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[ Thursday, October 30, 2003 ]

Ok ok. I know Im really slack with updates lately. It should be more often now Ive got the interweb back here, but it isnt. Ok. Lets get a quick thing done.

Last Thursday went to Pier with Ears, Mig, Jason, Fish and Rhi. We went to PJM bar first, then Scholars. It was good to go back to ole PJM with those guys. Drank some beers, watched the kareoke, where RatBoy from the first year was still getting up and doing every possible number that he could do. Jason was shit faced before we even left the bar. Went down to Scholars when Ears finally got his ass in gear. Drank vodka, did some Aftershock. Moved to Pier. Sat down. Jason bought a half pint of Port. Someguy next to us threw up everywhere, we saw him in the street later and laughed at him.

Oi. Next.

Friday night me and Fish went over to RocSoc other night in the Bay Basement. Met up with Ed and Steve. The first DJ was a right clown, playing pop records and such classics as “up town girl” if I remember correctly. After his set finished he promptly left the building. Ed and Steve got hideously pissed drinking 88% russian vodka. I should of joined them.

Saturday night we went over to Rummers. Jason got wankered. Ed came along as well. I intended to stop there but in the end me and Ed moved to Varsity. Drank more. Moved to the Bay, got let in free. Drank more. Started on the Bay vodka, it literally gave me stomach cramps. Burt was in there, pissed as a veritable cunt. Ended up sitting at a table with one of Jess’s other ex boyfriends, I think it was the bitter one. Jabbered crap. Ended up in a kebab house, don’t remember which one. Where I got talking to Aidan of all people, cant really remember what was said but I don’t recall it being negative in anyway. Got back here, fell asleep on the couch covering myself in lager. Woke up at 7am. Ed apparently decided to go for a swim somewhere along the line.

Sunday. Did nothing. Migs girlfriend came down, think she was a little scared by my crazed self walking around the house partially in my old school uniform with black nail polish and spiked leather wristband attached to myself.

Monday. CompSoc. This was a good one. Fish had drunk a few beers and a quart bottle of vodka before we even got to Scholars, Id had a couple of cans of Guinness. Got there, drank a lot more. A few others turned up. Ashley was back in force this week. Went to Varsity, did a stupido amount of shots. Went to Glen. Drank more. Fish started doing Game races. Foul stuff Game. Came back.

Fish took Tuesday off as he was throwing up for most of it. I went and did lectures. On the night ended up going to the Guild of Societies meeting. God it was awful. Me and Burt walked out after 1.5hrs, it was due to carry on for another 1.5. Went to RocSoc, was made to do green Aftershock because I didn’t bother wearing a costume of any sort. Think I arranged to go boozing with ed and Steve on Saturday.

Stayed in last night and watched Jason get shit faced for the sake of it. Then he tried to come to terms with his mortality after 1 bottle of wine, ½ bottle of Port and ¾ of a pint of ginger wine/whiskey mix. Not the pleasant thing to see. Then he said he was going to lose weight. Yet still couldent understand my argument of not frying his food. I drank nothing despite his continual attempts to make me. Now that’s willpower for you. Chances are Ill do fuck all tonight. Got Rocky Horror in the union tomorrow night. You best beileve Im going to be a drunken wreck. Amen. Probably will do nothing tonight. Maybe.

Spoons has a beer festival on, I am o so tempted.

Blaggard [6:59 PM]

[ Tuesday, October 28, 2003 ]

You know its finally happened. Control has been lost.

Ill fill you all in the last few days when I get a chance to really sit down and write. But yes, alcoholism is now fully blown.

No sympathy for the devil, remember that, buy the ticket take the ride.
Blaggard [10:33 AM]

[ Wednesday, October 22, 2003 ]

Well its a been another werid old time.

Saturday night we went to Bier Kellar themed night in the union. I had a good ole time, no one accept me was really drinking though. So I got drunk and acted like an ass. It was the only thing to do.

About 5ish we all went over to Lord Beechings to eat. Turns out it has changed hands now and they currently have no food on the menu. Me, Spence and Jason were late so we instead of eating there we left Fish n Rhi and went over to Spoons. Had a steak and a pint of Stella. The steak I had was meant to be well done, blood was oozing out of the thing.

From there we went over to Gemma, Palins etc house to find out the plan for the evening. Ben, Gemmas brother, was there. Been ages since Id seen him about. Chatted to all those guys for a bit. Me and Fish went over to The Mill for a pint, watched a bit of rugby league. Came back here, ate some vodka jelly. It was time to go, went over the other house. Knowing how they are usually late for everything I grabbed a cold one out the fridge. Got there, they were 10 minues late. Moved up to the union. We were well early. Me and John suggested going to Rosser bar, all but two of us had tickets. It fell on deaf ears, ended up standing in the cold for 30 mins before they let us in, then waiting a good 20minutes to get a drink once I was inside. I started gettingt through the steins at a pace. For a while I just thought it was me planning on getting wrecked. In the end Gemma started drinking. Thankfully. She got drunk.

It was the first time in ages that me and Gem have got on as well as that. It was like it was right at the start, thick as theives knowing exactly what each of us was thinking. We got drunk and joined in all the games and stuff. Was good clean fun. Hung around after the band had finished and got uncle wallered. I danced a bit. Palin kept kissing everyone if I remember correctly. Werid. Dont remember if Charlie stayed to the end, I know me, gemma, jason, palin and john did. Met the guy who runs the union events, he was dressed as nazi. I cant remember exactly what I said to him but it was something about the night I had to queue for hours to get into Reload. Badger.

