Me and Fish were out and about before the Arena opened at 9, when it opened we went in to get some breakfast. The first time I had eaten anything at the festival besides the chicken slice and this one act turned out to be my downfall. I had a burger, sure it tasted nice at the time. But hours later I was going to regret it.
We just arsed around this morning. I lay in the tent and we listened to music from the Liverpool tents radio. They were good people. Festival people.

Actually, besides drunken scallies, everyone I met at the festival was friendly. Even, get this, the filth. They were nice to when I was wondering round in a drunken stupor the night before.
About 12ish we headed down in the Arena. The burger was already starting to have ill effects on me, anything Id had close to hangover had worn off before Id gotten my hands on that burger. I tried to make myself sick, but it didn’t work. So I dunked my head in the drinking taps, it was gorgeous. Met back up with the others, Charlie had put herself down for one of the semi-permanent tattoos, she had to go back at 4:30 to get it done.

Reel Big Fish

These guys were funny. They made the whole audience laugh. It was just good fun music that was never meant to be taken seriously. I’m not really up to speed on their music but they did play the recent single Sell Out, which went down well with the crowd.

“Don’t worry, there are some good bands on later” I believe the front man said at one during the show.
“Almost as amazing as my big black ass” had to be the best line that came from the band.
Australians are funny. It was a good set that made me laugh, some good toe tapping beats and apparently the lead singer is going to give men a try.

The Cardigans

Now I didn’t see much of this set because I decided to go and get a beer. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, which was a pain. After Id got my beer I decided that I also needed to piss, which took even longer. The queue by the NME stage was massive took me ages to get to another set of toilets. By the time Id got back The Cardigans had finished.

The Hives

We hung around waiting for The Hives to start. A group of drunken Scallies infront of us started pissing in beer cups. Then onto the floor. For fucks sake. No one cares if you piss up the fences, infact it’s understandable. It would have taken them two minutes just to have walked over to one of the fences.

This is where I am going to look completely pig ignorant. I know fuck all about The Hives. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about them, not a song little or anything. Sure Id heard of them, heard the name floating around but that was it. I didn’t even know they were Swedish until Rhi told me. However I thought they gave a good performance. The lead singer was, in his own words, a cocky motherfucker. They were a pretty big presence on the stage however and defiantly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately the rain started coming down during their show, it didn’t dampen the mood of the crowd which was still buzzing.

Charlie came back. Her tattoo complete, she had two footprints done at the bottom of her spine.


Before Ash came on we had pushed ourselves pretty far down into the crowd in the hope of getting close for when the Foo Fighters started. Ash came on. Everyone had being telling me not to expect anything any good from them, that they’d be pretty shite. But nah. They were pretty good actually. I thought they played pretty well, the singer and the damn fine looking female guitarist were giving it their all throughout the show. Even with the rain coming down people were still up for it.

Then my stupid weak body gave up on me. I’m thinking I ate a dodgy burger earlier in the day, or the mushrooms on a slice of pizza that I had were a bit dodgy. I suddenly had terrible fucking stomach cramps. Massive waves of pain and agony swept over me.
I got out of the crowd and lay down near the middle where the crowd was separating out a bit. After a while I went back to the tent and got a jacket and a jumper. On my way there I was stopped by two extremely pissed up 14 year old girls. The one came up to me in a drunken slur, “Hey there, could I try on your hat?” Her friend was literally on the floor in stitches and I was finding it difficult to keep a straight face. So I let her try it on. She danced around a bit and then gave it me back. Her friendly started calling her a filthy slut. It was funny.

I was still in agony. I had some beer, made it worse. I made it back in the arena for all of the Foo Fighters. My gut was too fucked to get down right into the middle of it all however so I lay down in the middle bit again, clutching my stomach.

Foo Fighters

Despite my terrible pains I didn’t miss a beat of that show. Not one of Grohls bits of banter or anything. Their show was pretty good. It was hard to judge the proper vibe of it though as I was feeling so ill. I managed to stand up for the final song, which was my favourite Foo Fighters song of all time, Everlong. He dedicate to a girl, I’m told later she was disabled. That was nice of him. They were a really good performance, just a shame I felt much too ill to get down the front.

As soon as Everlong finished I collapsed back on the ground. I had a good long while to Feeder were coming on and I couldn’t bare the thought of seeing Coldplay. Slowly I moved my way over to the NME stage. I really didn’t want to miss anything because of illness.


