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[ Sunday, November 30, 2003 ]

Well what a week.

Tuesday was pretty much the standard RocSoc affair. Although it was alot emptier than it usually is. It was Lyndons last Tuesday night in The Angel, although I only got to know him in the last couple of weeks its going to be sad to see the lad go. Ed and Steve were DJ'ing most of the night so I was talking to Lyndon for the majority of it. Turns out our politics are pretty much the same as well. Ah you meet another werido just like you and then they disappear. Gah. But anyway, ended up kinda drunk and then a kebab afterwards. Too much kebab lately I tell you.

Wednesday did work. Went to Spoons lunchtime with Jason and Mig after there constant nagging to get me to go. Came back, did more work. A load of birthday post turned up. Crone sent me an Opeth cd Ive been wondering about for a while. Its very werid stuff, not bad. But more of the stuff I could only really get into if I was hideously depressed, then I could fully appreciate its beauty I think. Thursday was Alternate in the union, this is when my birthday celebrations started. Bang. Did I start and end with a display of hideous excess.

Started around 8ish my lounge. Fish had bought me a case of lager so I cracked into those. Went to walking social with Spencer, Rach, Charlie and Gemma turned up. Gah. I dont know what is up with these days, everytime I see she just jumps on me and tries to hug me. Then constantly is constantly touching and poking me. Sometimes Im not bothered, other times it pisses me off immensely. Anyway. Got a pint and a bottle down in there. Headed up to the union, got there for about 10:30. Met Ed and Steve. Proceeded to drink vodka chasers with every drink I had until my ass was in the ground. There arent any real highlights of stupidity that I can think of. That guy who runs metalsoc was there moaning about how much he didnt want to be there. He just turns up to everything then moans about how miserable he is, wish he would just stay at home.
Spence did a lot of moshing. Ah bumped into Lyndon and bought him a load of whiskey, it was his last night of university, imperative that he went out with a bang. Got home, did stupid stuff like throw Fish accross the lounge......apparently.

Friday. My 20th birthday. Yeah the big 20. I feel like such an old bastard now I tell you. Woke up, feeling a little drunk. Went up and did my two lectures. Went straight from there to the union and had a Russian coffee. Had a couple of pints. Clare came over, Jill made wisecracks about how I was getting old. Went over to Rosser bar, had a couple more pints. Mig won the jackpot of the weakest link game machine, he bought us all a round. Jason was drunk and went to his lectures a little pissed. We went down the town to the Cambrian and had another. All feeling a little inebriated we went running round Somerfield opposite looking for food.

Came back here, had a shower, ate pizza. Jason collapsed in bed. Did caffeine tablets, went to Spoons to meet up with everyone else. Started on vodka and coke, then a pint, then ed got me a Corona. Headed over to the Mill where Ash and Roddy joined us. Drank white russians, then pints. Someguy that was staying with charlie for the weekend turned up, I thought he was just some random guy in the pub. Moved to the Ship and Castle. Was feeling hammered by this point. Speed drank a couple of pints. Dave Barns was in there, o so tempting to buy him some shots. Resisted. Walked out, air hit me. Feeling very very drunk. Got to the Bay. Had a pint. Rhi bought me a shot of under the counter absinthe(Joe later told me it was between 85 and 90%).

I did the shot. It tasted like fire. Then nothing till 8am when I came round on the couch. Staggered upstairs and fell into bed till 11:30. A few things drifted back out of the haze before I was filled in fully. Oddly the only thing I really remembered was standing the kitchen with one of the draws in my hands laughing.
Turns out after that shot I passed out about 20mins later. Palin bought me a Tequila but I never drank it, it had the worm in it I remember well. When I passed out the bouncers started to swarm and bar staff looking at me so Fish and Spencer dragged me out of there before I was thrown out. Then I was sort of staggering down the street, Joe was laughing his head of apparently. Got a kebab, came home. Then pulled the draw out looking for a fork, used a steak knife, almost stabbed myself in the chest apparently. Then ate migs kebab. Covered mine self in garlic sauce. Fell asleep. Hehe.

