The Boozehound

[ Thursday, January 29, 2004 ]

No come down my fucking ass.

Heres a brief summary of what I did on Tuesday. Did exam, ate two packets of herbal E then proceeded to drink 14 pints and a ton of shots. My hangover didnt really kick in till 6 last night. Good god, that has to be ranked up there with some of the worst hangovers Ive ever had. Just collapsed on my bed and went to sleep. Complete missed going out again with Ed and Steve, even if I hadnt fallen asleep I felt way to ill to do anything. Just completely screwed. It definatly felt like more than a hangover. The thing is I dont exactly feel great now eithier after sleeping for 12 hours. Trying to drink water and its making me feel a little sick. Didnt really rehydrate myself yesterday, gotta get out on the town 2nite. Just wouldent be right otherwise. Urgh. I suppose its the effect of not really drinking in two weeks then going out drinking 14 fucking pints and pilling your ass off. Clever fucking me.

Those pills are fucking amazing though.

I left the exam hall and met with Fish who was already in the union with a pint. Had a beer and a sandwich. Had a couple of pints. Mike, my project leader, came and joined us for a while. Smoked a bit, Rach came in there after he exam and said hello. We moved down into town and had a pint in Scolars. Bumped into Jay, one of Allys housemates last year, who has now graduated. He was here finishing some stuff off...and of course got a nice tattoo while he was here. Moved onto Bar E. Then to Spoons were we had a couple, then decided it would be hilarious to go and see Tracy and Gemma.
Walked into Roathe, Benny Boy threw a couple of Sidekicks our way before I took 3 pills in the kitchen. Much Im sure to Gemmas disgust, although she has not berated me for it....oddly. So anyways. We left there and went to Cambrain, the first wave kicked in hard. Sudden massive Euphoria. Fish instantly figured it out. My eyes went like two black holes. Went and got a packet of cigarettes on the way to the Mill. The guy in the petrol station looked at me so strangely. Into the Mill, bumped into a guy I knew from college. ..vaguely. I think I was babbling "pill crap" at him. Like how cool everything looked and how much I love everyone and everything. Had a beer. Came back to the house where I tried to kiss Mig. Hehe. Had a pint of the Guinness. We moved onto the Ship and Castle when Gemma and Palin arrived. Clare met us in there. I was really high by this point, Id taken three more pills and the effects were building up. I played with Tara for a bit, Dogs are the best things in the world to play with when your high. The fur feels really werid and crazy. We moved to Varsity. Bumped into Ash and Roddy. I kinda dug into Ash about that girl he was sleeping with. He thought Gemma was my girlfriend.

....yeah I was all over her. It was really werid, probably drug triggered. I just wanted to be around her, I remember at one point I almost kissed her, but thought better of it. I got pretty drunk. Pier. All blurs and random memories. I told Aidan I loved him. Just to wind him up. I bumped into Jess. Werid that I was even happy to see her that night. Other randomness. Gemma got upset. Aidan again. I cant beileve how much of an assclown that boy can be sometimes. Jumped around alot. Drank beer. It was packed. Talked to Palin about shear jibber jabber. Oh yeah. Fish was on speed. Forgot to mention that one, he ate all my speed before we left the house. Ended up walking around Aber with Gemma, I think we were holding hands. I cant really remember. I remember all that she told me though, which is kinda odd I suppose. I took her home and talked to Palin for a bit. Came back, here Jason was still up. I was out of mind with drink and drugs. Collapsed on the bed.

Wednesday wasnt too fun. Didnt feel to bad at first so went and got my project back(B grade :D) then sat around. Hangover kicked in around 6. My head felt like complete Jelly. So just crawled into bed and slept for 12 hours straight.
Still felt a little "odd" on Thursday. Around noonish it occured to me that I hadnt actually eaten in two days besides a bag of crisps. So I stuffed myself silly. Cheese baggutte and a pork pie, then cooked cod and noodles on the night. Big fat bastard me. Went to Pier on the night. It was boring. Walked out and was home by 12:30. Slept.