I got there halfway through the first song, I’m glad I didn’t miss too much of this act as it was the main thing I was looking forward to seeing on the Sunday. They put on a good show. Played all of their most known hits, Buck Rogers and so on. They fucked up the opening to one song so they apologised and started again. Now that’s caring about your performance. “Thanks for turning up. Especially with Coldplay over on the main stage.” Or something to that effect is what front man Grant said halfway through the set. I think he was genuinely surprised at how many people had turned.
The atmosphere was really good down there, a lot better than I thought it would. The band could definitely feel it as well, they gave us their fucking all. The lead singer just didn’t want to quit. He wanted to sing away all night. Just didn’t want to get off that stage. At the point when we thought it was over he got the band back in place and played another two tracks. Finishing off on Just a Day, probably my favourite Feeder song. I was extremely impressed with their set and so were the crowd. Everyone I saw leaving the stage afterwards looked liked they had a cracking time.

During the show a couple of guys asked if they could buy some drugs of me.
“Sorry, I got none. Anyway, do I look like a drug dealer?”
Apparently I did look like a drug dealer. They were good guys though.

I started to head back towards the campsite I had no idea where the fuck anyone was. As I was going back I overheard a conversation between this guy and, what I think was his, girlfriend.

“Your friends have no standards of personal hygiene its disgusting. Its not that I’ve got anything against, I’m not saying that. Its just they fucking repulse me”
Everyone around at that point was laughing their proverbial ass off. It was all that girls’ loud mouthed delivery. Almost back to the site when I got a message from Fish saying they were down by the camera stand. Got down to them. Charlie had gone to see Feeder as well, we worked out we were actually right by each other, was that crowded it was hard to see anyone though.

I virtually crawled from Steve’s tent to ours. Collapsed with horrible stomach pains and just lay there, listening to all the sounds of the night. Someguy climbed all the way up the tree. Loads of fireworks were let off.
I was gutted I missed all the madness that was going on outside, I made an effort to crawl outside but it hurt too much to move, so I just lay there all night slipping in and out of the waking world.

I woke up about 7ish and just lay there for an hour listening to people packing up outside. At 8 I got of the tent and just lazed around. There was nothing left to be done.

Before we left I went to the toilet. Coated in shit, I almost threw up as soon as I went in there. I covered my mouth and nose with my t-shirt. This was worse than on the first day when the cubicle had a ton of blood in it. I ran out of that place after what must have been the quickest piss of my life. Fresh air never felt so good on the lungs. Someone had written “ShitLand” on the wall. I think that word pretty much summed up the state of the toilets at V2003.
We loaded up out stuff. Charlie slipped a note under Steve’s tent to say goodbye as they still weren’t up. We walked out of the site. Someguy asked for a beer as he was driving past. I listened to Marilyn Manson all the way home. Bruised, my muscles were fucked. But that horrible sickness from the previous evening had gone away.


My advice for people going is to take your own drugs. Don’t think your gonna score in there. Sure you might get lucky and meet some very friendly people but half the people there are looking for a few tokes of the smoke so I can understand people wanting to keep their stash for their own. The drink, take your own. Get a Platypus or something similar and tape it to your back. That’s what I’m goanna do next time, no way I am paying £3 for a can of warm Bud again. Besides the ticket price festivals can be a dead cheap weekend to go away and see some high class music on.
If you really want to get close a band get to the stage they are on early. If it’s a big band, like the Foo Fighters, get to the front before the previous band starts.

Take toilet roll.


Alot of what I’m about to write here came to me during David Greys set. While my pupils were the size of needle heads, frankly it could just be the same sort of tripped out nonsense any loaded half drunk fool would come out with.

The experience was legendary. It was defiantly one of those defining moments of my youth. My first festival. Yet it meant something more to me, it was an almost spiritual experience seeing in person some of the heroes of your generation, Dave Grohl and them crazies from the Chilli Peppers before your eyes was an extremely odd experience and hard to put into words. Yet it meant something. It was important, at least it was to me. To some of us hell bound fools out there its the only thing we have. All we have that is half good in this world is some silly bits of music, a few beats on the drum, a couple plucks on them old guitars. Maybe I just finally understand how people can love music so much, more than anything.
For a weekend the majority of us lived like there was no tomorrow, just hear and now. All that mattered was the music. People got drunk, they got high as kites. They got laid. Maybe at one of these festivals we will come close to our generations Woodstock. Who knows? At the time when I was watching the RHCP with my

The best thing for me I think was getting separated from the group and seeing the big bands like Ash, Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters and Feeder with people I’ve never met or would ever probably see again. Somehow seemed to mean more, was like it was just me and the band and there was no one else around me.
Of all the bands I saw The Distillers were defiantly the best. Id been looking forward to seeing them bunch for ages. When I caught a glimpse of Brodies head through the lines at the signing tent I almost dropped my pint out of what I suppose can only be describe as being star struck.