Spoke to John's friend Liam. Left when the house lights came up again. Came down the hill, got a kebab. Went back to Gem's. Stayed for a bit and then left. Well, spent ages drunk talking with Gemma on the doorstep. Came back here, ate kebab, slept.

Nasty hangover Sunday morning but thankfully it didnt last that long.

Today Jason dragged me on some car journey and then we went on a train. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Some wierd people on those old restored railways. The fella in the coffee shop there was the freakiest thing Ive ever come accross. Stood there like a statue and didnt move or do anything till you put something next to him. Then when he spoke he had the weridest voice. He sounded a bit like youd imagine some slimy pervert to sound. Werid. Jasons driving scared the living shit out of me. Be a while before I get behind the wheel with him I think.

Monday was the regular CompSoc brawl of violent debauchery, heavy drinking and generally being asses. Started of in Scholars at about 8:30. Me and Fish were pretty much the first people there. Tom from RocSoc just happened to be in the pub so I had a chat with him. The others turned up, we seemed to talk about Peeball for a large amount of time. Mr Ratcliffe came down for a pint. Me and him seem to have finally got over our bust up at Aberdyfi, I think hes forgotten about it and I realised I act like a stupid twat. Live and learn. We moved on over Varsity. Did get another WooWoo jug, followed by some foul alcopop creation. I was feeling a little “Rick Wallered” as it were. Babbled crap at absolutly anyone who would listen to me. Ashley was there this week due to a flat mates birthday, bumped into him in a corridor today. First thing he said was “Monday night, you guys going?” Me and Fish burst into smiles, hell yes we told him. Anyway. We moved onto The Glen. I was jabbering complete crap at Matt along the way, he listened. Got there, he felt me up a lot. He felt every man up a lot. I drank beer. Emma, short kinda gothy 1st year cracked the time of my pint glass, it split it. Starting necking Aftershocks. Im told people could smell the cinnamon on my breath from a good 5 feet away. Erk. One of Allys friends forced me to dance, felt like a complete tit but did it anyways. Drank like a monster. We left, vaguely remember things. We went to the Spar, Fish was pissed and started arguing with the chap because they didn’t have any potato wedges.
Got back. Remember jabbering to Fish. Woke up at 5am, on my bedroom floor. It was a little odd. Felt like a bag of complete shit all day.

RocSoc was really good this week. Went of the wall. I didnt really intend to drink much but it just kinda happened. Went to Acadamy before hand with Spencer. We had a couple. Went over to The Angel. Eddie and Steve were already there. Nervous about their DJ to say the least. They were getting even more worried because the guy on the before them was playing songs by the same bands they intended to play. It worked out good for them in the end though. I spent a lot of the night talking to Tom(lucky) about, this going to sound really geeky, C and his dissertation that he is working on.

Currently I dont know what happened with the last hour. I remember it hitting 12. Then nothing till Aber kebab. Walked out and Steve was just there, not sure if he walked back with us or not. Woke up fully clothed in bed. Went out my door. Jason tells me I left the TV on and the remote control was wedged in my chip box coated with garlic sauce. Madness. Tonight I’m having a quite night it. Did some group project work and mailed out the results, may take a look at the final little part of the javascript exercise, Ive done more than enough to get the worksheet signed off but how to get it to work is playing on my brain a lot.

Tomorrow night Im going to Pier with at least Ears. Jason and Mig said they .

Blaggard [4:31 PM]

[ Saturday, October 18, 2003 ]

Well were to begin with the last week, it has been off the damn wall. Ive either been throwing alcohol down my throat or working like a dog at uni work. Ive got so much done this week Im amazed.

Monday night was the Compsoc spectacular again. Me and Fish got there just before 8:30. We were drinking fast. Ashley turned up and I explained about the whole RocSoc fiasco of the week before, I got his correct number. Emanuella and Dan turned up in Sarongs. We chatted, I signed up to get his Wi Fi business sorted out. Super fast internet connection then for nothing, which would be nice. We moved onto Varsity were me, Fish, Ashley and Roddy(one of Ashleys pals transferred over from York, in my year) did a WooWoo race. What that means is we necked a jug of WooWoo. Oh yes. Followed by some Reef. We moved onto £1 party in the Glen. Two bottles for a pound, it was pretty banging night. We were all drunk as skunks. Ally showed up and was kissing everyone on the cheek. We laughed, we sang, we all got molested by that gay guy Matt. It was funny. Came back home, stole a very large yellow road sign, we must of looked a sight, me and Fish running across the bridge with a massive road sign. Hehe. Felt like shit all day Tuesday.

