The Boozehound

[ Sunday, February 29, 2004 ]

Placebo are stingy with thier Cocaine. In a way this entire weekend so far has been leading up to drinking with semi-famous rock stars talking about drugs and generally rock and roll debauchery. Right, lets get this thing started:

At least once a year I have to drag some complete stranger back to my house. Not for sex or anything like that, just for the shear sake of it. Friday night I did just that.

Went to the Bay for RocSoc. The roads were horrible with ice and it had begun to snow again. The Bay was freezing and the bar was closed. Tried to get upstairs to get a pint, door was locked. Got some beer down me when the bar finally opened. Simit and Dom turned up. Piss drunk.

viper9x turned up. He had come from mss2's house party. He convinced us to head over there afterwards.
Near the end they refused to serve Dom anymore drink. He was all over the shop. I was worse but managed to keep it togeather enough at the bar to convince them to give me two double vodka and cokes. They thought I was getting one in for Dom. Which I wasnt. I think one of them followed me back to my seat to see. Meh. They were all for me.
Niff's DJ set was a little...dodgy. Although I dont mind the odd cheesy rock song she was playing some werid early 90's dance jibber jabber. Almost made spill my beer. Randomly remember talking to Emlyn(sp?). Barrled out into the street at kick out time. I think I followed viper9x but Im not really sure. Flash of walking round some side street. Before standing in a lounge with a can of Strongbow in my hand with Ash, Rod and Ed. Left, got a kebab. Next thing I know Im sitting in my room, with some Maths graduate who works in a bakery, smoking weed. Was a very "what the fuck?" sort of evening.
I told her to crash here if she couldent be bothered to go home, she thought I meant sleep with me. But really I didnt, I was just being friendly. The weed had mellowed me out and I just wanted to sleep myself. Of course lets be honest, I was far to fucked to have been anywhere near capable anyway.
I woke up at 9 sprawled accross my bed, fully clothed. Went back to sleep till 12:30.

Last night I went to see Colour of Fire play in Retro. Met everyone in Rummers for a few pre-gig pints. Jason was being bitchy, he didnt want to go and see the bands but didnt want to stay at home. I knew exactly what he wanted to do, sit in Rummers all night and listen to the hillbilly with the banjo(no really, im not fucking with you). Spence made it worse by going crazy at him. The pair of them can be such children. Someguy got thrown out for trying to steal bar towels.
Headed off to Retro just after 9. Waited for ages for Jason to get some cash out. We all start going in when Jason changed his mind and fucked off. Probably for the best. He was pissing me off and he was drunk enough to start abusing everyone he came accross in retro. He is a uber-homophobe. Hehe, side tracking here, but for a while we used to take him to gay nights and not tell him until afterwards. His opinion on everyone he had met there changed. Made me and Fish laugh hysterically. Then it got boring.
Anyway. The bands. The first one were plainly shit. Experimental indie crap. One point the guy was literally using some odd synthersizer. The lead singer reminded me of Jack Osbourne, accept on a skank load of speed. They sucked.
Next band I really liked, Moses Earts Cheese, they were a little bit crazy but could keep a tune togeather and it was pretty interesting stuff. Ed was impressed enough to buy thier CD. I was pounding through the pints pretty fast. Next band were Colour of Fire. They were good but musically I must say I prefered Moses Eats Cheese.
After the bands finished we went to one of the other rooms in the place. Gay Matt from CompSoc was there with friends. We had a beer. Pretty much everyone left after one. They missed the best part. Me, Ed and Spence were sitting around a large table. When none other than Colour of Fire came and asked if they could join us.

Like, fuck yeah.

We got talking. Dumbass me. The only thing I could think to say at first was:

"So you guys toured with Placebo...I hear they do a fuck load of drugs"

Apparently they are all coke fiends, and they dont share thier drugs. COF were pretty disapointed by that. It may have been a completly random thing to ask them but it broke the ice a bit. They stayed till around 1-1:30 before getting back on thier tour bus. There off to Brixton for a gig on Monday.
Other randomness. Got talking to a drunk lesbian from Kansas. She was a really nice lass, talked about America. She told me to go and see proper states, not that backwards ones that Ive been to(Utah and Texas = shiteholes).
Gay Matt was drunk and tried to molest me. I dont know what his fixation with molesting me while drunk is.

Left when it shut. We were all riding high after drinking with the band. Went to Hollywood pizza. Spencer was doing random drunk spencer stuff. Freaked a couple out. For some reason I remember this vividly.

"Sorry. Just ignore him. Hes crazy on acid"

Which was a lie. But it got a smile out the guy. The girl just looked a bit scared. Talked to a few randoms in the pizza place. Spencer was kissing the window. Got home. Ate pizza. Woke fully clothed in bed...again.

....and now Ive lost my fucking house-keys. Great.
Blaggard [12:34 PM]

[ Thursday, February 26, 2004 ]

Yeah it snowed so lectures were cancelled.

We got some thick bin bags and threw ourselves down a hill on them. Had a few snowball fights around campus. It was actually a pretty fun day.