The band I saw give the most in their performance were Feeder. The frontman just didn’t want to quit, he would have stayed there for hours. I would have stayed there right with them just to hear some music banged out with so much feeling behind. If they cared, we cared. Skin gave it her absolute all during her show, she gave us everything, we tried to give it her back. The atmosphere was amazing. It felt like I was wrapped in it. So weird to try and describe, maybe I never will be able to put into words how I felt during the entire thing.

And there you have it. For a few brief stupid moments in a field in the middle of nowhere it was like we meant something. Everything was right.

Would I do this again? Absafuckinglutly. Accept however I think I would go with different people, this is the sort of thing where I need to do it proper core. Maybe take a few heavy hitters like Snead, Bill and Clowe with me. Jason, if he got past his fear of camping would also be a good comrade on this. Palin as well. I would go to a festival with Charlie again, with a doubt. She was up for everything, defiantly had that fuck it all spirit I’m down with. Going with a couple aint so much fun, they want to do couple things instead of hitting the wild party. I could have been a proper drunken spectacle like my bang in Nottingham given a different mix of people.

It was so beautiful.


Best band I saw: The Distillers, without a fucking doubt.
Biggest disappointment: Queens of the Stone Age. I was just kinda bored.
Biggest surprise: Tie between Inspiral Carpets and Skin.
Best effort on behalf of the band: Feeder.

Blaggard [11:40 AM]

[ Monday, August 18, 2003 ]

My brain, on drugs.

Back from V. Absolutly fucking wild. I had the full experience. Distillers were amazing, was right down the front. Brody is the incarnation of Rock.

Update: Its taking a long time to write my account of the weekend. I spent pretty much all of today writing it, rewriting parts of it and jumping around to The Distillers. Im trying to come out with a good little peice here for all two of you that will read it. But its fun to write it.
Blaggard [2:51 PM]

[ Friday, August 15, 2003 ]

Do you know what I did last night? The night before I go to V. The night I have to drag my ass out of bed at 6:30am. I go drinking. Well at least I managed to resist the nightclub. Which did seem very tempting last night. Ive only had 4 hours sleep as it is. Well a good start to the weekend if nothing else. Reef bar has changed, man. Anyway more of this shit Monday or Tuesday. I have a music festival to go and get fucked up in.

Ah. The Crone read my mind. Fresh coffee, she has her uses.
Blaggard [6:36 AM]

[ Thursday, August 14, 2003 ]


The only way to start the day.
Blaggard [10:52 AM]

Its that day of the year again. A - level results day. I remember it extremly well last year, how tense and stressed I was about it. Alot things for alot of people hang upon the outcome of that results letter today. When I opened my envelope I was down with a case of the Fear, I stunk from the pub the previous night where we had huddeled round trying to killed all those nerves. But it turned out ok for me in the end, I got my wish. Fuck me did I get drunk on that night.

Pass rates up again this year. They say this every year. The old blowhards will come out and say its because they have become easier. As someone who went through this stuff at the height of the A Level grading debacle and as a test pilot for the new system I can tell you its not the case. Alot of it is more work, a could deal of it is also everyone younger than us just seems alot more clever than we are. Also a certain degree of cunning is involved. On a subject with a set criteria there are only so many questions they can ask you and in so many ways. Just read them past papers, assimalate them, memorize perfect awnsers. Then when it comes to the test be prepared to adapt.

Its a good technique and it got me through everything except physics, it can only work so far with physics.

Of course that shit dont fly so well when you get to uni, as you actually have to understand stuff.