Rocsoc on Tuesday night. Ashley and Roddy came down with me and Spencer. It was a quiet night, we just sat there and drank. Spencer went off on some racist tangent, eddie, steve and me were laughing at him. Then like an idiot I fell asleep, only had four hours the night before. I felt like a complete tit.
Wednesday night I stayed in and did fuck all. Did a bit of java work to fill time and then watched part of some shite film. Most of my so called day of was spent with my project group and then in the compsci labs.
Thursday was a nice quiet night. I went and met Clare in Academy and talked with the film and TV society. Then we went over to Rummers to meet the others and watched a band play. Well it was a one man band kinda thing, he was pretty good though.
Last night was Rhi’s birthday. Hehe. This was fucking crazy, I mean off the wall all over the place crazy. We all got dressed up, the theme was…..whatever we wanted it to be we just had to get dressed up. Fish hired a clown costume from Stars, he looked crazy. I dressed myself in a lab coat, the original plan was to wrap myself in tin foil but I would have been baked inside it. Spencer dressed himself as a woman, the thing is he really did look like a woman. That was kinda scary. Charlie was an Indian, Palin was a gorilla, Rhi was a greek goddess, H was a pirate, Jason went as me. That was freaky, it was like looking at me when I was 16. He even did his nails black without been coaxed into it. Joesph went as superman. Jess was a dark angel, Rachel was dressed as….shit I cant remember I was hammered. Yes lets talk about my stupidity shall we.
About 6ish I ate a pizza. Fish ate one, but gave half to me. I ate that as well, unsurprisingly I felt hideously bloated. Had some Guinness. Had a lager. Went to Varsity. Everyone was honking at waving at us ambling down the road. Fish dressed as a clown. It was hilarious. Two more pints and I was starting to feel extremely gassy and bloated. I already knew that the Big Spit was going to happen at some point now, wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when. Me and Fish did a Woo Woo race again. As soon as it was down I ran out the door and down a side street. Threw up. Went back home. Threw up. Threw up somemore. Laughed manically. Went back to Varsity. Just as I got back everyone decided to go up to the Union. I was down with it.

Palin and Fish pressed themselves up against the Spar window to freak out the blokes cooking the chicken. I ambled off with Tom Jones and a few others towards the taxi rank. Grabbed a taxi up.

We got to the union and Charlie was ultra pissed and got upset. We calmed her down and then queued to get in. It was one of those god awful one in one out nights. We mingled and managed to get 7 tickets from touts and the like. Got in there hit the vodkas and coke, only a £ a pop. This was bad, it allowed me to get stupidly drunk very very quickly. I was swaggering around talking drunken nonsense at everyone.

Tom Jones almost got his head kicked in. Someguy sat down at our table and was trying to ask us something. Tom was drunk. “Look we arent your friends, so fuck off” This got the otherguy worked up. It wasn’t needed. I talked to Gemma a bit. I talked to a lot of people a bit.

It was some good fun. Ben that dirty slag pulled some girl and went back to hers. I can just imagine him walking home dressed like that today. We left when the house lights came up, apparently Im told a long time after the house lights went up. Someguy was hurling in the toilets.
Left and started that awful trek down the hill. Talked to Rach most of the way back. Bumped into Matt Payne and that Eddie guy that gemma pulled. See I didn’t know who he was and thought he was some drunk guy in the streets. Someone had given me there bits of fried chicken, I really wasn’t hungry so just gave them to him. So there was my good deed for the night. Got to the bottom of the hill and walked Helen home, she seemed really pleased. Glad I did as well she had to go through some really dark car park and alley type thing. Came back here.

Now apparently Fish and Rhi were in the lounge and I was talking to them. Awnsering all of the questions for Fish that Rhi asked him. Then told her to burn things. The next bit I remember graphically.

I threw up.

Blaggard [2:54 PM]

[ Wednesday, October 15, 2003 ]

CompSoc on Monday was a proper rip roaring night of drunken debauchery. Got to Scholars
Blaggard [9:52 PM]

BTW: now got internet connection my house so updates should be more coherant and frequent from today.

Wednesday, 08 October 2003

Saturday I ended up going out with Ben, Palin, Vicky, Rob and someguys who Id never met before. Started off with the idea of a quite pint in Rummers. Rummers was pretty busy, they have live music on Saturday nights. Jason went home, he still cant drink now until ethier tomorrow or Friday. We went onto The Mill. Vicky, Rob and the others,who I still don’t know, were there. Joined them. Me and Palin started drinking White Russians. Gemma came down for a bit, but didn’t stay long, she left with Spencer. Ben went over to Bar E, we stayed in The Mill. Moved onto The Glen, where me and Palin met up with the others. Started tearing through the pints, Palin kept buying everyone those Screamer shots, but the really nasty ones. Toffee flavour. Gah. Met the girl who collapsed in the Bar Retro toilets. She didn’t collapse in The Glen toilets. Me and Palin stole some Kroenburg glasses as we left. Ben was blind drunk, couldent sit up straight and to make it worse he was in a bad mood. Got a dirty kebab, came back here.
On Sunday I went over to the Compsoc committee meeting, as I offered to help this year I get invited to them. We talked, moaned about Nathenial. Organised somethings, came back here, did nothing on the night.