Dont know why but Im pissed off 2nite. No real reason to be.
Actually if anything its the stupidity of the conversations in the lounge at the moment. Everyones mouthing off and giving thier opinion on things they dont understand yet think they actually have masterful knowledge off. I got bored of tearing them down ages ago, its easier to just walk out when they kick off. Which is why Im entering in this journal now.

Yeah well. Bay Basement tomorrow night. Beer and so on.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

I want speed. Yep Ive pretty much made up my mind that Im going to consume my massive pile of speed on Friday night. Itll be the first drugs Ive taken since my ill-fated acid experience. It really put The Fear on me about taking drugs again. But whatever acid crystals that were left in the spinal column appear to have mostly cracked and processed. Leading to an odd lecture where I was mildly tripping last week.

Not fun. Just annoying more than anything. Couldnt concentrate on what was going on. It was 211 at 2pm for those interested.


Last night I went to RocSoc. Started drinking about 8, had a stein of Guinness. Went to the Angel, binged like crazy. Quite a large portion of the night is just a blur. I vaguely remember jokes about the Necrowizard(you dont want to know) talking to Rob and Katie at the bar. Then I have a vague image of passing Aber Kebab and contemplating a kebab. Dont remember getting home, getting into bed. Little worrying I suppose.

Well its the first time Ive been really hammered in ages. It takes so much effort and money with a tolerance this high.

Monday, February 23rd, 2004

Feelin Lazy
Brody Dalle is a heroin junkie. No. Fucking. Shit.

All the best rock stars do stupid amounts of smack and blow. Its should be mandatory or something.

Saturday night I went to Varsity and then the Bay with Palin, Jason and Spence. Was kinda a quiet night. I got pretty drunk doing silly amounts of Black Sambucca. Sunday night went to Scolars and did the quiz then went to pier.

Was full of drunk Welsh people drowing thier sorrows.

Tonight I think Im going to the Glen with Ash and Roddy for the £ party business. Its a cheap night out. Tomorrow start my second C assignment. Suppose I should do more on the Java one, as all I have is some skeleton classes and a rough idea of what Im doing. Apparently the actual code writing its self isnt too difficult, a four or five hour job. Probably start on Wednesday as I have the entire day off.



Apparently her name was Michelle.

I think pretty much everyone at RocSoc who was there for BrumFest saw the contents of her stomach. It all kinda started like this.
We all met at the outside the Union about 2:30, due to various bits of crap I had to sort out around Uni I was around early. I entertained myself in the best way I could think off, by eating crisps. I arrived around the same time as Niff, she had a cold. Others turned up, Kiss was played. As it would happen there was a Uni open day. Yes, more than a few people were disturbed I think. Nothing but a mass of hair dye, black make-up and clothes. It was pretty funny.

Then a bird decided to shit on my jacket. I washed it the best I could in the Arts Centre toilets. Didnt have time to go back home and get another one. So yes, I was the first casualty. Emlyn also tells me there are photos of my assulting Ed in the Bay Basement. Oddly both of us remember nothing of this in the slightest.
Got on the coach when it arrived, late of course. After about an hour or so we stopped at a truck stop.

The flu I think was still with me. In the truck stop I started to feel really odd. My eyes started to really hurt and I couldnt focus on anything for more than a few seconds. After about another 30 minutes on the coach it passed and I felt alot better. Most people got some food from the burger bar there. It looked a little greasy for my tastes. Despite my unquenchable lust for kebab meat after a few beers Im not really a fan of greasy or fatty foods at all, so I decided not to bother getting anything.

So then yes, back to Michelle. It was only when we got back on the coach at the truck stop did I start to realise how fucking drunk she was. Along with her friend, who I have no idea the name of. They had been drinking vodka and coke heavily and consisently since boarding the coach back in Aber. As they were now getting loud and abravsive it was obvious they were a bit drunk. I just ignored them, they were playing some odd game about celebrities. Got into Birmingham in just under 3 hours Id say it was. The Sanctuary was a large building, I think it was an old theatre. When we finally got inside I followed the others into the merchendise room and had a beer. £2.90. Yes Birmingham prices in full effect, Ed had a Smirnoff Ice, £3.60. I did warn him.
Within an hour on entering the club Michelles guts were on the floor. Then again while she was sitting on the steps in the merchendise room we were in. The second time she got it all down her dress. The staff, for whatever twisted reason, found it kinda funny. Paddy and ex president Lil didnt. I just felt sorry for the poor girl. Due to poor ability to judge alcohol intake she had gone and ruined her night, and probably the night of a few other people as well. Spoke to Katie, who I had met in the Bay Basement on the Friday night. I didnt recognise her at first with black make-up on. Spoke to the barman about rock music. The main room had a large open floor, big stage and a balcony above it. They put the pints on two for one as they ran out of gas in all the pumps. This was better.

So then the bands: Of all the bands there the only one I thought were amazing were Harpies. So amazing infact that I ordered thier single just. They were simaler to Kittie accept they have two lead singers. Didnt see the third band as I went back to the Merch room to talk to the others. I slowed down on the drinking. Mainly because I didnt want to be the only one hammered there, which it would of been otherwise. After the bands everyone went back into the main room were we danced around. I wasnt drunk enough to dance so just stood along the edge. Spoke to Katie again for a bit. Told her to find her ticket when the raffle came on. Good job as well, she won first prize and got a Marshall amp. Lucky girl. About 1:45 I decided to make a move towards bed.