Felt like complete wank all day Saturday, barely moved. It was grim, but I had a fantastic birthday. Better than the year before easily.
Blaggard [10:13 PM]

[ Tuesday, November 25, 2003 ]

Saturday night Ed, Steve and Spencer came round. Ended up drinking a few beers and playing alot of PlayStation. I then fell asleep on the couch like an idiot, I seem to fall asleep on that thing alot. Did some Java work.
Last night was old CompSoc. Was better this week even though there was even fewer of us. Ben had the idea of going to the fair. Alot of people didnt want to go, I didnt want to go to it infact. A few people messaged me and said they werent coming at all because of it. So we had even fewer numbers than before. Came down to: Fish, Emanuela, Mat, Matt, Burt, Ben, Emma, Ally and Fran. Yeah Fran that was an odd one. Turns out Emanuela is having his wicked way with her. Talk about odd. Hehe, he was a bit shocked that we already knew her, just one of those things.
Anyway. While the others went to the fair me, eman, fish and Fran went to Cambrian. D Jetson was in there dressed as a woman, drunk as skunk, acting like a complete loon. It was hilarious. Fish scored £15 out of the cash machine. I babbled nonsense at anyone who would listen. When the others met up with us we went down to the glen. Ended up doing some shots with that Matt guy, havent really spoken to him before.

Yeah heres an odd incident. Went into the toilet, guy was coming out a cubicle so I went to go straight in, pushed the door, there was another guy just standing there a pint. Confused the fuck out of me, wasnt even drunk. Ashley was in there, he said he wasnt too drunk, but he obviously was. Eman kept touching me up for reasons Ill never know and then half-inched my lighter before leaving. Good job it was cheap shitty one. Everyone left and it was just Fish, Matt and me sitting there. We then left, went to Spar. Chatted with the guy behind the counter, we know him pretty well now. Had an onion Bahji(sp?) the size of a football.

Today im shattered. Id like it to be noted that I wasnt drunk last night eithier.
Blaggard [1:11 PM]

[ Saturday, November 22, 2003 ]

Right now somewhere in the USA there is a girl crying her heart out. Who probably feels completly betrayed by someone who she had immense trust. So much trust infact that she let this guy take photos of her naked. This guy worked with her and for her father. Then there was a rift with her father. He posted said pictures on the company website which he designed.

Normally this sort of behaviour would make me smile. But this girl didnt deserve this, sure if the fathers an assbeef dish out a bit of the pain.

These pictures werent exactly flattering. I feel sorry for the girl. But then maybe she had done something to deserve it. The article got pulled from Fark pretty quick once someone had posted the clowns address on the boards. I think it was well over 10000 hits in the time it was up. Ten thousond people at least have seen her naked and shaved.

Behold the power of Fark,eh?

Anyway, back to me! Last night I went to The Bay Basement for what now looks like the last Rock night on a Friday. There were posters up advertising a hard dance night in there next Friday. Was looking forward to going there for my birthday as well. Not that I would probably remember much about it. But hey, I love my Rock.

Got there about 9ish, Eddie and Steve were already there. It seemed to be one of those nights were we got drunk very quickly for some reason. Ed hadent eaten anything so it just seemed to hit him instantly. Smoked an el silly amount of cigarettes. Someguys came down into the basement intent of causing trouble, they liked Rock music about as much as I like trance. Proceeded to rip the piss out of everyone in there. In the end they left.
That gigantic american director was DJ'ing in there, his friends happened to know Ed and Steve as they do the same course. Talked to them for a while, I cant remember eithier of thier names. Met a few of the RockSoc board members. Perpetual_Blasphemy, he seemed alright enough, also the guy who runs metalsoc. Also met Crystal, who was beligerantly pissed. All over the place drunk infact.

Our conversation went exactly like this:

Crystal: Hey, your Reesy.
Me: Your Crystal.
Crystal: No shit.

Then her eyes kinda glazed over a bit. We sat there drinking till pretty much the end of the night, got a pizza, came back to a delightfully empty house. Turns out that was the last RockSoc in the bay basement, its going back to that horrible trance thing they had last year. Oh well, was good while it lasted.

Blaggard [7:57 PM]

[ Thursday, November 20, 2003 ]

We just sorted out the secret santa thing.