Monday night I went on over to Compsoc again, a much lower turn out compared to the previous week. We blamed Nathanial, we gave him grief. Had about 4 freshers compared to a majority the week before. Ashley came again. It was a good night by all accounts. Started in Scholars around 8:15ish. Sat in there for a while. Joe was having a crisis at how few people were there, when he spoke to Burt up on Rosser to find out he had only another 3 people with him I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Head his hands. We blamed Nathanial. He is partly to blame but you have to remember this is Comp Sci. A lot of those people were expecting something completely different to what it was. They probably thought it would be sitting around talking about computers. When they saw it simply wasn’t the case Im not surprised they left. Infact we have set up a Java ban. Anyone who mentions Java on a social has to go and stand outside.
We moved on from there to Varsity. Did some shots with Ashley. We were getting pretty all over the place already. Moved onto the Bay upstairs, some went to the Pier. Splitting the group like that I also think was a bad idea. We stayed upstairs in The Bay, Ben started training Absinthe, did a line of three. Me and Ashley kept buying each other pints, Emanuella(sp?) made us get up and dance. We drank more. People started to go, me and Ashley were literally the last people to go. Went to spar, much to my protest and got some potato wedges. Got nearly home and I threw up. Threw up when I got back here. Blank. 7am awake, threw up. Went to lectures, arrived early. Yes, beileve it or not I still havent missed a single lecture.
Tuesday was RocSoc again, went with Spencer. We sat with Eddie and Steve who both sort of just turned up as we did. Ashley was meant to be coming but I think the number he gave me was wrong, it refused text messages and wouldent get through, the number does look a little short when I think about it. Just hope he doesn’t think Im ignoring him or anything, he is a great guy. Steve was telling me about his “interesting weekend” The massive intake of booze he had on Thursday night lowered his immune system to shit and he got the flu. He got the flu extremely badly. He said he spent nearly the entire weekend throwing up all over the place. Not much really happened, we pretty much just sat there and listened to some music.
Oh wait. There was the pantycelyn(sp?) security gaurds. These were a couple of pretty dirty fucks. They were in there with two girls, who turned out to be students. These guys had met them, as they both live in Pantycelyn, took them to RocSoc(they were so obviously pop fans) They were absolutely piss drunk and they took the gaurds to the toilets for god only knows what debauched reasons. At one point they sat on the table sending the things flying. Madness. Someguy also yammered at me for ages about Iron Maiden.
Wednesday night we had Reload. This wasn’t the plan at all, the plan was a quiet pint in Rummers. Before we went Fish just said “shall we just go to reload?” So we did.
Went over to Rummers first. It was the meeting night of LGB, we didn’t tell Jason, he would have freaked out. I suppose one day he is going to figure out that it is the gay bar of Aberystwyth. Shame because the fool wont want to go there again after he finds that out. We had a pint there and moved on up the hill, Jason went home, to PJM bar. It bought back a lot of memories to me. Tony was behind the bar. We propped it. Fish had a drink.

Oh yeah Fish has been into hospital. Last Sunday while still suffering from the flu he contracted a kidney infection. Mig took him on Sunday night, they pumped him full of drugs. He was out and looked fine on Monday.

I told him he shouldn’t drink. He only had a few bottles all night. I tried to get drunk, didn’t really work. I had to queue for a good 45mins, at the front of the line for all of it. Fish managed to get a ticket. Apparently just round the corner this girl was selling tons of them, if only I had known about that. Ben was once again extremely shit faced. It was funny. I didn’t dance, everyone else did. It was an alright night. Rhi moaned about getting taxi all the way home. We ignored her.
Thursday I planned to do nothing. Not a damn thing. Just rest, maybe do a little work. No such luck. Mig came bounding in at 6pm, still hungover, demanding we go out somewhere. So we went to Rummers, Acadamy and the Pier. Most people went home after Rummers. I didn’t think it was a bad night, admitady, nothing really happened. I was happy enough to sit in the Pier and do nothing though. Most people left. John turned up piss drunk.

Friday night we sat in Rummers. I was shattered. Had four pints of Burton ale, damned fine stuff btw, listened to the band. Came back fell asleep instantly. The band were called Celtic Cross, they were alright as bands go, they cracked out a few good ones. All covers mind. The violinist was hot, had a nice mysterious look to her.

Last night was back to school. I had a cracking night. Started drinking vodka and Red bull around 7pm. Jason had been drinking a shit load by this point, a bottle of red wine and a few glasses of irish cream. We got over to Spoons for 8. I got through 3 double vodka and cokes. Everyone was out tonight accept Gemma Protor. We moved over to The Mill, had a black Russian. Palin had three white Russians. Rhi had some kind of skitz and started crying. Ears came down. We moved onto the Varsity. Did shots. Got a taxi up to the uni.

Gemma said something to me as I was walking past. I answered and carried on walking,
“That was a bit harsh” and she walked off. I tried to see what she was on about but she just carried on off. I couldent be bothered with her. Got drunk. Sat down for a bit, Palin was all over the place. Didn’t dance. Moved onto alcopops.

Someguys were hanging out of the corner house window just over the bridge. They were shouting at people, they were doing it the other night as well. I gave them a string of obsenities. Came back and collapsed into bed.
Today is Palins birthday, we are heading over to surprise him at Beechings at 5, well about 4:30 so we are there in time.

Monday, 13 October 2003

Well Palins birthday surprise turned out well. It was never meant to be a wild, lets all get crazily drunk and swing from the light fittings while yelling orders for more whiskey at the barstaff. No. This thing was civilised, at no point did we degenerate to the level of dumb beasts. We went over to Beechings at 4, we had decided to go a little early so we could eat. Had the plaice, Ive developed a strange liking to plaice of the last few months, even prefer to old bastions of fish like the cod.
5pm came and went. No one else, besides Spencer, had arrived. About 5:15 Charlie, Rhi and Rach turned up. Then Gemma and Tracy turned up. Me and Fish were the only people drinking, Fish for some odd reason was intent on getting wankered, I was more in line for a couple of quiet drinks. Which is exactly what I did. Ben dragged Palin in around 5:30ish. He was surprised, thankfully he didn’t catch on. Miracle he didn’t because they were all acting really strangely about the house, I’m told. So we did the usual birthday thing: “here Palin have a triple vodka and coke!” We moved over to Spoons as some wanted to eat. Gemma left to go and meet the guy she pulled the night before. Yeah. That’s an interesting one, you know I thought it would bother me. The only that is bothering me about the whole thing is how little I give a fuck. I don’t care if he uses her and throws her away. I don’t care if he hurts her. I don’t care if he cheats on her.