I left the club hoping to see a stream of taxis outside. No such luck. Phoned the number of the taxi company just next to me. Five minutes later the metal door was unbolted and a guy comes out. Got into the car and off we went. He pretty much luanched into his rant immeadiatly. Few minutes down the road he said something along the lines of:

"So...women eh? there all confusing bitches arent they"

Christ I thought, here it comes. Yea. He went off into some borderline mysogomistic rant about all the women that have fucked him over. It was kinda disturbing but as I had little idea as to where I was there was no way I was going to get out of the car before I got into recognisable territory. Which is exactly what I did as soon as I knew were I was. Walked the rest of the way back.
Just passing the Rose and Crown when a car pulls up next to me. I turned to see the blue lights and the window winding down.

"A little late to be out isnt it?"

Two coppers staring intently at me. The one seemed surprised when I actually told him where I had been. Must of beileved me. Didnt say a word to me, just drove off. Walked through the door, stroked the cat, collapsed on the bed.

Thursday came back here. On the night Migs brother came down, went to Glen. I didnt drink much. Friday lectures. Decided to stay in last night. Went to bed about 1, started to shake crazily and I couldent focus on anything again. Was very werid. Effected my sleeping quite alot. But it has passed now so its all good.

Need to finish my C worksheet. Hopefully someone will want to do something tonight, even if it is only a few pints somewhere.
Blaggard [10:58 PM]

[ Saturday, February 21, 2004 ]

If there is one lesson I have failed to learn in life is not to let people get my hopes up. I can quite easily let people who tell me what I want to hear talk me into some kind of state. To the point where I start to kinda beileve it.

Once again it appears to be happening. Urgh.
Blaggard [12:09 AM]

[ Thursday, February 19, 2004 ]

I went, I saw, I got hassle form the filth. It was good to be home.

More when Im actually awake and not in a zombie like state.

But to say it was excellent wouldent be enough, Ive found a new band to listen to as well. A bit like Kittie in vocal stylings. Already trying to get a copy of the album.

Blaggard [7:29 PM]

[ Wednesday, February 18, 2004 ]

Ive been having flu-like symptons for most of the weekend but I managed to push through them. All until yesterday afternoon. I was sitting in 211 it literally just smacked me round the head all in one go. Felt sick, hot and cold sweats. Couldent focus on anything, my eyes hurt like hell. Anything that moved just kinda blurred. I started to shake uncontrolably, but as it was the assignment hand-out I tried to stick it out. Couldent hear a word he was saying however, I just felt to rancid to cope. Fucked off my other lectures, came home, threw up and then just crawled into for 2 hours. Got up and ate a peice of bread. Felt a lot better so thought Id try and brave RocSoc. The lights in the place made my eyes hurt and within half an hour of been there I was getting the shakes again. So I just left and went to bed. Slept for nearly 12 hours and now I feel pretty good, just a little cold. Infact I think the only reason I went was because Gem gem wanted to come. Ah well, despite my illness I did have a good time there, a few laughs were had.

So hopefully I should be able to make BrumFest today. As long as it doesnt decide to come back for another attack on this frail human vessel today.

Eithier way, I dont think my body has much of choice in the matter. When I want to do something as badly as this I find a way.

Monday I went to the Glen with Fish. Ash, Roddy, Matt and a few others were there. Everyone accept me, Fish and Ash eithier went home to the Pier. We stayed till pretty much the end. Didnt drink that much as I was feeling kinda rancid. Got a kebab anyway and then stayed up way to late watching a program big ass dinosaurs. Come to think of it the fact I only got 4 hours sleep could have something to do with the flu hitting me.

I always look at the existance of those Dinosaurs as one my peices of ammo against God and all those who go on power trips in its name. Urgh I must be feeling better, my hereticly side is waking up again.

The human body is too weak, someone get to work on the next version.
Blaggard [10:30 AM]

[ Tuesday, February 17, 2004 ]

Urgh the flu or some other werid virus smacked me round the head in the midst of 211 this afternoon. I suddenly went hot and started to sweat, I couldent focus on anything for more than a few seconds before it started to blur. Its still kinda like that now but better I can focus on things for longer. I kept get waves of feeling sick, then I felt freezing cold, went pale and started shaking. My arms tingled and every now and then I get a sharp pain in my fingers. From that lecture I went straight home and skipped the other two, I felt chronically ill. Crawled into bed and slept for 30 mins then just lay there in a ball with my eyes closed. My eyes do feel sore now. The pupils keep changing sizes as well which is never good.

I need to be well tomorrow for BrumFest. After that screw it, Ill lie in bed till Im better but I really do not want to miss BrumFest, its going to be so cool. Still going to try and make RocSoc 2nite, but just lay of the alcohol. Then get a really good nights sleep. Get up around 11 and see how I am.
Blaggard [5:55 PM]

[ Monday, February 16, 2004 ]

Urgh. What a boring day its been. Got up at 10 worked on the maintenance manual. Went to C lecture at 12, where we got given the first assignment. Came home and worked on the maintenance manual until I finished it, to the best of my ability at least, at just after 5. Ate a pizza and a peice of warm bread.
I got bored and painted the word Addict on the inside of my arm with nail varnish. Looked kinda good at first but it quickly peeled and flaked off. Shame. Rhi is pissed off because work accused her of leaving some cleaning fluid out which some kid then decided to spray into someones eye. Would not overly surprise me if it was true, she can be ridiculously forgetful sometimes. Hope whoever it was ok.