But lets not take this day away from those kids who may now be on a plateau of excitment after getting thier results. If they are anything like me within two hours they will clanging pint glasses in a local drinking hole laughing with friends, the way it should be. That was a great morning in the Hogshead head exactly a year ago today. Memories, memories.
Blaggard [9:26 AM]

[ Wednesday, August 13, 2003 ]

Last night we had a quiet night out. No really. Snead, Ears, Bill and me went over to Rileys pool hall in Briley Hill and played a couple of games. About 10:15 we drove down to the Waterfront and had a couple of beers. Heading back Ears suddenly decides he wants to go for a curry. So he hightails it over to the Ameena at a stupidly fast speed.
Sat down. Had a King Prawn Balti, it was delicious. Very tasty. Didnt think so this morning. I was literally in agony from it. Cant explain it at all. Anyway, the pain didnt go away infact it just got worse. Which was extremly unfortunate because we went out for lunch today as it was my Grans birthday.
I ate my meal but it physically hurt to do so. I must have looked really grumpy sat there, which was a shame as it was her birthday. There was no way I could of handled a dessert as well so I didnt have one. Was a nice little pub we went to mind, well out of the way in a place called Catshill. The Royal Oak. Had Wychwoods Fiddlers Elbow on tap. If it hadnt been for my messed up stomach I would have sat there guzzeling away. So from this Ive learnt to lay of those baltis. This experience will be fresh in my mind for the weekend as Im told there are all sorts of food stalls knocking about.
I was in agony for alot of the afternoon. Only in the last few hours has it worn off. Oh well.

In other news my utter lack of faith in The Crones ability to correctly operate an automobile has been proved correct. She feel asleep at the wheel and got a speeding ticket today. Clown.
Blaggard [8:02 PM]


Look world. I have a new hat.
Blaggard [5:07 PM]

[ Tuesday, August 12, 2003 ]

Music is great aint it. Ive spent half the night just sitting here listening to music. Some good ole Rage Against the Machine stuff which I havent listened to in ages. Forgot how good it was. Amazing what some music reminds you off.
Dont think Ill ever hear Lit - My own worst enemy without thinking of my 1st year at Aber, or Soundgarden - Mailman without thinking about everything that pretty much happened to me in the last two years of high school. Or Marilyn Manson - Fight Song without thinking about pummeling the living shit out of Aidan.

Yeah. Im stable, honest.
Blaggard [12:41 AM]

[ Monday, August 11, 2003 ]

There is a God. It would appear this higher being has somekind of love or at least a bit of sympathy for me. Kelly Osbourne has cancelled her current European tour. Which means she will not be appearing at V. Although it would be cruel to be overly happy as the cancelation is due to health reasons. I just dont like her music, dont wish her any particular harm. Gathering from what Ive seen from her antics and what Ive read in the press Im guessing one thing. Read health reasons as drug/alcohol abuse. Im not criticising. That would be pretty fucking hypocritcal of me really wouldnt it considering my gross and obvious alcohol problem. Just wish rock stars wouldent lie about this kind of thing. If anything a hardcore druggie image should sell more records. At least the way I see it.

Anyways. Im going to Broad Street tomorrow night. Its 2 for 1 most places and free entry pretty much everywhere. I love my stupid drunken life.

Blaggard [7:07 PM]

[ Sunday, August 10, 2003 ]


Blaggard [9:02 PM]

Last night we all went round Ear's. I got too drunk, that damned Stella Artois always fucks me up quickly for some reason. I got there about 5:30 to find Ears and Snead sitting on the stoop drinking lager. His neighbours hate him. All he has done for the last week is sit around with the stero loud, had people round drinking. The party never stops are Ear's, well till Friday. He started frying some chicken in the kitchen. I stuck my head in the sink. Yesterday was grimly oppressive heat. Smoked a load of ciggies. Snead was already half cut by this point I got the distinct impression. As soon as Fuckup turned up he started an unprovked string of barbs sqaurely at him. He was drunk, there was no doubt about it. He bought his girlfriend with him. We finished our beers. Ears had a shower. We got in the car and went to the Swallows Nest. The place were Ear's works. He had to pay his tab off. We stayed and had a beer talked to a few of his friends. They drove us back. Sat in the garden, drank some more. I was starting to feel a bit drunk by then. One of Ear's work friends turned up, they we talked to at the Swallows Nest. We sat around drinking. Ian Rogers turned up. We went up to the Rose and Crown. Me and Ears popped into One Stop to grab a pack of ciggies. We went over to into the pub. The barmaid asked Fuckups girlfriend to leave. Snead and Fuckup ended up getting in an argument with the barmaid. I just stuck my head down and ignored it. I didnt want to be grouped in with that, I like the Rose and Crown too much to be barred from it. In the end he left with her. We stayed for another then went back to the house. I think I left not long after the rest of his work mates turned up. We had chinese food. I fell asleep in my chair.