I used to be such a nice guy. Im even finding myself feeling about a little bad about how I was with Aidan. That’s how much of an evil bastard Im becoming. Anyway: back to the plot.

We talked jibber jabber, most people left. I was tired and wanted to go but it was Palins birthday and had no intention of leaving till he was done. Went over to Cambrian, he was insistent that we all tried this cocktail he had been on about, Venus. It look foul but tasted pretty nice. We all came back here and watched Carrie, well by that I mean Rhi and Charlie. We started to watch Fast and the Furious as well, but that thing is just a pile of nonsense so stopped it about half way through and went to bed.

Right, CompSoc tonight and a ton of work to do today. Great stuff.

Blaggard [11:12 AM]

[ Saturday, October 04, 2003 ]

Tuesday night I got myself to Rocsoc. Ah it was a good night. Went with Spencer and Chris. As soon as we got there I bumped into a guy from CompSoc the night before. Dan I think his name was. Chatted to him for a bit. Ally showed up at some point. Sat with her and met her friends. Steve, Ed and Lucky. Think its easy for it to be said I got on with Ed the most. Lucky was just too pissed to be comprehensible. I bumped into him in a corridor the other day and he remembered me however.

Yeah so things went on. Ally got uber drunk and could barely sit on her bar stool. Left at the end. Came back and crashed out.

Wednesday night I went to Pier with Ears and his house mates. It was an alright night, nothing too fantastic but nothing too boring ethier. His housemates are interesting charecters. The one, Dom, is a bit of a cidermonster. On the way back he bought a kebab, managed to smear garlic sauce all over his face, went ambling into Spar with Ears and bought a copy of Men Only and 40+. Which now Im told has been stuck to the fridge. The checkout woman decided to crack a joke, “Men Only? But your only a boy”

We chatted to the security guard for a bit.

Thursday was Alternate in the Union. I got a bit piss drunk. Stopped in The Mill on for a quick one on the way up. Got there for about 9ish. Benny Boy was also there having a couple before going to the Pier later on. Gemma and Helen also came up, but Helen hated it so left for the Pier. Bumped into Ed and Steve. When I was pretty shit faced I got into the moshing. Ed and Spencer joined in. I fell over taking what I reckon was 3 or 4 people with me. It was pretty wild and brutal in there. Im still aching.

Left when it finished. Came back here. Realised I was a bit wallered. Got a pint of water and just went straight to bed. But it would appear at some point during the night I got up and went to ask Jason if he had any lagers. Wtf? Yeah Im confused by that and have no recollection of it. Im going to start barricading myself in my room or something.

Yesterday I just felt completely worn. Id done 4 nights. Felt like shit, had mild flu symptoms, hangover in the morning and of course feeling like Id gone ten rounds with Tyson. Did lectures. Came back here. Fish came down with chronic flu. I began to fell it coming on. Didn’t go out. Spent most of the day just feeling rancid. Phoned people to see if anything was happening anyways, it wasn’t. Clare came around and we talked for a few hours. I fell asleep. I woke up again and she left then to go and meet her girlfriend.

Ah yes. It would also appear Im being invited to CompSoc committee meetings. Why? Im not really sure, not like I held/hold any official capacity within it but Burt asked me to go. 3pm in Spoons tomorrow.

Im going to beat people into shape today and try and get them to at least go to the pub tonight. If not its going to be tins of lager and a film. That shit I cant be doing with.

Blaggard [3:16 PM]

[ Thursday, October 02, 2003 ]

Raise the flag. The darkness and lack of posts is over. This mess is unfinished, its half edited. But its the first time Ive remembered about this while Ive had my disk in a work station room. Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you the majority of the last two weeks of my life.

Monday, 15 September 2003

In the last 48 hours Ive slept for about 5 of them. Im shattered. Nuked. Kinda crazed. But Im back in a turf I love. As I write this I can barely keep my eyes open. Ive been about the town all day. Just got back from B23 computer room. Its just turning midnight. All I want to do is sleep.

Clare is living in a werid place. Im too crazed to write anything useful, Im just going to stick my earphones on and drift into some odd and sleep here in my new house.

Remember what the dormouse said, feed your head.

Tuesday, 16 September 2003

Finally some sweet sleep. Ive slept for a good 8 hours, felt so refreshing. My new bed, double at that, is pretty comfortable. Drifted off to sleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Yesterday was longwinded. Up at 7. Had a coffee. Shower. In the car and off by 8:30. Took about three hours to get back here with a good 20 minute break this petrol station which has a café built into the side of it.

By 11:30 I was in here. The Crone wound me up no end with her incessant fiddling and moaning about how clean the house was. I gave her the good ole death stare a few times.

Wow my room is great. Just to interrupt the flow here. My desk is in the bay window overlooking the road. Sunshine streaming down, unfortunately right onto my window so Ive stuck a black cloth over part of it. But otherwise I have a good view of any young lady that may happen to be walking past. Being a degenerate is great.
So anyway. We went to grab lunch down spoons and Clare just happened to be walking down the street. Called her and bought her lunch in Spoons. I saw Jess and Tom from the window in Spoons, for some reason I just shrunk down into my seat, guess I don’t want to face her yet. We went to Safeway shopping. Bought a lot of noodles. Back to the good ole student staple Ill have you know. Dropped Clare off and came back here. Crone arsed around for another hour cleaning the place. Which was pretty clean by my standards. Now the place is a tip. Ive half unpacked. It’s a veritable techno den. Ive a stack of hardware against the wall, two computers on the desk. Another in the cupboard.
There isn’t really much room in here with the double bed mind.