My Im feeling compassionate today.

Going out for a CompSoc meeting later at 8:30, whether that turns into a social or not I dont know. If Ash comes along and is going on the Glen, I will probably go. I appear to be the only one who is bothering to check the forums on a regular basis lately, Joe never sent an email out and around so Fish knows, because I told him. Ben N knows becuase Fish told him. Its exactly this level of organisation which has caused CompSoc to get where it is. Start of the year we had something there, we had numbers at least. Alot of people blamed its demise on Nathanials performance. Yeah, it didnt help, but things could of been fixed. But alas, it never happend. Even the odd spam of all members could of revived some people. Some socials it was literally me, Fish and Ash. But I hope it kicks off again. I had some cracking nights out last semester with CompSoc.
I suppose in the end the majority of people on our course really are the geeks everyone imagines them to be.

I kinda rambled a bit there, I suppose I care quite a bit about Compsoc sometimes. Werid really.

I have a C assignment to do tomorrow. I want it out of the way before BrumFest. That thing is going to own.

Blaggard [7:42 PM]

Went out with a good selection of people I knoew to Varsity for a couple of pints tonight. For once it was a couple of pints as well. Bumped into Roddy in there, sounded like he had a crazy night in the union. Went into Spar on the way back and grabbed a samosa. I swear the guy behind the counter was fucked up on drugs. Couldent really say which one but after a miss spent youth hanging around druggies you just get to notice that "Im fucked up on drugs" look people get.

But yeah.

Got back and Fish whipped out some power tools. I attacked a chair with the jigsaw but didnt do much damage to it. Fish took it to the lamp shade. We then tried to slice a traffic cone in half. Completely random crap. Rhi got a bit freaked out.

I made a Necrowizard hat and walked around proclaiming that I was indeed The necrowizard. When I can get my camera working Ill take some photographs of it. Im pretty glad Jason wasnt here for our Spectacle of Destruction in the lounge. It would of shift gears on him.

I still have the flu.
Blaggard [1:02 AM]

[ Sunday, February 15, 2004 ]

"What will get me drunk" --- Never say these words to a barman.

Trust me. Barmen/maids are there to fuck you up with alcohol. When you specifically ask for it you must understand they have some twisted mix of horrible esoteric spirits in thier mind and are just waiting to find the asshat who will drink it. Last night that asshat was me.

About 5:30 I decided that I wanted Steak. So I defrosted and cooked up a massive peice of steak and had it with noodles. About an hour later I started to feel really ill. Yeah I thought it was food posioning, I think I had another panic attack. Logic told me, nah, youve got the flu coming on. Logic was right. By the time I had to leave the house to meet with the others I was a shaking wreck, hot and cold sweats, the full fun of the flu. Mig didnt seem to beileve my idea that "beer will take the edge off". What do biologists know.
Got to Varsity. I was a mess, couldent even hold my pint straight, shaking. Kept getting werid tingling sensations. That first beer took some effort. Sat down upstairs with Rob and Ed. All who were there when I arrived.
Palin turned up, already so fucked he wasnt making sense. He had been drinking in Lord Beechings since 2pm. While watching the Rugby. Others arrived: Gem gem, Tracy, Andy, Steve, Ash and Roddy. We moved onto the cheap skankiness of Spoons. Aberystwyth Wetherspoons is one of the worst Spoons this country has to offer. Anyway. Drank a few more pints and did some shots of Red Aftershock from champagne flutes. The effects of the flu, were still there but I just didnt give a fuck about it.
Sat outside at Spoons freezing my ass off. Palin was drinking three at a time. Ash and Rod went up to the Union to no doubt ply themselves onto the girl with the lowest self-esteem. Good on ya lads.
Rob went back up the hill as his cash cards still hadnt come through. We moved onto the Bay, was £4 to get in. They had some el crappy Valentines day thing on. The entire place just stunk of a sickly desperation. Got a beer and went into the basement and sat in the Drum and Bass room. None of us liked Drum and Bass. Me and Gem walked around until we found a table upstairs.
Bumped into Matt from compsoc. About 12:30 Palin in his infinite drunknesses decided to go the Union with Benny Boy. I talked to Gem for ages. She left just after 1. Steve went as well. Babbled drunken crap at Ed. I noticed Crystal who was sitting at the other side of the room was crying. Tom, the ex-advisor from my 1st year, came and sat down with us. He was uber hammered. Then he started going on about Crystal. Yeah. He never said anything directly but I think it was him who made her cry. Fucking asshat.
Then I went to the bar. Boyd was working. I jabbered at him about random RocSoc stuff and the impending BrumFest trip. Then asked him what he reccommended to get me drunk. I have no idea what I drank, but it cost me a fiver and there was two shots. The one was black, look like oil. Tasted pretty nice though. Second was that 80 odd percent vodka stuff I think. Left shortly after this.