So today I went to Makro to buy a hat. They didnt have any hats. So I bought a case of Miller for next weekend. The Crone was with me and started bitching when I picked up 2 cases. So I just stuck with the one. Probably for the best as I dont know how long Im going to be roaming around before we pitch the tent or how long Im gonna have to line up to get through the gate and the like. I think the thing that I really havent grasped is the size of this thing. Just how many people are going to be there, just how big it is all going to be. You see I think its gonna be like the sun run, plenty of people, but not too many people. That really isnt the case though is it. My mind is too simple to think about it any other way though. This time next week I will have seen The Distillers play. Its gonna be great. Running around a field with a gut full of lager and chicken slices laughing at everything.
I get the feeling itll be just be me and Charlie for alot of it. Cant imagine we will see much of Fish and Rhi. Ah but who cares, let them do their own thing. I dont want to see or hear it.
Blaggard [8:53 PM]

[ Thursday, August 07, 2003 ]

Hmmmm. Im getting worried. There are actually people starting to read this blog. Hope Im not being used for some kind of hideous social study on the harrowing effects of alcohol.

Too much beer and youll turn into a no good tree hugging hippie.
Must apologise for my last post. Racism really angers up my blood.
Blaggard [11:24 PM]

Send them English to the ovens, eh?

Plaid Cymru have been pissing me off for ages. These are the biggest bunch of ignorant wankers I have ever had the unforunate pleasure of coming accross. I just hope the majority of people dont think all the Welsh are like this fella. Sure there are a few people like this but for fucks sake. This is just out and out racism. If there is one thing that really pisses me off in this world it is ignornant, thick skulled assclowns like this guy.
Ive had the unfortunate pleasure of sharing Aberystwyth with a zealous Plaid Cymru member. She is a cunt. A plain out nasty person. Damned attractive mind. But just because shes a pretty face doesnt mean shes not a facist bastard.

"And of course, there are some people who have taken it further so they can avoid all the Pakistanis and all these Indians who have moved to English towns."

Man just read a sample of his jibber jabber. I dont know weather to burst into laughter at this or break down in tears.

"We don't want people with these racist attitudes in Wales." ---- thats what he said he meant to reporters afterwards. Yeah yeah. Wonder how long it is before he starts refering to Wales as the fatherland.

Blaggard [11:21 PM]

[ Tuesday, August 05, 2003 ]

Robbie Williams. I cant stand his music. In my opinion it is complete shite. He does however have a good sense of showmanship. They reckon the concert he did the past weekend will be the peak of his carreer, an event that couldent be topped. Unless of course, as many people were saying on late night talk radio, he got rid of Kelly Osbourne from the line up. Anyhow Williams came out recently and said that E had fucked his head up, shorted his seratonin production. Theyve been saying that for years about E but all the regular users said it werent the case. E is a dodgy thing. Not that Im against people taking it, I intend to do it once or twice myself when I come accross it. You just gotta watch it. Once or twice a year probably in all chances not do you much harm. Williams was a fiend though. Maybe him saying what its done to him will make people listen.
Fuck I sound like one of those anti-drug crazies. Youve just gotta watch it, everything in moderation. Ive seen old childhood friends get serious drug addiction. Kids I grew up with are now down and out junkies hooked on the needle. Kids who had every chance I did. Its just the way it goes I geuss. Its not like Im not addicted to anything, ciggies and the booze are definatly my vices. I like to think Ive kept reasonable tabs on my drinking, accept a few times this year like when I turned up drunk to an exam. Actually Im kinda proud of that. I came out with a 1st avg this year so I at least have to be some kind of functioning alcoholic. When I got back here during the first couple of weeks I learnt an old friend of mine was now a cokehead. Id almost certainly try coke if I came accross it, curiosity more than anything. Same with LSD. Never heroin though. Woudent touch that stuff, heroin addicts are the most boring people in the world. They just sit there, no vibe.

Now how was that for a pointless ramble?