Blaggard [9:51 AM]

[ Monday, January 26, 2004 ]

So this is pretty much the end game now. I just want it to all be over. Im just so tired of all this exam jibber jabber, its all thats been on my mind for the last month. Revision isnt going very far tonight. Just spent the last hour just staring at it. I think I know just about enough to pass though. Which will have to do I guess, well actually probably more than enough to pass. But unless I feel I know 100% of the material Im not happy before exams. Im tired. Wake up tomorrow, do exam, drink beer. Collapse. Come round, figure out what I did. Wash. Rinse. Repeat cycle.

BTW. Hi Burt.
Blaggard [10:11 PM]

Well that didnt go to badly. Found it kinda werid that he changed the entire format of the paper after it being the same since the course started however. Some people I know really fucked it up because they didnt look at the practical stuff. My problem was I couldent remember enough assembly language. I can read the stuff, but Im attrocious at writing assembly programs. Its horrible stuff, so I tried to do it with pesudo-code, which was an option. I ballsed it up. Maybe a few marks out of the 15, but I did well on the other two questions. So I think all in all, it should of gone ok.

We went from there to the uni and had a bottle o beer. No idea why really, I didnt even want a beer at the time. Went to Somerfeild on the way back down to grab a bite of food. I had SOUP. Ah I like soup, its my only sauce of vegtables at the moment.

Ill probably murder myself with alcohol and drugs in the next few days. Im excited. But unfortunatly, its maths revision for now.
Blaggard [3:50 PM]

Yeah. Im in the pre party mood. Two exams left and all I can think about is getting fucked off my face and gobbling chemicals at stupid rate.

Im bouncing round the house. Which still reeks of those werid herbs I was smoking saturday night. Gotta order the next batch of Salvia TODAY if I want it to be here for the weekend. Me and John will have a little expirment with high doses to see just what visuals we can get. May get some more Bliss pills as well, see whats left of the stash when the weekend comes. Im thinking tomorrow like Ill eat two packets of the E ones. Wednesday Ill do Stargates. Thursday, if I go out, speed. Friday, acid. Saturday, more Stargate and Salvia.

Right now I suppose I should cram. But for once in my life I actually feel totally ready for an exam.

Yeah, for those of you about to emaminate, I salute you.
Blaggard [8:16 AM]

[ Sunday, January 25, 2004 ]

It comes to something when you can sit in your chair for half an hour and just think about what order you should take your drugs in.

Im such a fucking degenerate.
Blaggard [8:17 PM]

Thursday night was alright. Went out to Varsity, Ship n Castle and then the Pier. Crystal jabbed me in the kidneys and called me an alcoholic. I got pretty friendly with one the barmaids, it was her first night and she kept making mistakes. So I just tried to keep her spirits up saying to not worry and so on. She smiled. Which is the important thing. I got gradually drunker. Went to ship n castle, played with the dog. Went to Pier. Sat in one of the side booths. Rhi freaked out about some crap I didnt care to listen. Whatever it was it was bound to have been an over reaction and just pointless.

One of Migs friends tried to get me to dance with him. I refused. Beileve it or not I saw an oppurtunity where I could of pulled. But Ill be honest here and when I say honest I mean brutal. She looked like Rik Walller. However the more I drank, the more I came round to the idea. Thankfully I didnt drink that much, had a kebab. Slept. Revised Friday. Smoked some Salvia on the night and had a can of Guinness. Saturday. Smoked some more Salvia, not enough to start seeing things though. Revised.

Jason finished his exams and has gone home, till Tuesday when I finish. Trying to get a posse togeather for some heavy drinking. Apparently Gemma and Tracy will come out for "a while". Yeah, those pair can go fuck themselves. Jason found it hilarious and broke into a massive belly laugh. Hehe.

Anyway, exam tomorrow. Hardware, feelin pretty confident about it. Alot of the questions seem to be the same and the amount of marks given for just knowing what happens in the practicals is amazing.