Anyway after Crone had gone I met up with Clare in town. Went to get some rolling baccy. The woman gave me pipe tobacco instead and I never realised. Nevermind. Went and got the back door key from Phil Evans. Bought Clare back here, she loves this house. We sat around for a bit, I whipped up a quick sandwich before we went out to play pool for the evening. We went to Acadamy. Then to Cambrian and met Nadia. Yeah Nadia now there’s a funny one. Hippy weed smoking type, me reckons I have a mild thing for her(Jesus I sound like a 12 year old) however I am not going to do a thing about it. Im single, free and intend to stay that way. She left as she had to drive someone somewhere. Me and Clare went over to see the now finished Glen. Its finished. Now has a pound party on a Monday night. If they can get people back there the place will thrive. We were both absolutely shattered at it was only 10pm so we left. I went back to see Clares new place, its just like Penbryn halls. It used to be part of the old college but they sold it off to a private concern, which is now skanking students. She pays £60 a week rent for a room, all bills. Get this shit. One kitchen, with one cooker, two fridges, one kettle and four chairs for the use of 52 people. Complaints have been made.

I also went to the Varsity briefly yesterday. Oh dear. Looks like a thug pit. All the windows have been smashed up.

After I left Clares I went up to B23 to check my emails. I now have a nice baggie of Wild Opium a substance simaler to LSD accept legal on my beside table.

Remember what the dormouse said, feed your head.

Jason is coming back tomorrow. He must have had a shit summer if he is coming back early, Jason was always the first to go and last to be back last year. More power to the man, Ill be glad to have a heavy drinking buddy again. Ive missed that eccentric boy
Anyway Ive got a whole load of unpacking and painting my window thing today. Probably pop into on of the computer rooms as well to check email and such like. Get the phone line reconnected. Hopefully the CitiLink guy will arrive sometime today so I can set up the house proxy. May evern pop over to a bar later on this evening and have myself a snifter of port(more likely a Guinness).

Also get my photos from V developed on the hour tip. Got three films, madness.

16 September 2003

Ah horseshit. Nothing is going right. I spent nearly all day networking my laptop and this machine. Niethier can see each other through Network neighbourhood. However this machine can access the laptop if I type in the address of it directly, which will do me.

Just started assembling the other machine. Need to get an ATX power supply, never even occured to me before. Stupid me. Got my V photos, theres a couple of good ones. The bands look distant in alot of them or appear as a series of lights in the distance. The "pillhead" photo of me looks odd. I have this sorta half grin on my face, cant really make my eyes because of my hat, nevermind. Think Im gonna go for a walk later up to the main campus, maybe Ill take a wonder round PJM. For some reason I have a kind of Fear of going back there, cant really put my finger on it mind.

My floppy drive on this machine has also stopped responding. Wire had probably come loose or something, going to be a bit of task to get inside there to put it right. Gah, Windows XP keeps wanting me to register it again, only got till Thursday and my mobile keeps cutting the call halfway through it. Fucking thing. Oh well. Had to remove Office XP because it was going the same thing. Going to put old faithful office 97 pro on there.

Clare has gone to see Andy today, so Im on by meself. Its took me all day to unpack and Im still not finished, good job I came back early me reckons.

I burnt my pizza as well, that oven may look like a clanking 80's monstrosity but it nukes food. Only left the thing for 15 mins, came back it was crisp.

Just got a call from Jason, hes not coming back till Thursday now. Him and a few others.

17 September 2003

More news from the front, as it were. Parents came down today to drop the rest of stuff off. Less than 3 hours and I was close to a raging fit. Had a steak in Spoons, came out a little to rare for my liking, infact was pretty much raw in the middle. Now I remember why I like my steak well done, lesson learned. Phoned up BT, the line will get put in on Monday, between 1.30 and 3.30, guess Ill have to be in around then.

What else.

Not alot. Saw Andy and Clare. Andy was just down here for the day to figure out what is going on with his results. Looks like he is fucked. His uni computer account has already been removed, even he said if that was gone chances are he isnt going to come back. That is a shame and he was noticeable pissed off about it. What can you do though? Its gonna be tough on Tracy.

Andy had to bring up the return of Fish and Rhi though didnt he. Tapped on the walls "wonder if these will be thick enough" with a cheeky grin on his face.

"I have earplugs" I told him. They best work. You know it occured to me the other day I really dont want to live with Fish anymore, I dont really know him in the slightest, be like living with a stranger and one I dont particulary like at that. Yeah, well. He paid his money and made his choice. Hope he enjoyed his youth.

I tried that opium stuff last night. Nothing really happened but I didnt have that much. You need to have quite alot of it though Im told before it really kicks in and you get any noticeable effect from it. Might sit in the garden with a pipe full of it later tonight and see what happens. Dont know when Ill do these LSD type things. Probably sometime during Freshers week, think I want someone to watch me while Im on those though. Keep me from trying to fly of a building or something equally as insane. Im probably over hyping the effect these things will have on me. Hope they are good, apparently intial ingestion can make you feel pretty sick. Ah well, I dont think I could ever feel worse than when I heard Fish and Rhi fuck. I deleted that post from the site, out of a sense or morality or something. Wish I hadnt now.