Woo I got Jason. Easy to buy for. Bottle of Whiskey and Ginger Wine. Gemma and Tracy went off on one when it was suggest that there been a oooo £10 limit. They bitched until it was lowered to 8. I burst into fits of laughter when I was told this. Fuck em. If Id have had Tracy it would of been a 12" black dildo right there. Gemma has specifically asked for "nothing crude"

Oh please. What the hell did I ever see in her. How stupid do I look now. I threw away Jess and nigh on close to my own life over that. At least I can say Ive learnt from there whole business.

Blaggard [9:35 PM]

Well aint this just fucking great.

Guess who the only person left is this weekend. Thats right me. Everyone is fucking off home. Mig has already gone, Jason and Fish are going tomorrow.

And what is it with everyone dropping out? Ears has gone. Lyndon a guy at RocSoc who I started to get to know is leaving at the end of next week. Everyone I know is just disappearing. Everything I thought I had here is so paper thin. Most of my friends from last year have retreated into some kind of coma. So just me sitting here. You know I cant remember if I posted anything about it here but Ive been thinking about quitting lately. The only thing that I really look forward to here is RocSoc and the only person who really keeps me here is Clare. I just want a place with some heavy beligerance. A little bit of that spirit of youth.

K this whole post is probably not making any sense but I am so unbeileveably angry and bored its stupid. At least tomorrow night Ive got my RocSoc in the Bay. Which oddly enough may be taken off if people dont start drinking more.

That will really piss me off if its the case.
Blaggard [7:42 PM]

BulletProof Monk

Its really not going to change the world is it. The Funktastic had me in sitches however.

...yeah the matrix rip offs were obvious.
Blaggard [8:20 AM]

[ Wednesday, November 19, 2003 ]

There is nothing more depressing to me than to watch my heros fall. People I looked up to fall and stumble.

I guess we all see it. But its probably the only thing that really gets to me anymore. The latest to fall is Palin. He has been living over in that other house for way too long, the blandness of Tracy and Gemma must be infectious. At least Benny Boy has become a monster. Im proud of that particular creation.

These days though I have to say the person I look up to the most is myself.

Blaggard [8:33 PM]

Compsoc was that an exciting affair this week. Infact it was kinda dull. Not many people were there and everyone was feeling a bit fried. I got drunk for the sake of it. Ended up in the Glen were Ashley was out on a flatmates birthday, he and Roddy were all over the place. So like a true friend I kept plying more booze onto Ashley. Saw him yesterday afternoon and he said he felt very ill. Hehe.

Last night was RocSoc, was a really good night. Me and Spence were on our way there when this old guy comes hurtling down the street, slipped and went flying into a shop window. I think there was a good chance he was drunk. The window didnt break but he seemed extremly dazed afterwards, but ran off again. No idea what he was running to/from.
Went to Academy for a quick one first. Went over to The Angel. Eddie and Steve had to take it turns working the door, they have an interesting entrance policy which I was not aware of. You get in free if you meet the following criteria:

1. The commitee knows you.
2. Youve been going there for a long time.
3. Youve large breasts.

You will be refused entrance if:

1.Your not a student.
2. They think you a local going to cause trouble.

That Pantycleyn security guard who has a taste for high school girls turned up while Ed was on the door. Told him to fuck off. Rightly so. We got progressively drunker when they were both finished on the door. I met another of the guys from the RocSoc forums, Lyndon, bought him a drink as I promised I would. He was monstrously pissed anyhow, could have gave him a pint of water and he probably wouldent have even noticed. Left literally when they threw us out of there, ended up standing around in the street jabbering drunken nonsense with Ed and Steve, then we decided to get a kebab. Got back here, Mig was still awake. Talked to him for a while. Bang. After that its blank, dont remember going to bed or anything.

Somethings never change.

Blaggard [12:05 PM]

[ Sunday, November 16, 2003 ]

Well the meeting was interesting. Burt has now stepped down. Ben and Joe have taken over the role of President. They are now the "Presidential Entity". Emma, a first year lass, is the social secratery. Fish is 2nd year co-ordinator. Lowey is remaining in the current position.

Me, well it would it appear Im now the treasurer. Gotta look after all the money, approve outgoings etc.