Then of course Maths on Tuesday. *gulp*
Blaggard [1:23 PM]

[ Thursday, January 22, 2004 ]

Hmmmm. Todays was an interesting one. I think I nailed the first and the last question pretty well. Hopefully those two combined will get me over the pass mark, although it doesnt really matter in this module. Due to 75% of the mark being on the group project. But the 2nd question is the one that really threw me. The last two parts I think I did alright in. Its the first part, worth just over half of the questions marks that I had no idea about. The thing is I knew it last night. But today its vanished from my mind. Urgh. Fuck. Its annoyed me greatly.

Anyway. Jason decided to sit in the lounge and get shit faced last night. Went about bought himself a load of export Guinness bottles, drank all those, then decided to drink half a pint of whiskey. I only saw parts of his binge when I went downstairs to get a glass of water. Yeah. Ended up in bed early as I shattered. Got up and went straight to the exam, didnt have chance for enough coffee which was unfortunate. Coffee tends to sharpen my mind quite considerably. Speaking of which, I fancy a cup of it right about now.

Oh also. Ive added to my stockpile. Got some of that Salvia Divnorium Ive heard so much about. Might smoke some before I go out 2nite. See if I detached from reality. werd to the wiseguy.

Blaggard [12:47 PM]

[ Wednesday, January 21, 2004 ]

Yeah that was kinda hard. Not as difficult as I imagined the thing would be, but still, it was pretty difficult. I was one of the last people in the room, most finished in just over an hour. Went and had a sandwich. Ginger Matt was necking pints with whiskey chasers at the bar. That exam really got to him.
Blaggard [12:50 PM]

[ Tuesday, January 20, 2004 ]

Needy, clingy and weak people piss me off no end.

22210 went quite well today I thought. I stayed right till the end to go over my calculations etc. Now Im trying to cram as much 258 in my brain as possible. It seems to be one of those subjects that no matter how much Ive looked at it over the last few weeks, I dont seem to have really remember anything. I wish this one was an afternoon rathering than a morning one. Would have the morning to refresh my memory about everything again.

Urgh. Not much sleep for this poor soul 2nite.
Blaggard [7:16 PM]

[ Monday, January 19, 2004 ]

Urgh Jason found out about my stockpile of Herbal Highs. Jason cant seem to understand the fact that they are completly legal, relative harmless compared to E or alcohol. K sure, they do alter my mood and my perception quite a large amount, Im one of the lucky fuckers who they work quite well on. He has said he wants nothing to do with me the nights Im on them. Fine. I just wont tell him, he wont be able to tell the difference. Just think himself lucky the only reason I take these here is because I cant get my hands on anything else.

Ended up going out Saturday night. I stayed sober as in the par at the moment. Go me. The less I drink the less I seem to miss it, except when Im out. Then Im just bored stupid most of the time and smoke like crazy. Anyway tomorrow is CS2210. Its my strongest module, at least I think it is. Hopefully it should go ok. Well Im gonna get back to the books.

Some of you have a few beers in my honor. Till next time.
Blaggard [7:07 PM]

[ Saturday, January 17, 2004 ]

Im going insane sitting in this house day in and day out. I want to do something crazy. Drink a bottle of vodka and then turn myself loose at Palins house, just to get a few reactions. Or gobble aload of pills and dance my ass off with some crazy E grimace on my face. Yeah Im bored of revision. Tonight is pretty much my last shot at doing anything before next weekend. Of course, my bank balence could probably do with this break, but Im bored. When I get bored I become cranky and a little more odder than usual. Ive already taken to painting my nails on a regular basis and yesterday I was walking around in some kind of half goth suit.

Ah sitting in and doing the work will be worth it though......hopefully.

Well at least Im trying to keep exciting during this time of perptual boredom.
Probably break up my day by going to do some shopping at some point, Im out of cola and cigs.
Blaggard [10:32 AM]

[ Friday, January 16, 2004 ]

Wow the sea is rough now. Even the river is frothing at the mouth. Freaky McBeaky. I was tempted to go down to the sea front and play with the ways but I changed my mind. It was almost 1am by the time I noticed and Im feeling kinda nuked.