Saturday, 20 September 2003

Lots and lots

On the Wednesday Spencer got back with his Dad. Me and Spencer decided to go for a couple of beers on the night. Went to a new place called The Mill, which I quite like. Then we went over to my old favourite Ship and Castle were I had a nice drop of Guinness.
Thursday Jason got back so we went over to the Fountain which Id heard was a bit of a “one man and his dog” sort of pub. Turned out it wasn’t and was pretty damned nice. Spencers Dad came over for a couple of pints as well. He is a really nice guy, he was telling us all about his time over in America.
On Friday Mig arrived and Charlie got back. We went up over to the Cambrain where Charlies dad bought us a drink. Ears was also there he had got down to ours about 7ish. I just cracked into the lagers and as he arrived I was roaming around the street with a pint going nowhere in particular.
Mig arrived sometime around the mid/late afternoon.
Friday night, patterson, ears,

I got a phone call from Patterson as we were sitting in Varisty, just to tell me that he loved me. How nice of him.

We moved onto The Glen where Ears decided to get pretty battered, cause he was nervous as the like. I joined him to a certain extent. Didn’t go crazy but didn’t shy away eithier. Sure I was drunk, but not all over the floor shit faced drunk like I could have been.

Ears house, bar 9.

I helped him move into his house. He made the most insane impression. Turned up, one guy though me and Ears were moving into the same room together. We unpacked, cracked a few beers open in the kitchen where some girl and her parents were unpacking food. Ears got a sandwich and just teared massive chunks out with his teeth. What a way to meet your housemates.
I left him to it and went over to the union. Boom. Two pints in there, then came back down the hill with Clare. Came back here and just messed about till the night.
Started about 7 I had a Guinness while I got ready. Went over to Jess’s house with a can of lager in hand. Had some weird grapefruit shit there. We went over to Scholars. Pint o Carling and a shot of your dirtiest Vodka my good man. Boom. Down the hatch. Pint please. Everyone accept Palin was there. Onto Varisity where I finally met Clares girlfriend. Some had already gone over to Yoko. I had quite a few beers in Varsity and a few dirty shots.
I went a bit crazy. Long story short I ended up getting cut off in Yoko, they wouldn’t let me have anymore of the drink. Hehe. Which as I was only a bit tipsy, but very hyperactive, I found hilarious. So I just a coke. Can you believe that. Not so funny was Jess. Jess was monstrously fucked. She came up to me in Yoko and just kept kissing me on the side of my face. Then kept whispering in my ear.

“You’ve got to call me tomorrow, at least text me” Rach, her Rach, dragged her away and took her home I think. We left came back here and crashed out. Im told she threw up everywhere when she got home.

Next on the list was Sunday night. I didn’t seem to get that drunk, although I drank like a monster.

Two litre bottles of Smirnoff gone half my Guinness and quite a few lagers, all gone and one pissed off neighbour. Yep could to be back in Aber.

I have no idea how I got to my bed. I woke up with the curtains and windows open. The light was on. I was lying on my bed stark bollock naked. It was very much a “what the fuck?” sorta moment.

The end of degeneracy as we know it.

Thursday, 25 September 2003

Sunday, mad ass house party
Monday, bad boy in the pier, Fresher guy in Bar E. Kicking bouncer, nail varnish.
Tuesday. This has to have been my heaviest night since I got back here.
Wednesday, Reesy’s quiet night out.

Wednesday was by all accounts pretty quiet. Went to the Mill and then moved to Lord Beechings, finishing up with a final one in Rummers. Probably around the five pint mark in total.


It was as always a nightmare. Long queues. Boring, boring, boring.

I walked out of the side door after getting my loan cheque and started trying to fiddle to get everything into my wallet etc. Then I got a cigarette and lit it. Without even looking at who was next to me. It was none other than that fucker Aidan. He looked at me but didn’t make a move, neither did I. I stood by him and smoked my cigarette all the same.

In the end last night went well. I had about 4 pints. It was quiet and a lot more civilised. Tonight its looking like the Pier, tomorrow Spencers 21st bash. He is planning on getting proper plastered. Saturday, Ive got no plans as yet, but Sunday Im not going anywhere. Im just going to sit here and do nothing. Rest, relax, and recuperate. Because Monday its Compsoc, then Tuesday its Rocsoc. Things aren’t quite as savage as last year Ill admit that, but Im having a pretty good time.

Sunday, 28 September 2003

Thursday was a bit of a good one, Friday was fucking wild.

Thursday night we went to the Pier. Boogie Wonderland. I didn’t really intend to drink much on this night, it just sort of happened. We started of in the Cambrian. After that pizza I was feeling a little bloated. Two pints down. I was too full. So I came back here, chucked my guts up. Went back to the Cambrian where I immediately downed a cocktail by the name of Tom Jones. We moved onto to the Inn on the Pier. Fuck it I thought. Vodka and Coke, two of them. Into the Pier just as it opened.

“Double vodka and coke please” Bang, down the hatch. Bar, hit the bottle alcopops. Two of them, then to the Carlsberg. Lost count of how many of those dirty warm things I had but it was well too many. Then I moved onto the Export somewhere along the night. But enough of my alcohol abuse. What happened there.

We were lucky and managed to get a table in of the booths. Which is nigh on impossible most nights. All of us managed to get in there. Spent a lot of the time talking to Big John. Good chap. Bumped into Ally again in there and spoke to her. She was with Burt, who was completely shit faced on Comp Sci departments wine, and someguy called Paul. Ears decided to grace with his presence. I met one of his housemates, cant remember her name however. Trust me to make a terrible impression.