Bumped into Matt again and went to the Spar with him were he bought a pizza. Walked back most the way with him. Collapsed in the lounge, drunk off my ass. At somepoint I was talking to Rhi, but I cant remember what about. Tried to get up, I fell on the floor. Crawled into bed and slept soundly. Didnt hear a single sound of sex. Plan went off without a hitch. Now I feel fucked and flu is getting worse.

So far today I really have done nothing. Besides write this and cook some soup. Im really hungry today but I dont know why. If Im not too ill I will probably go to the pub with Gem later on 2nite. Need to create something now so I dont feel like Ive wasted the day. Might work on one of my books for a bit.
Blaggard [3:57 PM]

[ Saturday, February 14, 2004 ]

I have a hangover.

Yes I was a bit crazily drunk last night, the amount of Pro Plus I threw into my system kept me awake and slightly hyper for most of the night.

ProPlus: because youve barely slept but you still want to party.

Before I left the house Fish got Rhi drunk on a bottle of champagne, they were so obviously going to have dirty monkey sex so I had a swift Guinness and made a sharp exit.

The music was really good last night, cant say I really annoyed with any of the songs that got played. There is usually the odd song which grates on my nerves. I even found the "wouldent it be funny to play a cheesy pop song at a rock/metal night" songs funny, which I usually dont. Got there around 9ish with Ed and Steve, I bumped into them at the cashpoint. Everyone I bumped into seemed to know me, or know of me so I spent alot of the time when I went to get a drink talking to people on the way. Took me in excess of 30 minutes to actually get back from the bar to our table at one point. Most of that time I was talking to Pub Crawl Rob. Talked about random crap.

Convinced him to come out with me and my group tonight. Staying in and listening to surround sound sex is not my idea of a good night. Just ground the brain with something strong and I will sleep through anything.

SkaRob sort of placed some girl with us with while we were talking. Turns out I was talking complete shite to her at the first Alternate of the year. I ,of course, remember not a word of it. She seemed nice.
I pulled faces at people. I was drunk, it seemed like a funny idea.

Despite these extended bar trips I spent the majority of the night talking to Ed and Steve. This guy kept coming up to us and going "HAIL THE NECROWIZARD". He heard me, Fish and Mig jabbering about said wizard in Scholars on Sunday night. The Necrowizard. Its a long story.

I got a Valentines card. No idea who its off, although I get the feeling its a joke from my crack addict friend up north. Yea, I dont reckon its genuine. But if it is....

Tonight Im getting people out for the "Save me from listening to everyone have sex and he isnt callous enough to drown it out with Nine Inch Nails on Valentines Day" drinking session.

Also what the fuck happened to Fallon Bowman? Ex-guitarist from one my favourite bands Kittie went from rock stardom, to making werid dance music. I cringed when I listened to it. I suppose when push comes to shove, you have to do what you love.

Even if its not a good idea.
Blaggard [12:39 PM]

[ Friday, February 13, 2004 ]

Welsh Nazis

I got what this guy was talking about in the first place. Comparing Welsh Nationalists to Nazis. I get what he is saying, I have to put up with some of those jack booting fuckclowns.
Blaggard [5:26 PM]

Yeah. It could of been a worse night out, it could of been better night out. There was some funny stuff, there was something boring stuff. I dont think Ears enjoyed himself. He got here around 6:30, we walked around the marina "smoking" for a while. Before he had to get a sandwich, turned into an all out giggle fest at the counter of the shop. Went back up to PJM.
Sat in his ex-housemate Dom's room, the guy has a fixation on Brody Dalle and more electrical equipment than you can shake a stick it. Went over the PJM bar were I necked a few pints before the others got there. For a while we considered the traffic light party in Llanbadern. Ended up going over to co-op to get cash and Ears was still hungry. Someone who we were with was cracking some jokes although I cant remember what they were now, all funny funny. Went to Cawt Mawr, where Dom lost the contents of his stomach. It was boiling hot and Ears wasnt having that good a time. Talked about what hes been doing for the last couple'o months. I agreed that he had been living it up.
Moved onto the Union. Those crazy Welsh people had sectioned off half the union for Welsh Only. Man those extremists make me giggle something rotten. Bar 9, bumped into Roddy and Ash.
They had both been drinking stupid amounts of Tequila and came to the Pound party to continue to the ride. We talked about Salvia Divnorium. I think Im going to end up doing the strong extract, despite how much LSD fucked me over. This stuff is totally body detachment expierence. Ears ended up going back with Simit and Dom around 12:30ish. I stayed in the union. We were talking about fighting and death blows for some reason. Ah yes. It was because Aidian was in there, for some stupid pointless reason I wanted to smack his face around a bit. I dont know why. He hasnt done anything wrong lately. My mind is dumb.
Roddy showed me a good move, how to knock the wind out of someone incapacitating them briefly. Of course, he didnt have to try it on me. I was gasping in the corner for a while. I saw the look of horror on Ash's face as he did it, I always see the funny side.

Went home at one. Not really that drunk and with a mildly sore rib-cage.

Go to Bay later for RockSoc. w00t. Beer. Beer. Beer.