Finished of my CV for Zana and then sat around reading Choke. Palahniuk must be my favourite current day author. Man is a genius.
Blaggard [1:20 AM]

[ Thursday, January 15, 2004 ]

Ive noticed lately there are alot of bloggers and live journal users who are students here at Aber. Its been interesting to get an insight into the lives of other people who live around me in this town. One of them I know through CompSoc. One thing Ive noticed is none of them seem to bare as much of thier soul as I do. That is probably a good thing as I know I probably discuss alot of stuff that shouldent be discussed on here.

Ah well. Today was an interesting one. Went to see Zana about my CV, tried to find Fred while I was up there but I coudent find him. She gave me alot of tips on things to do and changes to make. Gotta go back again in the morning to go over the changes. The lucky lass is off to S.Africa on Saturday. She really does put a lot of effort into her job so Im inclined to put alot of effort into myself. Yes, Im even going to check it for grammer and spelling. Despite my usual ramblings about my extreme and decadent lifestyle I do actually care quite alot about my degree.

This evening we went to Spoons and had something to eat, then stopped in the Mill for a beer on the way back. Came back here. Carried on with a bit of 258 and am Im half way through watching Ginger Snaps. Excellent film.
Blaggard [10:53 PM]

I was just reading through some of my archived posts. You know Ive really become alot more sloppy with grammer and spelling. Alot of it is due to time constraints but Ill make an effort to make a bit mores sense.

Goodnight all. Im tired.
Blaggard [1:41 AM]

Tuesday night I went to RocSoc. Once again only had a couple of beers. Just wasnt in the mood for getting drunk. It was really busy last night though. Spent the entire night talking to Ed and Steve and eyeing up the attractive goth/punk girls. There was a large proportion of lesbians there last night as well. Just thought Id mention that.....

Yeah. Spent the entire of today revising. Just like tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.

Urgh. Ill be glad when this is out the way. 258 is such a fucking difficult subject. Not a chance in hell of passing.
Blaggard [1:25 AM]

[ Tuesday, January 13, 2004 ]

I went to Spoons last Thursday night. I woke up today for the first morning since then without a hangover. What started as a final party before heading back to uni to do some serious revision turned into a five day binge culminating last night for Jess's birthday. But I didnt drink much last, 4-5 beers at most. If I was drunk I dont know whether I would have been nice or cussed her out. Not the thing to do on her birthday, with all her friends there.

So lets start this one from the start. Last Thursday. Hit Spoons at about 7:30, only a small selection of us were out. Helen, Snead, Bill, Clowe and me. We drank up a storm. As soon as Bill turned up he started knocking his drinks over. Causing us to have to move table. We got a booth then. Sat there, being extremly crude. I think we have all started to see Helen as "one of the guys" lately. Although I always considered her that way, I know the others never really saw her as part of the group. We move to a bigger table and I forced everyone to do shots of Aftershock. Into Helens car and she transported us to Broad Street. Parked in a multi-storey. Clowe then pissed up the side of Mercedes. I ran outside to avoid whatever trouble that would cause. Moved to the first bar, Sports Cafe. Bannana Banshee. Sweet cocktail, although it took me ages to get it, took it with a pint. Everyone played pool.
Moved onto the next bar which beileve was lloyds number 1, it was either than or o'Niels. Had a couple of vodka and cokes in there. Some fella at the bar asked me if I wanted to fight, said no. He kept on at me about it, being oddly friendly. Yeah it was werid, just another kid whos watched Fight Club to many times and thinks he is a philosophical genius. Walked to the other side of the bar. Chatted to Helen for a bit while the others danced. We moved to o'Niels. Drank some Murphys. We were easily the only people under 40 in that bar. Bill knocked another drink all over the place, so we left. Went to Risa.

Risa is tradition. Started drinking bottles and any other crap I could think of while at the bar. In the chill out lounge like. Someguys sat next to us. One threw up all over the floor. Unsurprisingly the bouncer grabbed him and hauled him outside. Ended up in the main dance room. Driscoll and I think Rossiter were there. I remember saying something stupid like, "Im off to get laid" to Bill and then going to the bar. Buying several vodka and cokes. Vaugely remember leaving and about 2seconds of the car journey back. Turned out I had stolen a glass which was in my coat pocket. Werid.