Ears: “…..yeah and he’s ginger”
Me: “they give me extra grants because of that, it’s a disability”

She looked at me strangely and turned around. I laughed and went to sit back down.
Benny Boy pulled some girl from the female basketball team. She was piss drunk, as in could barely walk drunk.

This guy came up to me as I was leaving the toilets.
“Hey your ginger like me, we gotta band togeather. Im starting GingerSoc, wanna join? Give me your number.”
You better beileve I was more than drunk enough to give anyone my number. I gave it him. Still havent heard anything from him yet. But you know. Its only been two days. I was all over the place in The Bay. Real shit faced drunk. Staggered around trying to find Palin with my beer. Got that, pretty much necked it. Went and bought two bottles of Reef, necked those as well. About 15 minutes after that it, it all sort of really kicked in. I was really losing motor function. Go now. There was no other choice I had to leave. Spencer was shit faced and chasing some really old woman around the dance floor. Thankfully Mig was pretty drunk and ready to leave also.

I got about ten feet from the door and down I went. Just lost balance and fell over. This happened all the way back, Mig had to prop me up. Some old woman gave me a filthy stare so I waved and shouted “Hello”
She turned away. Mig shouted in my ear “I think she likes you” Got back here and just collapsed on the lounge floor. Then Spencer had his drunken glory.
Im told it went like this. Spencer just dropped his trousers and ran over the bridge whereupon some chap started staring at him. Spencer then shouted at him: “Im a paedophile. It doesn’t matter how old they are as long as they have all the rights bits”

Jason staggered into the lounge at some point, I remember him waving a road sign in my face but that’s about it. Im told this morning that I also started playing SSX Tricky on the PS2. I have no idea.

Madness. I went to bed.

I woke up on the couch downstairs. It was definitely another of those “What the fuck?” moments.

Last night I was invited to a house party but I was too ill to move. If Id have gone I would have only drank something despite whatever I said about not drinking. Which Im taking the rest of the weekend off the booze. Now Ive not seen anyone today yet but knowing my luck I probably missed the best house party of the season. But I didn’t really have much of a choice, my body felt destroyed. It needed this time to regroup.

Last night I slept for 12 hours, it has done me the world of good. I could probably be able to drink again tonight, but no. Not till tomorrow, give me body these brief few hours to recover itself. Lets not burn it out to soon.

Today we all went to have lunch at the carvery. The queue was much too big so we went over to Varsity instead. Fish n Chips with a glass of coke. Im just not core. I really needed this rest. I got three “serious nights” as Jason likes to call them. Compsoc, Rocsoc then finishing off with Alternate on Thursday night in the Union. Spencer said he was going to do his nails black for the union and he would probably come along on Tuesday. I gotta make some buddies on Tuesday. Gotta be in Fresher social mode again.

People tell me Im a lot more talkative this year than I was last year. Im a lot more hyperactive as well.

After the meal in Varisty we headed over to Borth to arse around in the dunes. I almost gave it a miss and sat around back here. Im glad I went. Talked to Gemma S for a lot of the time there. Was just like it always used to be, before I decided to be a clever fucker and try it on with her. How many mistakes did I make last year? I think they are uncountable. But at least I have a chance to put things right now. Which is of course what matters.

Live, learn and die.

Tuesday, 30 September 2003

Im in a bit of trouble. 8am this morning, still a bit drunk Jason, or Mom as we have started calling him, gave me a right bollocking for walking into his room instead of mine last night. Fair enough. Apparently I even said sorry at the time, of course I don’t remember any of this. Fish and Mig think its funny. Im just hoping I don’t do it again. I need to take extra care, right it on my hands to remind me or something.

Anyway despite my fuck up I had a great night. Hit Scholars, after a vodka at home, at about 8:30. The place was already full of people. Got drinking. We got pretty damn hammered. I had about 4 pints in there. Talked to a few interesting guys.

Spoke to Mark Ratcliffe as well. First time we have had a direct conversation since our argument in Aberdyfi. He told me how he has set up a company over the Summer. Ill probably try and get a job there soon enough for my work placement next year. I really want to stay in Aberystwyth for it.

Anyway. We moved onto the Cambrian had a pint and a dirty cocktail. Moved onto Varsity, dirty shot. Then over to the bay upstairs. This was a good place. Was pretty dead but we were the life and soul. Made Fish do a shot of dirty Bay vodka. Started talking to a Fresher called Ashley. Of course out of the forty or so that started the night we ended up in the Bay with about 10-15 of us, mainly 2nd years. But this guy was still there. He was a boozer, but he looked like the typical computer geek. Turns out he was at V2003 this year and saw the same bands as me. Even The Distillers. Anyway we moved downstiars into IndieSoc, Joe got us all in free.

Oh yeah. Turns out Joe saw my drunken downfall outside the Bay on Friday night, he said him and his work mates were pissing themselves laughing.

Downstiars me and Fish pretty much hung around with Ashley and Matt(2nd year who I never really knew last year). It ended up just three of us lasting till the end. We were wasted. Grabbed chicken wings and potato wedges from the Spar, sent Ashley on his way, lucky bastard doesn’t start till 12 today.

I turned up still a bit drunk at 9am this morning. It was all good. Accept of course my bollocking from Jason, who no doubt will be in a mood with me now.

Anyway. RocSoc tonight, the drinking never appears to end.

It occurred to me while I was in the shower earlier that this year Im going to have to say bye to people. I may never see them again. Clare graduates. It really did almost make me cry thinking about her leaving.

Blaggard [12:18 PM]