Great fun. Ive been half working on that damned user manual all night. I hate the sight of it, Im shit at writing documentation. Oh and surprise surprise, none of my group have emailed me anything.
Blaggard [11:51 PM]

Jason just told me a story about his "7am all-kebab meat emptying". Its not pleasent, what made it worse was the kitchen still stinks of kebab as he was telling me this.
Blaggard [1:05 PM]

Last night we ended up going to Yoko's. All three of us. Went over to Rummers about 8ish. Started drinking. Jason had already been into his whiskey before we left the house. Rhi left and came back here after a while. We moved to Inn on the Pier. Sat in there for a bit. Then we went up to Yoko. Jason was Rik Wallered. Drank a couple of pints, left just after one and got some chips.

Thats about it really. Wasnt a bad night despite the fact that nothing happened. No one bothers anymore. But hey, Ive got my RocSoc which in the end is all I really need.

3pm today Ill be going to the compSoc board meeting. I think CompSoc is now in its end times, singing its death song. But we will see after this meeting, which is to decide on that very issue. Other than that Ive got a day of Java and possibly some user manual if those clowns bother to email me anything.
Blaggard [12:15 PM]

[ Saturday, November 15, 2003 ]

Hey look at this. Less than two days.

Thursday night I ended falling asleep at 12ish with pen in hand writing pseudocode for my solo project. Having to spend more and more time chasing group project people, who are all a day late in giving me stuff now. Fucking clowns.

Last night was good. Went to The Glen to watch 9xDead. They were fucking dire. Ive seen some shit bands, from my days in the RockCafe 2000 but good god. This was dire even by those standards. At least those muppets in bands such as Deformity or even the "I dont fucking think so guy" could get a crowd moving. It got so bad the band were even hurling insults at the crowd. At that point we left and went to The Bay, sat in the death metal section. Got them to play Slayer - Deaths Head for me, I was well impressed.

Yeah. I was shit faced as well. Everything after 1am doesnt even register. Except buying a kebab. Met a guy from the RocSoc forums. He was cool, asked him to play me a song. But I dont know if he did or didnt. Woke up, pissed, at 5am with the light shining right in my eyes. Hell least I managed to get into my room this time.

Jason wants to go out tonight, but its only him. We dont even bother with the other guys anymore. Its a waste of a walk or a phone call to ask them out, they will say no. So Ill probably go along, not that I overly want to be honest, but he hasnt been out in ages so itd be cruel to crush it for him.

Anyway, Ive made fuckin good progress with my solo project this week, Im kinda chuffed. Probably spend the rest of the weekend hacking away at it.
Blaggard [1:02 PM]

[ Thursday, November 13, 2003 ]

Ok I know my posts have been skant and in the case of Sundays, not even finished. Its basically coming down to Ive got alot of work to do but Im also trying to balence a very hectic social life with it at the same time. Yeah you best beileve Im eithier working like crazy or throwing booze down my throat. Ive had an hour n 30 min break today just to eat and relax a little. Now Ill probably be coding till the late hours. Maybe if I dont feel like a corpse Ill sit in the lounge and have a Gunniess. Ill be lucky. Things seem to be busy this week, my group project work should be done soon, then Ill have a bit more breathing space.

Maybe Ill even finish off Sundays post when I get the time.

So this your crazed author with some odd deathwish signing off till god knows when.

Blaggard [7:00 PM]

[ Wednesday, November 12, 2003 ]

Monday night was the CompSoc spectacular. Got drunk, went to the Glen and trained Aftershocks with Al, who just happened to be in there. Slept on the couch.

Last night was RockSoc. Was good, going with Ed, Ste and Tom to the goth thing on Friday.

Sorry this post is short, I had a ton of stuff but I fucked up and lost it all.
Blaggard [1:20 PM]

[ Sunday, November 09, 2003 ]

Good god man. Its been a long week and Ive got more stories to confer than I can shake a stick at. Ranges from my numerous drunken downfalls to some random Comp Sci student emptying his stomach into an antique toilet. Brew yerselves a coffee and read the last week of my life.


CompSoc was as usual pretty good fun. Me and Fish were in there well before 8:30 and only Emanuallea was there, we drank a few down. More turned up but admitidally numbers are dwindling. Clare came along as well, Gill and her had split up, she wanted to get trashed. We moved on over to Varsity. Did some shots with Ashley. Went upstairs and sat down with the others, we grabbed a couple more shots on the way out. This week instead of the usual Glen madness we went to the Pier. Was ok. I proceded to carry on drinking and babbling crap at Ashley if he would listen.