Woke up with a stinking hangover. Got in the car and came back to Aber.

Friday night it turned out was Rachels birthday. We once again par-took in the extreme consumption of alcoholic beverages. Got back mid-afternoon and unpacked. Surprise surprise Rhi was here. She was rude to my parents, not that I really care about that, but they said afterwards they werent impressed with her. Yeah. She needs to start paying rent. Rach and Joesph came on over about 8ish. We all had a vodka and coke in the house before moving over to Rummers. Rach got a bottle of wine. We sat at a table and played some game version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Gah, I hate the show but playing it with friends was kinda funny. Especially the Big McRel(Big Mackrel). McD piss take.....yeah well it was funny to us kids. We went from Rummers straight to The Bay. Burt, Ally, Pete etc were all in there celebrating thier first night back as well. By this point Rach was getting more than a bit drunk. I think I must have bought her a good 4 or 5 drinks through the course of the night without even really thinking about it. It was easy to tell when she was uber hammered, she started kissing everyone on the cheek. Yeah. Everyone got pretty damn drunk actually. I tried to imbibe some bay vodkas but it wasnt happening so stuck to the beers. Left the bay when we were ejected and got some potato wedges from Spar. Ended up back at Rach's for a couple of hours before leaving about 4. As we left the birds were singing, had an instant flashback to Clare's 21st birthday last year. When a simaler thing occured. Got home, slept.

Saturday I spent the majority of the day revising and so forth. On the night the majority of everyone else had got back so went to Spoons to meet them. Gemma had been back less than two hours and already had got into a fight with Billy. Me and Fish laughed accordingly. Rach was hungover as fuck, she threw up after leaving Spoons. Some us decided to go over to Varsity and then the Glen. Was a good move. I was starting to get a bit cocky with a couple of people. Thankfully it was all the people I get on good with that came to the Glen. Gemma P, Helen, Rhi, Fish and Mig. Stayed once again till kick out, got a dirty kebab on the way home.

Sunday I fully intended to stay in. Really I did. But Fish kept nagging and nagging so in the end I caved in. Fish, Mig and me went to Cambrian for cocktails. Rach was in there with her boyfriend so we kept our distance, didnt wanna fuck things up for her. One of us would have fucked it up if we went and said hello. Eithier I would have flicked ash in someones eye, Fish would have said some sarcastic ass remark or Mig would have tried to ply stories of thier sex life from them. All of which we have done before to our detriment Im sure. Moved onto Inn on the Pier. The pair of them were on the gamlbing machines for the majority of the time we were in there. They were playing alot of guns n roses and AC/DC on the stereo, which is not really the kind of music I expect from there. Moved onto Pier. It was kinda dead when we first got there, but all drinks were £1.50. We all kinda had a bit more than we planned on having. To say the least. Bumped into an ex-RockCafer called Clair. She assocaited herself with that degenerate Ears for a while. She denied anything ever going on however. We ripped the piss anyway.
On the way home grabbed another kebab. Then in the final few hours of the drunkeness I remember flipping a large hunting knife of Migs around. Yeah, clever thing to do when your drunk.

Then came Monday. Again I was adament about staying in but Jason got back. He wanted to go for a pint. In the end I agreed and we went to Varsity. I already knew it was Jessicas birthday but I really didnt give a fuck. Didnt really want to see her and really didnt want to go to her party. In the end, due to guilt tripping of the others I ended up going to Pier with them all. Urgh. I drank, must of been, 4 beers in the entire night. Said happy birthday to her just to seem civil, didnt want to fuck her birthday her. Not that I care so much about her anymore, more her friends who had traveled a long way to be there, wouldent have been right to mess it up for them. Then she had to be the drunken cunt and drap herself all over me. Asked me how I was:

"Ive been better thanks"

She kissed my head and walked off. Urgh. Bitch.

I stayed in a foul mood, went to the bar. Niff served me and didnt recognise her to she said something about RocSoc. I felt like such an ass and apologised for not recognising her. She really did look different in Pier uniform, with her hair down, though. Left. Jess invited me back to her "after club party". I replied:

"Id drather shoot myself. You cheating fuck."