Tonight Im going down to Ear's for a bbq. Aint had any BBQ's this summer so Im looking forward to kicking back in his garden and having a few nice ole burgers in the sun. Although it has clouded over now. Was sorching hot here yesterday. The more I think about you know, last weekend was one the wildest burns Ive done in a long while. Even in uni. Cant wait to get my photos from that one.
I wanna get the new Marilyn Manson album. I didnt really like the new sound at first, a little like the new Metallica stuff. But its grown on me and Ive started to get what he was punching at. St Anger has really grown on me as well so I may invest. I think its only £9 over at
Ever since Ive got the internet and been able to download tracks Ive bought a shit load of new CD's. Its allowed me to hear some stuff I would have probably not heard or paid much attention to. The record industry will be castrating itself if it tries to stop it. Ill certainly buy less CD's, not through protest just down to I wouldent hear as much stuff.

Blaggard [2:51 PM]

[ Sunday, August 03, 2003 ]

It has been a wild and totally degenerate weekend. I lived like a monster.

Bill picked me up about 2pm on Friday afternoon and we hit the road. There wasnt too much traffic on the road. Well we were never at a stand still for more than 5 minutes, it was a Friday afternoon afterall. Me and Snead cracked a can each on the way down, speeding along to bills Monsters of Rock compilation. There is something satisfying about tearing down the moterway with a can of lager in one hand to Black Sabbaths Paranoid. We got into Nottingham at about 3:30, took a while to find the house. It was a mess, the last occupants hadent moved out till the day before. We were there long before we went out and Snead showed us a bit of the town. Ended up down in the main square, then he took us to Tesco to stock up on liqour and food. I bought a couple of chicken slices, 4 sidekicks, 4 bass and 4 rolling rocks. Bill got a pile of girly alcopops and Snead, ever the classy customer, got himself a nice bottle of Ameretto. We got back to the house and started boozing about 4:30. We were drinking heavily. 8:30 we rolled out the door to hit the pubs and clubs. Started off with one in a small pub called The Hole in the Wall. Then we moved down to the smallest pub in Britian. It was small. The locals in there gave us abuse so we didnt stay long. We went to O Neils. There was something dodgy in the lager, it tasted foul and was more like drinking a pint of carbonated water. It made me feel ill. Left it and got a Guinness in instead. We moved out to head to Spoons. I threw up onto my hand halfway down the road. This is where it starts to get crazy. Bill and Snead went into Spoons. I went off to find an alley to throw up in. Ended up outside of some church, then walking down some back streets.

Got into Spoons, Snead had bought me a Cornoa. I was having trouble drinking at this point. Im told I asked a bunch of Scotsmen why they were Scottish. Although I dont really remember this. They wanted to leave so I stuffed the bottle of Cornoa into my trousers and we went out.
Then things get a bit vague, I remember ambling down a street, then Snead pinching a ton of leaflets. Bill was asking everyone he saw how they were and if they were having a good night. Snead led us to a club named Ocean. Went in and I just started throwing vodka down my throat as quick as possible. I drank alot. Ended up on the dance floor at somepoint and hanging of a balcony at another point. It was all a mad blur with me laughing.
I grabbed a burger from the burger van outside as we left. Got about 200m up the road. The big spit kicked in. All of the top of a wall next to the road. Dont remember getting back to the house, but I told some girl to give a guy a blojob apparently. Drank a bit when we got back up fell asleep in a chair. Bill had stole a road sign. Managed to crawl into my sleeping bag eventually.


We all seemed to wake up at 9am. I was hungover. Bill was in a bad way. We lay around all morning. Had a shower, found my trousers were encrusted with vomit so for the rest of the weekend I had no choice other than to wear my clubbing trousers. I watched a prostitue walk down the street, we'd seen her walking the other way the night before, must have turned a few tricks. I spent alot of time sitting on the stoop smoking Marlboro Reds. Bill had a ticket on his car from parking it in a permit holders only area. It was the only car there. We all chipped in for the fine.

About 12ish we headed back into the town, me and Bill had some kind of odd desperation for a steak. Snead took us down to the Waterfront. Walked around to a few places before we finally found one that did steak. Was a nice place right next to the canal with an inlet where for boats to actually go into the pub. It was a really interesting set up. Had myself a nice pint of Grolsch to wash it down with. We got I.D'd, made me feel like I was 12, but the barmaid was nice.
After this we went over to Nottingham castle to take a look. We got an ice cream. There was a really nice view of the city and the surrounding area from up there. There was a gothic couple sitting on a bench just inside the gate. They looked really happy togeather. We left and headed over to a bar and had a beer there. We ended up back in the central square where we sat on a wall. Some homeless guy came over to us and shook our hands.