Blaggard [4:47 PM]

[ Thursday, February 12, 2004 ]

So here I am again. Live from the Sun Lounge. I thought I had an hour gap between the lecture and my group project meeting, turns out its two hours so I thought Id come in here and carry on applying jobs. Not really working out the way I intended it.

Ears should get into town at about 4pm. We will have a few smokes and then hit the town I imagine with his old housemates. No idea where we will end up, just as long as the beer and smokes are a flowing. Yeah. Fish went home on Tuesday night and didnt get back in time for the lecture today. Dont know why but that kinda pissed me off a bit, probably because I knew he wouldent bother even though he kept swearing he would be back in time.
Jason missed his 9am due him to setting his alarm at the wrong time. Just bumped into Tracy and she inquired were he was. She was actually in a really bouncy happy mood for once, although Ive not really seen her since last semester, infact I think she was at the house party but I didnt do anything more than say hello to her. I was more interested in getting loaded on Salvia. Im always more interested in getting loaded.

So what comes next.

I will at least try to apply to some jobs today. Theres a couple knocking around that Im really interested in so Im trying to make my applications perfectus.

My book about guitars arrived this morning, now I actually need to buy a guitar and amp. I reckon I can get both for around £150, but with the current amount of money I owe for bills and rent going in the next few days I think Ill have to wait a while before I can get my hands on one. Unless Clare pays me back the £100 or so that she owes me. Then Ill probably splurge the rest of the £40 and order them up.

So yea. All hail the Necrowizard and so forth.
Blaggard [2:26 PM]

[ Wednesday, February 11, 2004 ]

I am amongest the first generation to be raised without God. Ive been sitting here thinking this afternoon about that very fact. For as far back into history as I can see people were raised with God and religious teachings. There is no religion influencing my life, no God setting my morals. For me Love is not a command.

As I carried on thinking about it I couldent help but wonder what this means, what will be the end result of removing religion from our lives? I for one can see a multi-tude of upside. The Church is nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, hate-fueled power freaks in my eyes. Itll be interesting to see how it all pans out I guess.

I was raised a Godless sinner and I dont think Im doing too badly.

Blaggard [4:38 PM]

Yeah I ended up getting myself pretty fucking drunk at RocSoc. Woke up in bed this morning not remembering anything past drinking two double vodka and cokes at a time....

Im such a fucking binge drinker.

Got there around 9 with Spencer, by 10 I was on my forth pint and I pretty much carried on that pace all night as far as I can remember. Signed some disclaimer for BrumFest next week, not sure exactly what I agreed to as I couldent be bothered to read it. But I get the idea that it was pretty much: "You fuck up, your on your own". No different to any night out in the centre of Birmingham. Ill probably go and crash at Crones, depending on what takes my fancy when Im shit faced. Dont particulary fancy a trip on the coach 2:30 for well over 3 hours, when Ill be drunk, needing to piss all the time and sleep would just be a crazy idea with the likes of Emlin and Paddy on the coach. Yeah think I will crash at Crones.

Anyway I spent pretty much the entire night talking to Ed and Steve. Spence left pretty early on, he has said before he just gets bored of it sometimes. Spoke to Rob from the pub crawl as well, he went to Back 2 Sk0ol on Saturday, got fucked up and lost his wallet and thus can not get access to any money until his new cards turn up. Bit of a swine that one.

Yeah so that was my night. Today all Ive done is listen to music, its all that I ever want to do anymore. I need to apply to jobs.
Blaggard [1:21 PM]

[ Tuesday, February 10, 2004 ]

Horst Holstein bores my world.

Urgh. Words can not describe how mind numbling bored I was during that lecture. The next one is Friday and due to the impending arrival of Ears on Thursday afternoon sometime Ill probably not go..... First week of lectures and Im already figuring which classes I should miss.

Got the day entirely off tomorrow so I will finish writing a covering letter for one job and apply to *at least* one more job before the day is through. The rest will probably be taken up with me listening to music, playing videos games and/or reading. All I ever seem to want to do lately is sit down with my CD collection and just listen to music. I absolutely love the stuff, probably the reason Ive decided to learn to play the ole guitar. Ordered a book on it off Amazon this morning.

Yeah. I just want to be a fucking Dirty Rock Star. Get paid to play music.........and do heroic amounts of drugs. Of course Id probably fuck up and get caught with half of Columbia strapped to the underside of my tour bus.

Just ask yourself, what would Jesus not do.

Im going to RocSoc later on to drink vast amounts of sweet lady liqour.
Blaggard [7:15 PM]

Yeah last night was pretty good. Was nice to be out with people who not only appreciate my taste for getting fucked up but actively encourage it. The thing about the three of us is we all want to be rockstars and pretty much act like we are sometimes. We started in Varsity were the Aber Paras were getting seriously fucked up. We had one beer then just went straight to The Glen, alot cheaper that way. Roddy, whos tolerance has plumeted after a heavy night in Bar Retro was pretty drunk after 3 pints. I think I drank around 8, shot of Aftershock and Ash got a round of Baileys in. Mixing that stuff with beer is just asking to throw up. Saw a few people I knew but overall me and Rod were some of the oldest people in there. Which was kinda scary, Im only 20 years old.
I think I had a mild flashback in there, was kinda werid. Had the same feeling I had before the rise of the first wave on Saturday night. That was freaky, thankfully I was pretty drunk so I didnt panic. Just stood there thinking: "Fuck, this is going to be fun with all these lights". But the feeling was as far as it went. Yep. Got drunker. When we left the feeling just kind of left me, didnt feel all that drunk. Went to Spar and got some kind of hot bacon and egg sandwich. Bumped into SkaRob from RocSoc. Came home, crashed out.