Or at least I would have liked to have done. But what I really said was:

"Im tired. Thanks for the invite, but I think I should just go to bed. Im really shattered"

She was appeased with that. I kept civil. For her friends sake. Urgh. I wish I could just forget about the whole thing.
I came home. Talked to Burt till about 4am anyway. Crashed out. Got up. Revised. Life goes on.
Blaggard [10:14 AM]

[ Wednesday, January 07, 2004 ]

Another foray into the world of legal drug alternatives is planned for after my exams. I have just purchased a rather large amount of Herbal High products.

I have two days of partying after my exams before I need to be clean and sober again to get work done. So yeah. Binge.

I hear they are good for you.
Blaggard [7:56 PM]

All my heros are alcoholics and drug addicts.
Blaggard [12:39 AM]

[ Tuesday, January 06, 2004 ]

Last night was another Monday night of olde. We went to Spoons. Me, Bill, Kingdingaling, Fuckup, Helen. We got drunk and ended up in the Hawne tavern so we could keep the party going. I was drinking some crap called SnowStorm/SnokeFlake, well something simaler at least. Kelly turned up when we got to the Hawne. Not seen her in ages. I babbled drunk crap at her. Clowe came down for one after work as well. He didnt stay as he had to be back in there for 9am to set up. We aranged one more party before all going our seperate ways again. Broad Street on Thursday night. Should avoid the assholes that the weekend attracts but should still hit a fairly large crowd.

I didnt really get as much work done as I wanted to do today. I get days like this everynow and then while in the midst of revision. My mind just switches off, no matter how hard I try nothing sinks in and my attention waviers so quickly its stupid.

Im starting to get an itch for travelling. The New Years brawl has left me in the mood for extremes again. This taste only seems to get fulfilled when Im around those guys. No one at uni seems to get our passion for excess and debauchery. Trying to explain to someone like Tracy the thrill of getting hammered and running away from angry bar owners trying to crack your skull, or watching people kick the crap out of each other in a club toilet. Ive made a resvole that at the very least Im going to see Snead and Dave this semester. Taking with me anyone who wants a taste of it. I want to go to London. I went to slap black make-up on and do drugs in the Slimelight. When these exams are out of the way I can see me realing letting myself go. Unfortunatly exams have gotta come first.

Right Im going to spend the rest of the night filling in job applications. My stupid ass wants a job next year to fund my decadence.
Blaggard [11:47 PM]

[ Monday, January 05, 2004 ]

Yes the last few days Ive been bored. All Ive had to do is revision. Its gets to you after doing so much of it, but its gotta be done. First exam is in two weeks tomorrow. I have mucho material to memorize and master before then. Going back to Aber on Friday as well, although due to how cold that fucking house is I have no real desire to. I never thought Id be saying that about Aberystwyth.
Ive also started the annoying process of applying for jobs next year. Urgh questions like "why do you think you can be a good software engineer" I hate it when people ask me questions like that, Id much rather they judge me on thier technical ability than making me awnser questions like that. Because the truth is I never know why Id be valueable to thier team. Programming is just something I enjoy and wouldent mind getting paid a stupid amount of money to do it.

Anyway looks like Spoons 2nite. Something to look forward to at least.
Blaggard [10:50 AM]

[ Friday, January 02, 2004 ]

Such drunken debauchery. Such a good day. I finished this year off staggering around Clowes house with a bottle of beer in one hand, talking to Clare on the phone in the other. Momentarily doing shots of vodka. Oh and of course trying to get others to do shots of vodka as well. The only thing that shocks me about the entire experience is that I am not currently barred from O'Niels bar in Huddersfield.