"Look at this. Shaking the hand of a black man, we aint all cannibals you know"

Snead bought himself a lottery ticket. We went over to a Scream pub and had a couple of beers. I managed to burn my finger on a cigarette then promptly spill my drink all over myself. Stuck a few tracks on the jukebox and kicked back in a nice leather couch. We went back to Tesco to get more supplies. Bought some more of those delicious chicken slices. Grabbed 10 bottles of stella and a nice 1.5 litre bottle of Heineken. Went back to Sneads and ate my chicken slices. Hit the sauce. It took me a while to get into the drinking this time, was still suffering from the effects of the previous evening. Snead drank a bottle of wine before we went out. He was piss drunk, throwing things out the window. I sat on the stoop and smoked a bit. Watched people amble past. Snead started chating to people who were walking past, the majority of them were pretty friendly. Left to hit the town about 8:30 again. Went back down to the Hole in the Wall. Then moved onto a Henry J Beans and sat down for one there. From here we went to Spoons. The bouncer stopped Snead as he was all over the place, but all they did was I.D him before we went in. Had a couple of bottles in there.

Snead took us to the Pit and Pendulum. It was a proper goth bar. Gothic themed inside. I liked it alot, my sort of place. We had some trouble on the door with the bouncers, they I.D'd all of us. Probably because Snead was messily drunk.

The toilet downstairs was behind a bookcase. I couldent find it at first because the foor was shut, was concealed well. Downstairs was much more to my liking. They had some proper metal music banging out. I think it was an old Metallica song, Master of Puppets maybe.

We ended up back in Ocean. I cant really remember much about being in there. I at this point was drunk as a skunk. Bottles of VK Lime were going 2 for 1 so I started guzzeling them down like a fish. Snead disappeared. Me and Bill perched ourselves on the upper floor. Snead pulled some girl on the dance floor. He lost us. We watched him walk around on the dance floor in a daze, we laughed at him. We ended up leaving early again, its gets too hot and oppressive in that place. There were a load of boy racers outside on the car park with the boots open and the bass boxes cranked up. I remember vaguely getting a kebab. Then we went back to the house.


It was quiet, about 9am my head was banging. Id come round at 6am to find myself lying on the couch in my underwear. I remembered very little after Snead had started throwing pills around the room. Id drank more Stella when Id got back I remembered that much.

Bill said "I have a sudden urge to flee" I could see his viewpoint. We had gone wild, tore all over the city. Drinking and being a bunch of complete crazies. We found some knee high stripped socks, I wore one them back home.

We ambled down the road to find something to eat. We went into a local Londis, I aquired a chicken slice and a bottle of water. The guy infront of us was paying for a can of Special Brew with pennies. Just another of the fiends in this town. Trevor and his ho. Just another couple of down and out boozefiends with nothing better to do than get drinking at 11am on a Sunday. Snead was having trouble eating his pasty. We didnt hang around long when we got back. Bill went and got the car, we loaded up and hit the road. I was wearing some knee high striped socks which Id found in the house. I still have on them here with me.

In the end...

So I learnt in the end that left to my own devices I will quickly degrade into eating nothing but chicken slices and drinking lager. That is what I did this weekend, its one to remember by all means. I liked Nottingham, it was a good student town. Alot more aggressive than the likes of Aber. Ill have to get around to see a few more student towns. Hopefully Ill go and crash Dave's sometime soon. Although this summer is shooting by. Ive been back for almost two months already, only seems like a couple of weeks ago that I left uni. I wonder what the people who find that disco ball will think...
Blaggard [3:58 PM]

Im back.

Im bruised.

Im dressed partially in female clothes.

Blaggard [2:10 PM]

[ Friday, August 01, 2003 ]

Didnt you get photographed snorting coke?

Booze for the hicks.

After living in Wales for the past year Ive learnt a few things. The Welsh people who live in built up areas, populations 10'000+ are all pretty normal people. You get your nice mix of crazies, geeks and just regular Joes. Move out to those small villages.....
It is hicksvillie. If they arent inbred there is definatly something in their water. All running around with pitchforks cackling like the yokels they are. Heroin they say is a big problem in the Valleys of Wales. Im not fucking surprised. All the junkies are the regular folks. Only way to cope with the hicks they live with is to get them veins packed with Afganistans finest.

The whole sheep shagging thing is a complete lie though.
Blaggard [12:02 AM]