Some oldguy next to us, well I say old, mid 40's I think. He was pissed and kept ranting at me about this guy wearing an American Football shirt who he wanted to clobber. In the end he went over and told him that he was a twat, he came back to tell me all about it. I moved, didnt want to be involved when that little timebomb went off. Didnt see him for the rest of the night so I dont know what happened. Babbled at the others. Emmas friend was there. It was her boyfreinds birthday. She had fucked him earlier on the in day. Found him in the Pier going with his ex blind fucking drunk. That kinda put a dampener on the night. All the CompSoc guys got all too excited when they found out Clare was lesbian, they found this out of course because she was going with Gill. Emmanula shook her hand. Got a stupidly large kebab from Aber kebab, it was rancid. Really rancid. Slept on the couch again.


Ah RocSoc. Id manged to convince Mig to come with me when Id got back from CompSoc the night before. Of course you best beileve I didnt remember this. 8pm came and I was having a glass of water in the kitchen. Standing there like a lemon watching Mig cook. "So whatcha up to tonight Mig? Off to Pier?" He just looked at me, called me a clown(or something simaler) and explained. We went over to Academy, Jason and Palin(a charecter Ive not really seen in a long time) came along. Mig started doing stupido amounts of shots. Went over to the Angel, Jason went home. We sat down with Ed and Steve, drank a smoked up a storm. Palin left about 11:30 as he was tired. I had the same thing with the barmen just pouring my drinks whenever I went up to the bar. Quite handy that, until you want a different drink, but that doesnt really happen very often. Grabbed some wedges with Mig on the way home, woke up on the couch covered in wedges....again.


Quiet quiet night. Clare came over and I took her out and bought her a meal. Which has once again fueled the gossiping fuckwits about what sort of relationship me and Clare have. Ah I suppose its fun to keep them guessing, I get some kind of odd pleasure from it at least. Gill turned up, it would appear they are having the nice on/off relationship kinda thing that I had with Jess. She stayed a bit they had a play fight which ended up with them both on the floor. We went over to The Glen to watcht thier firework display. It was pretty good. Went to Scholars, had a pint and then came back here. Worked till 1am, crashed out.


Thursday was Fishes birthday, it was very a much a quiet affair, we went out for the sake of it without any real intention to get drunk. Me and Jason just got bladdered anyhow. Went to Rummers. After going to Safeway post lectures to buy Fish his birthday present, bottle of Smirnoff Blue(I got ID'd in there!! turns out Jason also was earlier in the day by the exact same woman) I just started getting pissed in Rummers to wind Tracy and Gemma up, they have come to hate acts of beligerance so I love to be more extremewhen they are about just to wind them up.


Friday we went off to Gregynog. I suppose this thing should be explained in some detail, it was quite the tale of drunken abuse, but drunken abuse which did not involve me.

We went straight to the bar, after that god awful thing everyone just dashed to get a beer. Great minds think alike eh? I only had a couple of pints all night, I really didnt feel like getting drunk for once in my life. Sat and talked to a few people that I know from the course, Wayne, Rob etc. The ex Marks Hat bunch acted like a bunch of complet drunken cocks, I didnt get involved nor did I speak to any of them for the entire night, infact no one did. I sort of just latched onto Benny Boys friends. One of whom, Matt, was beligerantly pissed. It was quite a sight to see.
My respect for Steve, a bit of a reputed piss artist, trebled after his performance in the bar. He singlehandedly convinced the barmaid to keep the bar open for an additional 1.5hrs and then also went with the girl. Someone should buy him a drink.
Near the end of the night me and Fish went outside and got talking to one of the industrialists who was shit faced, he had just gone to his car to get a bottle of wine he had in his boot. He had twigged onto our Brummie accent and started jabbering at us.
So in the end it turned out besides the vomiting in the downstairs toilet someone threw up in an antique toilet somewhere in the upper floors. Whoever is responsible for both has yet to let it be known it was them. Good move on thier part as whoever it was will get into some shit. Mark was apparently fuming but since he no longer has any offical power over us sincce he stopped being head of year I euss it really doesnt matter that much.