Woke up with no hangover. Lecture this morning didnt go too badly, I was kinda bored though I have to say. All about complexity.

Oh yeah and what the fuck is with this dance version of Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb??? Urgh, next to Sum41 that song is the cloest thing to muscial ass raping that exists. Give me the original any day. People should have enough respect not to fuck with Floyd's masterpeices. Someone shoot the assclown responsible for this.
Blaggard [11:10 AM]

[ Monday, February 09, 2004 ]

Last night ended up going to Scholars for to do the quiz and then to Pier. I drank must of been 5 pints....I was drunk. I think the last few weeks of not really going out and drinking has made my tolerance plumet. Of course, it made it a cheap night. I kept cracking comments about fucking Fish's sister. No one but me found it funny. Yea. Was kinda boring but alot better than staying in anytime.

Off to Varsity with Ashley tonight if he remembers, not seen him in ages.

Ears is coming down on Thursday, bringing some of the good stuff with him. Yep. Binge. Binge. Binge.

Blaggard [4:50 PM]

[ Sunday, February 08, 2004 ]

Nothing, and I really do mean nothing, in this world can prepare you for the shear fucked up madness of D-Lysergic Acid amide. Words can not describe the shear Fear that produces in you. For a good 8 hours it was a constant state of "What the fuck is going to come next?".
I took it about 3pm, felt intially sick. Wore off. An hour later, nothing. Wasnt that bothered at that point, more of a "meh so it didnt work" additude. But of course if I had been thinking anywhere near straight I would of known that acid, good acid at least, wont kick in for a good four hours. Considering I knew this shit was exactly Tim Leary grade stuff I expected it hit me pretty soon.
About 7 I was sitting in the lounge watching the Marilyn Manson DVD when it all suddenly started to happen. At first I was just kinda confused, my perception of the room changed, felt like I was kinda moving. I look at the curtains, they were literally melting. Of course then I started to panic. I never expected to acttualy look so real. Heart rate went ten fold. I just got up and went upstairs. I looked at my eyes in the bathroom mirror, wide black gaping holes. I could barely see any iris. Staggered into my room, due to my complete perception change it was like walking through a tunnel to get there. Lay on my bed. It calmed down a bit, I thought the worse was over. The party hadnt even started, that was the warm up. Went into Fish's room, I think the conversation went a little like this:

"I feelin a bit fucked up Fish"
I sat on his bed.
Started to sweat, heart rate inscreased again.
"Its the LSD, I dont think they were duds"
Fish: "Oh dear"
"Your going to have to watch me, this shits just warming up"
By that point I knew it was about time for blast off. I ran into the bathroom and threw up.

Lay down on my bed. The walls were bending and pulsating. I could tell what things were, but everything looked werid. I stared at the poster of Brody Dalle, she just kinda smeared down the wall. A fire struck went past my window, that was some fucked up visuals I can tell you. This went on for about an hour, before tracers etc started to kick in. Everything that move blured, my arms blurred, people blurred. Jasons came running in drunk. I swear he looked like the Joker from Batman. I played with this small hand held torch, it made my hand just seem like a ball of night. It was a crazy, that was probably the most fun I had while on the drug. If I closed my eyes, it kinda felt like I was moving around the room, I expected to be somehwere else when I opened my eyes. Rhi came and sat in my room with us. She was the only thing that actually looked normal while tripping. That actually werided me out quite a bit. At this point it was at its peak. I felt like I had melted into my bed, the walls were just fucking oozing everywhere. Swirling, pulsating, melting, bleeding. Full visual fireworks. At one point, Fishs head looked like a wild boar. Around 12, it started to calm down a bit. Seeing the walls melt was had become kind of norma. I watched a ton of Family Guy episodes, the monitor kept bending making it kinda hard to concentrate. I told Fish he could leave, I had gotten a handle on the trip by then.
Around 1ish. I tried to sleep. When I shut my eyes all I could see was green. Just bright green. Then it went black and loads of shapes started to form. Rectangles kind of bouncing off each other, a massive grinning Stewie Griffon loomed in my mind. Then Brody Dalle, her eyes kept inverting, occasional with X over them. Then she just kind of melted away. I slept for a few hours. Woke about 3, utterly convinced that I had been attacking people. Walked around the house, I was still having mild visuals, but nothing crazy.

Slept till around 11. Woke up.

I dont think Im going to do that shit again. While yeah it was nothing overly horrifying, no dead people clawing up my leg, there was just such an intense Fear about it. After finally doing it I can see why people could get into the whole thing, but its really not for me. I prefer that raw love energy of E. LSD can be left to Hunter S Thompson, Im a different kind of a degenerate.