Clowe picked me up at around 10 where we went to the Foxhunt to meet up with all the others. The plan was to head to Sheffield to collect Dave before going straight to Huddersfield. I stayed in the Brown Beast for the entire trip. Me and Bill lasted 10 minutes down the road to the petrol station before we started to crack into the booze. Due to neithier of us having a bottle opener we resorted to using steel rims on different parts of the car. I stopped myself after one beer, Bill consumed 2 further bottles before we go to Sheffield. It was an extremely quick dash to the pisser when we got to Daves house. Ref having not gone to Daves new house before took us to his old one.
We left immeadiatly, cramming Mo in the same car as us. Bill cracked another bottle immeadiatly. I seriously contemplated it, but decided against it as I didnt know the distance to Clowes place from Sheff. I didnt want another repeat of the journey up there. I stuck on some Santa hat I found on the back seat as we belted accross the country side. We made as many inbred hick comments as we could muster as we passed through those small villages. Got into Huddersfeild in less than an hour. I would have been alright to have that beer afterall. My first impression was that its very simaler to Sheffield, a Northern industrial town. We went straight to Clowes house to unload all our crap. Met his housemate, Morgan, an American fella. Nice guy.
Went straight into town, I smoked 3 cigarettes during the 20 minute walk. First pub we went to was Spoons to get in some food and a couple of beers before we started on the heavy drinking. Was a nice spoons, we sat downstairs. The downstairs was slightly sunk below street level, but with glass sides so it gave you an odd angle to look at people walking around the streets. I had the gammon steak as usual. A couple of pints were drunk during the process of eating. We had the street entertainment of some old guy trying to parallel park but kept smacking into the car behind him. Payne spent a good 30 minutes in the toilet. The rest of us cracked exorcist jokes. Mo insulted Ess's friends by calling them all toffs. Which, Im told by many people, they are. Nothing against her though. From there we moved to a pub called The Swan. Very local kinda place, had a beer. Moved onto the next one. The Crown. A more lively pub. Had one in there, chatted to Es and Ref. Next. Old Hatte. Nice bar this was. A good mixture of young and older generations, the way I like pubs to be. As I was ordering pints in at the bar an old drunk guy started talking to me. Could not understand a word he was saying, but I could tell he was being friendly by his manner, so I replied in kind. We played pool, I lost. Chatted to people, the pints were getting flowing now.
Next stop was a bar called The Wellington. Nice place, was preparing for the main influx of people that would of been there on the night. Some crazy guy came running up to us trying to give us crisps. I took photos. Payne tripped over a step making a complete ass out of himself. Another bar we didnt stay long in before heading to Sharkeys. A cocktail bar. Had my self a White Russian in there while trying to avoid being stomped by bar staff or overly rowdy townies. Despite the obvious upperclass nature of this place, not a bar that suits me, the place was full of the dregs of society like me. Drank our drinks and left. We went to go into Vodka Revolution. It was closed till 7:30, then it was pay to get into. So we went into Yates Wine Bar. Pint. Clowes housemates were apparently in here with us. They got kicked out for smoking weed while I went to the toilet however. Yeah this place was expensive.
Which bars came next are kinda vague, things start to get a bit....disjointed around here. I think it was Zepher next. I like this place. Small but a good selection of beers on tape. Me and Mo had a pint of Edringer(sp?) came a nice tall glass, was tasty. Morgan etc started doing shots of Jagermiester. Clowe by this point was pretty 'Rik Wallered', it was just a sign of things to come. Next we went over the Lloyds No 1. This place was too busy, I think I managed to throw two double vodka and cokes down my neck. After standing by the dance floor for a bit we got seats by the door. Clowes housemates got in the queue to get in, but we were ready leave by then anyways.
From here comes "Posh Bar" I really have no idea what this place was called over than I was trying to get Aftershock in there to fuck me and Ess up. I had convinced her that doing a couple of purple hazes would be a good idea as it was New Years afterall. I remember vaguely she was asking me about my love life, I just came out with my standard nihlist reply: Everyone you ever love will reject you die, its not worth it. Like everyone else, she was shocked. Yeah, I dont even remember what it was like to see things the way most people do. We drank more. Clowe fell on his ass.
Then we headed off to the final bar of the evening, an O'Niels chain bar. As soon as Id got my pint of Murphys from the bar and joined the others I could tell the shit was about to hit the fan. We had for whatever dumb reason had located ourselves right next to the live band that were setting themselves up in the corner. Clowe could barely stand and kept falling on the sound engineer who started to get pissed off. Snead smashed a glass off the floor, I get the feeling he did it just for the sake of it. At the sametime Payne decided the correct course of action was to start unplugging all the speakers for the band. Helen saved our asses. The sound engineer freaked out at him. Helen grabbed Snead and walked out. We just followed. Ended up in the kebab place next door. I ordered kebab meat and chips with garlic sauce, the standard drunk food for me. Now things get really out of sync, due to my high level of drunkicity. Quickly I left the shop thinking something along the lines of "ah I know whats going to happen next" Although I dont have no memory of it, Clowe apparently threw his chips all over the floor then ran out with a burger. Mo and Payne left with me. We started off in the pouring rain towards Clowes house. At first we were in a large group, well I remember Ref and Ess being with us for a start. Then suddenly, just Payne and Mo. Id finished me kebab and was trying to figure out, in my stupid drunkeness just where the fuck I was. We started up a road which lead to some countryside area. We were lost, although Mo still swears we were on the right track. We got back to a main junction I recognised and managed to flag down a cab. Mo gave him the address, thank god he knew where it was. I paid the cab fair. Besides his housemates us three were the last to get there. I ran in, saw the time, about 11:45 if I remember right.