I got back to the room and the others werent back, but I stayed up and waited for them. I thought it was at least worth making the effort, turned out they were pretty decent guys. Another time and place we could of easily been good buds I think. One chap, Pete, told me a story about how he pushed Julian into the pile of vomit in the bar toilet, I was in hysterics overit. Especially as Julian hadnt bothered to bring a change of clothes with him.


Gah and Palin just told me he has stopped jerking off because it breaks his concentration....I really didnt need to know that.

Blaggard [10:20 PM]

[ Monday, November 03, 2003 ]

Well it looks like Im back on the air quicker than usual. I really dont know why I havent being posting as much of late. Its not like I havent had the time to do it. So anyway, best get on with stories.
Friday night was Rocky Horror. It was pretty damn good. I dressed up in a demon mask with black nails, painted a done of occult symbols on them in white. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Fish went as death, rhi as trinity, charlie as a devil, rach as a cat, ally as a pirate, john as a dectective, spencer went as barbra again. He really seems to like dressing up as barb lately. Started it off in Rummers at 7:30 of course me, being the beligerant piss artist that I am started drinking Guinness before hand. Got onto lagers in Rummers. Gemma turned up shit faced, moaned that we never see each other anymore and then started poking me in the ribs. One of the few times Gemma has actually pissed me off. I distanced myself from her as quick as possible, thankfully she wasnt coming to the union, she went round to see Billy(her new boyfriend or something) to his house party.
We moved onto Varsity. Started doing shots because I felt all to sober. Cal was in there, but didnt say anything to her. Wasnt really much to say. I hear she has got rid of that clown Mike now. Although I say clown I always got on with him well enough, but I know she didnt really like him. She should of done it last year, would have been able to enjoy Fresher year more.

Grabbed a tin of lager from Spar. Like a true alchi. Most people got a taxi up, I walked with Spence and Fish. Got in there, immeadiatly remembered vodka and coke was a pound. Got extremly pissed by about 12. Ally got horrendously shit faced so I took her home. I guess I was kinda disapointed because I was having a great time, everyone was kinda gothy. There was lots of good costumes and an atmosphere I felt extremly happy in. I suppose it was for the best in the end, if Id carried on drinking I think I would have vomited. Walked down the hill with Gemma P. Woke up, still felt a bit rough.

Last night me, Mig, Jason, Spence and Joesph went out to eat. First to beechings, to find out they no longer do food, then spoons to find there was a two hour wait. In the end we went to Varsity. Had one of thier massive cornish pastys. Was tasty. Met up with Eddie at Rummers at 8:30. Had a couple of pints. Moved to Bar E, had Dr Peppers(lager, ammertto and coke) then moved to the bay. Started on the red bull and vodkas immeadiatly to wake me up. Then just regular run of the mill bay vodka. Benny Boy turned up. We got shit faced, sitting in the corner of the bay. Ben got stomach pains from the vodka as well. I drank well too much. Left went with Hollywood pizza with Ed as it was on my way, didnt get anything. Rhi's sister was in there for some reason I dont really remember, called her completly the wrong name. I woke someguy up who was passed out on the table. Got home. Talked to Sam for ages on the phone about bollocks. Then I think I must have fell asleep.

The Big Spit, ran upstairs got into the bathroom. Vomited all over the floor, some in the toilet, some in the sink. Must have been there for a good 20 mins. Drunkly staggered downstairs to get a mop, threw up in the downstairs toilet, collapsed in the hallway. Think I passed out for a while. Got back upstairs vomited some more. Tried to clean stuff up. Gave up due to being shit faced and collapsed in bed. Threw up in my bin several times throughout the night. Well by the time I got to bed it was 5:30, but you get my drift.

Today I scrubbed the bathroom I had vomit in every possbile place, emptied my bin into the outside bin. Other than that I aint done shit today, besides a small amount of project work.

Oh yes. Friday night when I got back I had a big rant about Gemma. Yes it would appear that girl still has an effect on me. All out the system now though. Ive had my rant, unfortunatly for Jason it was at him. Good job he was pissed as well. Anyways. CompSoc tomorrow then......

Blaggard [12:40 AM]