-----As a side note its probably worth mentioning I had eaten a selection of ground of natural herbs extremly high in levels of D-Lysergic Acid Amide, completely legal in the UK and you can aquire them from all good Head Shops.
Blaggard [11:59 AM]

[ Wednesday, February 04, 2004 ]

Well coding week isnt really going to badly. Monday it took a while to kick things off, understand what the code was doing etc. Its all kinda coming togeather now though, my month interface is near completion(fingers fucking cross itll only take a few hours tomorrow). George, despite how much grief people give him and how after working with him I can see why sometimes, is actually keeping us line. He knows his stuff, simple as that.
Monday night we all went for a beer after can already see where this going cant you. Ended up still sitting in Bar 9, at 9pm with Justin and Chris the QA. Went to Co-Op and bought a bottle of shit hot whiskey before going back to Justins, where he cooked us pasta and we drank some Whiskey. Chris got hammered. Justin did some DJ'in on his "Wheels of Steal". I wasnt drunk so tried to keep an eye on Chris. Who disappeared, we found him on a stairwell. Werid. He was spilling whiskey all over the place. We had intended on going to The Glen, but Chris was shitfaced and Justins girlfriend was ill and didnt really want to leave her. So I dragged Chris home, he wanted to climb over some barbed wire fence but I wouldent let him. Then he went wondering into the middle of the road, almost getting himself crushed by a car.
Left on his girlfriends doorstep where he then, Im later told, threw up. Fell down the stairs smashing the lock of someones door. Before kept mumbling about shitting in his girldfriends bed. Hehe. He craccked me up so much.
Went home, got in about 11ish. Bed at 12. Up all day of coding again. Finished coding about 9. Got up from my desk and went to RocSoc. Talked to Niff about BrumFest and ole Rob my pub crawl pal. Talked to Paddy and even Emlin for a while. Eddie and Steve were DJ'in. Ed played one of my favourite songs. Distillers- Hall of Mirrors. Never even knew he liked The Distillers. Tom came down. Ive applyed to work at the same place as he did last year. Plymouth Marine Labs. Sweet as fuck. He said Plymouth has a massive goth and metal scene. Couple of dedicated pubs and clubs and lots of good metal nights. He said the works crap, but it funds the party. Amen. Yeah RocSoc was really good last night actually. Shame I couldent have got uber hammered along with Rob, thatll be the damned coding week. Almost went to Reload with Mig tonight as well. If Im anywhere near finished tomorrow night, which hopefully I will be, Im gonna go to Alternate. Then Friday is hand in day. Getting hammered is not only a good idea, its fucking mandatory. Champ.

Anyways Im watching Marilyn Manasons - Guns, God and Government DVD. Pretty good. Bout half way through. Half the crowd look like thier on drugs. This one guy kept grabbing his face at one point. Mansons molesting Twiggy. Hehe. Got the Maiden one to watch after. Good fucking stuff.

Blaggard [9:38 PM]

[ Sunday, February 01, 2004 ]

The house party was kinda werid. Wasnt exactly a bad night. But then it wasnt the stuff legends are written about. Not as many people turned up as we expected, only a few people really drank anything. Quite a few people left and went to Reload. Ah yes the Aberystwyth Meat Market had been moved to Saturday because of the exams. So by about 11 we were significantly down on people. Alot left by 1 also. But you know, there was some good laughs to be had.

Jason, predicatbly, started drinking at about 4:30 while I was cooking some cod. In the time it take me to eat said peice of cod he had managed to get through 3 or 4 cans. He kept that pace up all night and yes, he vomited. I waited till people got here around 8ish before I had anything. Drank Guinness most of the night. Fish drank fuck all. Mig was about the same. I drank consistently, doing quite alot of vodka it didnt really kick in till 12ish though. Then I felt absoultly off my ass and became Mr Crude and Nasty. Spent alot of the night talking to Gemma again.....

Im getting some serious berating over my recent warming to her again. Yeah...I dont know what its about in the slightest. Lets just hope I dont do the Im So Unloved martyrdom crap again. Youd be surprised how much I annoy myself sometimes. Nevermind. Everything you aquire is just another thing youll lose anyway.

For a while we did have a few people there. Smoked some Salvia, but nothing really happened, just a mild stoned feeling. Clare came round for a bit, but didnt stay. Shes gone on holiday today. There was some traffic cone related stuff, when we played them like trumpets.

Yeah. All I wanted to do was talk Gemmas ear off.........

Ended up getting a kebab. I should of gone to the union with the others. Although they were all meeting seperate people etc. Ah I dont know.

Was pretty hungover this morning but it wore off by lunchtime. This didnt however stop me ordering Iron Maiden and Marilyn Manson DVD's of Or give me enough sense not to bid for Distillers memoribeila on EBay. I won an autographed photo of Kittie the other day, should be getting here in the next few days hopefully.

So anyway. Tomorrow commences the delightful fun of coding week. Oh yay. 9-6 each day...then the rest I imagine. I should probably prepare a disk with some JUnit stuff on so itll be easier when it comes to writing the tests. Im hoping I dont get given anything to complicated to handle.

Anyways. Now Im going to watch night of the living dead and apply for some jobs. Woo yay.

Blaggard [10:13 PM]