Just as I came through the door I heard a massive crash, Clowe had snapped the bed in the lounge in two and was just sitting there laughing. He went to turn the lava lamp on, slippped, smacking it off the counter and smashing it. Immeadiatly cracked a bottle of beer and necked it. Did a couple of shots of vodka. Then phoned Clare.

Clowes housemates arrived back, Morgan was piss drunk. I gave him vodka, he told me the next morning he only pretended to do the shot, as he didnt want to be rude and turn me down. I started drinking more. About 12:30 everyone started falling asleep. I was up for an all nighter. In the end about 1 it was just me, Bill, Clowe(who had passed out) and Clowes female housemate, who I have momentarily forgotten the name off. Apparently I was scaring the shit out of her by babbling about serial murderers like Elizabeth Bathory. Bill told me about the next morning while I was hungover as hell. She went to bed, Bill was lying on the floor in somekind of stupor. I had about half the beer I was drinking and then fell to sleep curled in a ball on the remements of the trashed bed.

I came round again about 11 to Ess and Bill in the lounge also. Snead joined us shortly after. Me and Bill took bets on where Clowe had slept, Bill swore he slipped off with female housemate, I disagreed. As were both still kinda drunk and feeling childish I told him Id give him twenty grand if I was wrong. I was wrong, he came walking out about an hour later. We peiced it togeather like this. At sometime during the night he had woke up, thrown up in the bathroom sink then went crawling into her bed. Stinking of vomit. Snead also said he found Dave curled up next to the toilet at around 5am when he went for a piss. For much of the morning I was talking to Morgan his housemate. Much of the night he had spent getting kicked out of bars and clubs. He said it had been the most ineresting day of the term for many reasons. One, Clowe slept with a housemate. Two, someguy who just split up with his gf went loony. A story that sounds kinda familiar to me. I didnt ask about that though, none of my business and I liked this guy too much to offend him.
Everyone accept me, Clowe, Bill and Dave left around one. We fixed the bed and cleaned up the mess, what a mess it was. We were going to Sheffield. Yes not one of us felt well and car journey to Sheffield was quiet. Very Quiet. Got back to Daves around 3 and decided to go to a pizza hut to eat. Surrounded by a large family we sat there with our heads on the tables groaning in agony. Had the spicest pizza on the menu. Being nosy I eavesdropped in the conversation at the table next to me. Infront of her husband she told everyone that she only got married because she wanted have kids. I felt like calling her on the issue of ....oh I dont know...getting married for love rather than noticing your biological clock in ticking. But Im too much of coward. We ate, went back to Daves before hitting the road for Brum. We got back about 6:30. Tired, frazzled but as always, for me at least, looking forward to the next one.

Also, as usual, I have not checked for spelling or grammatical errors.

Blaggard [12:50 AM]